Mask for hair from a bow – the best recipes for all hair types. How to properly apply hair masks from a bow

Onion is widely used in cosmetology.

Based on it do means against wrinkles, it helps with callouses and rough skin.

Hair masks from a bow eliminate dandruff, strengthen hair, add Shine to curls, you can use them to strands of any type.

Mask for hair from a bow – indications and contraindications

Onion mask – an effective home remedy that nourishes the hair, improves their growth.

With regular and proper use strands gain volume and Shine, are strong and healthy.

In the composition of Luke many essential oils, trace elements and vitamins. Volatile destroy pathological microflora on the skin of the head, glycosides improve circulation.

When the onion mask you need:

• at slowing the growth of strands;

• for weak, lack luster locks;

• as a curative and a preventive treatment for early hair loss, if severe hair loss;

• dermatological diseases of the skin of the head, seborrhea, dandruff.

For therapeutic purposes, the funds applied to the hair once in 3 days, you will need 15 procedures. For prevention – once a week, enough to make 10 masks.

From onion masks there are contraindications. Not recommended to use them if on the skin of the head there are wounds, scratches, abscesses, scars. For severely dry strands such mixtures are not suitable – burning components of take a bow from the hair of all moisture, hair will become brittle and even more dry.

Bow – a strong allergen. Before use, be sure to test for allergic reaction – ready mask should apply a thin layer on your wrist. With the appearance of severe itching, spots, redness, from the use of funds on the basis of the bow should be abandoned.

Hair mask from onions – recipes for oily hair

For cosmetics fit any variety of onion. For cooking you can use a paste of boiled or fresh onions. But it is better to add onion juice – it will be easier to eliminate hair odor.

Mask onion with lemon

Mix 30 ml juice of onion, aloe, lemon, add 20 ml of cognac. Apply the mixture only to the root zone, insulate, wash off after half an hour. Means regulates the work of sebum, cleanses pores, strengthens hair, improves growth.

Onions, clay and juice

Chop a large onion, squeeze the juice, add 30 ml of sea buckthorn juice or cranberry, 25 g of black clay mixed. You can apply the product both on the roots and the strands along the entire length, to insulate and rinse after half an hour.

Berry juice and onions renews skin cells, enhances growth of hair, restores the structure of damaged strands. Mask effectively fights dandruff and itching, grease tube.

Best mask for hair loss

Pour 15 g fast yeast 20 ml of warm water, add 15 ml of honey, leave the mixture for a quarter of an hour in a warm place. Add the juice of one large onion, mix well. Apply the mixture on the roots, wash off after half an hour.

The tool considerably strengthens strands, making them soft and manageable. If your hair are dry, the mask should be add 10 ml olive oil or almonds.

Hair mask from onions – recipes for dry hair

Onion mask act quickly – already after the second application dry curls come to life, becomes shiny, strands become soft and manageable.

Onion, honey, lemon

Squeeze the juice of a medium onion, add 15 ml of honey and lemon juice, 7 ml of a burdock or almond oil. Blend mix until smooth, slightly warm, apply on the strands to insulate. The mask promotes intensive growth of strong hair and nourishes the scalp.

Onions and egg yolk

Chop a large onion, squeeze the juice, combine with raw chicken yolk. Add 6 ml of sea buckthorn oil, 2 g of powder of red pepper. The mixture must be kept until a slight burning, a half hour max. Home remedies for hair loss chicken eggs it is better to replace quail in the ratio 1:2.

Red pepper improves blood circulation, stimulates growth of the strands. Sea buckthorn oil prevents hair loss, an excellent tool for the prevention of baldness. Onion mask with these ingredients repairs damaged hair, starts the process of regeneration in the skin. The strands are thick, strong and shiny.

Onion, aloe Vera, honey and cognac

Mix 15 ml of aloe juice, honey and brandy, add chopped big onion and 7 ml of olive oil. The mixture can be applied over the entire length of hair and rinse after half an hour. The tool improves blood circulation in the skin of the head, eliminates inflammation and restores the structure of hair, prevents hair loss.

Onion and yogurt

Mix 45 ml onion juice and yogurt, add 15 ml honey,10 ml of castor oil. This nutrient mixture should be rubbed into the skin of the head, spread over the entire length of the strands. Warmed, washed away in half an hour.

The tool improves the sebaceous glands, accelerates the growth, restores damaged hair, strengthens the roots. The result is noticeable after the first use.

Onion, mustard and whey

Chop the medium onion, squeeze the juice. Mix 30 grams of mustard powder with 30 ml of whey (yogurt or kefir), combine with onion juice. Apply the mixture only on the roots, warm rinse after a quarter of an hour.

Mask effectively cleanses pores, removes dandruff, awakens frozen follicles. The hair becomes strong, obedient, grow faster, less fall.

Mask for hair from a bow – how to do no harm?

Masks from a bow is pretty aggressive, when they are used it is important to follow all recommendations. Failure to comply with the rules can severely burn the scalp, leading to hair loss and severe allergies. Onion juice in its pure form is not used in cosmetics for the hair, it’s combined with other components that neutralize the burning effect of the vegetable.

Things to remember when using cosmetic onion:

1. For masks using fresh, strong onion. The procedure is best done in the harvest season – so the effect will be maximum.

2. If the scalp is sensitive and hair is very dry, you need to test for an allergic reaction. Many experts recommend to apply the onion mixture only on basal area.

3. The procedure takes 10-30 minutes. The drier strands, the faster you need to wash off the mask.

4. After applying the onion mixture, the head should be wrapped with foil, wrap with a warm towel.

5. Cosmetics of onion should be applied on dirty, dry hair – oily film will protect the strands.

6. Wash off the mask with warm (not hot) water and shampoo. As a rinse, you can use the decoction of chamomile, nettle, burdock root, birch buds. The hair can be rinsed with water with lemon juice or vinegar to 1 liter water 5-10 ml of liquid.

Onion mask – an effective tool to resolve many hair problems, subject to all the rules. A decoction of onion peel will give your hair a beautiful copper tone. The pulp and onion juice will make hair strong and healthy. Mask from onions is easy to do at home, or purchased ready-made in specialized stores.