Hair removal of the hands. The main thing – to choose the right procedure

Beautiful and well – groomed hands are the pride of every woman. And it’s not just smooth skin and hair, sometimes dark hairs spoil the picture and the women are very shy about it. In this article we propose to consider ways to remove hairs on hand and how and how they assist your appearance.

It should be noted immediately that the light hairs are not as noticeable and can not be removed, especially in summer when under the sun, they fade and become lighter. Depilation exposed ugly dark hairs that do not allow the hostess to wear clothes with open arms. By the way, if you select the wrong method to become beautiful skin subjected to irritation and even damage, so take it very seriously.


This method is considered the most painful, so those who can not use the epilator on my legs, trying to apply it to the hands makes no sense. After carrying out hair removal can cause skin reddening and irritation, it is necessary to use special tools.

This method will allow to forget about ugly hairs almost 4-5 weeks depending on their growth, and after six months of use, the hairs become much thinner, paler, and in some places disappear altogether.


Painless way to remove hairs. The easiest to use, it means you just need to put, and the ILO to wash off or remove with a spatula. True saves it for a while, because it removes hair on the surface without affecting follicles.

Should indicate that the probability of occurrence of an Allergy is quite large due to the fact that the composition is a mass of components, including chemicals that may irritate sensitive skin, if this occurs, the cream should be abandoned, but you can try a tool from another manufacturer.


Painful procedure, however, is able to remove hairs in almost a month.

Melted wax applied with a spatula in hand and covered fabric strips in a few minutes of their tear against the hair growth. Due to abrupt pulling out, removed the bulbs, which are quite long, with regular use hairs as when the hair removal will become thin and in some places disappear altogether.

After waxing hands frequently redness, and with very delicate skin can get burned from hot tools or damage to the skin with a sharp ripping fabric strips. You need to be very careful in this process.


Pretty simple and cheap way of getting rid of hairs. A special paste applied to hands and then tear against the hair growth, the procedure should be repeated several times at each site to achieve the desired result.

Method painful but gives good results. After shugaring can also occur irritation or redness of the skin.

The choice of method

As you can see, almost all the ways to remove hairs on hands are painful and can trigger irritation on delicate skin. So after any procedure (except the cream) you need to apply a special coolant additive or cream from irritation.

If you can’t decide any of the above, you can use the lightening hairs, or going to the beauty salon. The latter method is expensive, but has a number of advantages, for example, laser hair removal in some cases is able to get rid of hairs up to several years.

Text: Kseniya Aleksandrovna