Asymmetrical hairstyle «hair side» on long hair – how? Options of hairstyles, when long hair laid to the side: photos

Girls with long hair, it is always easier to choose a hairstyle. Long hair allow you to find and create the options to change the image and reward its owner admiring glances.

Many different hairstyles, simple and affordable to implement. Sometimes requires additional fixing tools and accessories, and sometimes, certain skills.

If you liked the hairstyle, definitely try it. Will not work this will be able to create your own – unique.

Chic headbands with flowers in hair, where hair on one side (for long hair) – photo

Current stores and retail outlets offer many original and beautiful autumn casts for the heads and rims (hoops). Every girl who wants to add some zest to your image, should be one such rim, which bears gorgeous, like living flowers and leaves. Also in the composition of these headbands can be added artificial berries that are hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Gather your hair to one side. Weave braid. If you love and know how to weave «Cone», which consists of six strands, then this is the best option hairstyle. Do not try to tighten the braid. Let it be with a slight three-dimensional effect. Release thin strands of long bangs. Wear a head wrap or bandage the rim. If needed attach the accessory invisible. This hairstyle does not require fixing varnish. Her charm in «negligence». For a better volume if you need it to dry hair after shampooing, preferably using a mousse for styling. It will make the hair more manageable

This hairstyle is also very simple, but will require some time to create strong curls, using Curling irons or curlers.

Preferably, prior to winding each strand of hair, spray it with hairspray. Then the curls will hold longer.

This hairstyle does not require combing after the wrap strands. Each curl fits hands. Fixed and re-varnish. That hairstyle was formed on the side, fasten the curls with small Bobby pins at the nape closer to the desired side.

Cover of their curls.

On top hairstyle wear a headband with delicate flowers or a bandage. The hair looks festive and elegant. If you don’t expect to create something sophisticated like this hairstyle, don’t do curls so «strong». Curl light curls. Sprinkle lightly with lacquer, put the hair over one shoulder and wear a beautiful accessory – a headband with flowers.

A creative approach to the hairstyle in which the hair on the side (for long hair) – photo

Hairstyle with lots of braids on one side of the head, can be a challenge for you and your environment. In any case, it will not leave indifferent observers.

Clean and dry with styling mousse in the hair, divide visually into several strands. Start to whip the spit from the bottom of one side, alternately weaving each strand, moving along the line of the forehead to the end of the temples or the middle of the head. This hairstyle will require extra help if you weave the braids on the bottom you will be difficult. Each strand will need to be secured with a special clamp for African braids so that it was invisible. Loose curls hair comb and lower the light waves. Sprinkle hairstyle varnish.

The tight bundles of hair on the side (for long hair) – photo

Two options are practically identical hairstyles. Each, in its own way, interesting and beautiful.

Clean and dried hair collect on one side. Divide into several small strands. Begin to twist each strand into a tight tourniquet until then, until it starts to curl closer to the root zone of the hair. The edge of each harness is securely fastened with a hairpin or invisible, and killing so that they were hidden between the hair. When all the strands are curled and formed into a single «song», fix the result varnish. Put on top hairstyle wide headband or tie it around the head, dipping the ends of the bandage on the shoulders. Hairstyle looks beautiful with the original pins that can be used for evening cocktail option.

▪ if you find it hard to curl the strands at flowing hair, pre-pull hair in a ponytail.

Luxurious braids to the side (for long hair) – photo

Braid, which creates a beautiful accent in the hair, woven with a large seizure of large strands. Necesite the hair along the entire length.

Try not using a comb, separate the strands. Begin to weave a braid from the temples, passing along the frontal boundary.

In the process of weaving links in the braids are released and create memorable three-dimensional effect. Such a scenario is reminiscent of the old Slavonic braids weave.

Lowered spit, on the opposite from the beginning of weaving, shoulder. Hairstyle can be casual. If the hair to add delicate beads on the pins or pin flowers – it may well be evening.

The following hairstyle is also created based on spit, with a wide grip the strands. Only it will be held at the lower edge of hair growth closer to the base of the neck.

Comb the hair. Start braiding a braid, grabbing the hair on two sides so that they created a kind of «Basket».

Take the braid on the opposite side. You can doblesti hair to earlobe. During weaving, alternately pull shares of the braids, so that it became more voluminous. Or make the distance between the strands is wider (in the netting on the head).

Doplatit the remaining ends and secure with a rubber band in the color of the hair. At the end, put a neat bundle. Secure it with Bobby pins or barrette. Hair ready to please the owner.

Delicate hair to one side (for long hair) – photo

The hairstyle that will look spectacular on any hair, including direct, created very simply.

Clean freshly shampooed and dried with a hair dryer hair, using styling mousse for volume, curl with a Curling iron, if necessary.

In any case, the hairstyle need volume, which can give her basal fleece and fleece, along the entire length. Start with sections of hair on one of the sides, forming roller, that is, after adding a campaign a few thin strands.

This roller can pass through the base of the hair across the lower part of the head, along the neck. Output roller on the opposite side.

Fix it with small pins to the hair roots.

Lower loose curly strands on one shoulder. This hairstyle is good in a «negligent». It is not necessary to achieve a particular accuracy in its execution. Easy the clutter – what you need.

Each hairstyle that you create yourself or with the help of a master Barber, you can beat and Supplement any items and accessories.

Many ladies love crafting and creating masterpieces of hair with your hands. Such accessories are always unique and attract the eye of fans or zavistnits.

Even if you have created or acquired some new and unusual, but don’t know how to use it, – do it the easy way.

Gather your hair in a sloppy ponytail on the side, pre-necessav them, and place «beauty» where you like best. Pin decoration. You are a peach!