Hair mask with pepper

Mask for hair growth red pepper

Hair needs constant care and maintenance, they need not just to wash and feed the masks. This is especially important if problems arise — for example, after childbirth or during pregnancy hair can get so poredet, what are the visible gaps. And nerves even worse. Even if you are nervous, but like frequent transformation from brunette to blonde or redhead, hair react very sensitively.

So they don’t become a real loofah, you can use natural means. Well help hair mask with pepper, they awaken dormant hair follicles, strengthen them and prevent hair loss. The pepper effect can be very strong — quite comparable with expensive cosmetics. One has only to do — and after a couple of months, the lovely hair of shiny, flowing curls you provided.

Effect of red pepper on the hair

It’s all in capsicine– substance, which is rich in hot pepper. His searing exposure activates hair growth. They begin to grow at an unprecedented rate, becomes stronger, thicker, stop falling out. For use as an ingredient, you can use the pepper and pepper tincture. The irritation of the scalp starts increased blood flow to the hair follicles. The roots of the hair aktiviziruyutsya, starts increased hair growth. It should be noted at once that to carry out such heating treatments for hair should be very carefully, as overheating of the scalp can be very dangerous.

If you make masks with pepper incautiously, you can get the opposite effect. Necessary to test the organism on possible intolerance to pepper, so the first procedure needs to be very gentle and short-lived. You should first try the effects of the mixture on exposed skin, e.g. the back of the hand, and to ensure no allergies. Be very careful to apply the mixture around the eyes, not to fall on the mucous membranes of the eye. This is a very unpleasant burning sensation, and the consequences unpredictable. But do not be afraid too much — stick to recipes, and everything will be fine.

Hair mask with pepper — how to care for hair when applied

Apply the mask one to two times a week. It is worth to buy shampoo and conditioner to strengthen and nourish. Good help and means in ampoules. Style your hair better on a simple curler, drying in a free state without the use of the Hairdryer and hot tongs, which can overdry the hair. Barrettes and Bobby pins should not confuse and pull hair.

Get a massage comb and a few times a day brush your hair morning and evening, adding a light massage. Good help circular motion with your fingers — they improve blood circulation and increase oxygen intake. All this in combination with hair masks pepper, strengthens the hair bulbs and the hair will become durable and strong.

Important points when applying hair masks pepper

— Peppers are better to take fresh and young. From the old pod effect is much less.

— Pepper composition is not applied over the entire hair and rubbed into the roots and scalp. Hair will not become dry, but the roots aktiviziruyutsya.

— In any case do not try to prolong the effect, otherwise you can burn your skin, healing it will have a few months. Add the composition more oil — so it is likely to prevent a burn.

Masks do on unwashed hair. Apply the composition conveniently with a brush for painting.

If done correctly, the head will feel that the skin is «burning». At least it should be warm. You can just relax. Rinse first with water, then a small amount of shampoo. After washing – apply purchase the mask on the entire length of hair — and another 20 minutes. It will soothe inflamed skin and makes hair more dense and elastic. At the end apply conditioner. And rinse your hair with cold water. You can use a rinse decoction of herbs — chamomile or nettle.

Recipes masks

The mask of pepper with cognac

Composition: cognac (100 ml), hot pepper (10 grams). Insist the mixture for weeks, strain, dilute with boiled warm water (1 part tincture in 10 parts water). To RUB before bedtime 1 time a week. Few weeks hair change — stop falling out and start to vigorously grow.

Pepper tincture for hair loss

If your hair falls out, the mask with pepper tincture will help to stop the process.

Ingredients: tincture of red pepper (1 tablespoon), shampoo for hair growth (2 tablespoons), castor oil (2 tablespoons). You can use linseed or olive oil. Time of exposure – 2 hours. Rinse with warm water.

Mask with red pepper — growth and hair density

Ingredients: pepper tincture (1 teaspoon) of castor or burdock oil (1 teaspoon). Apply the mixture on the hair, to warm with beauty caps and towels. Use within hours for one procedure, initially 1-2 times a week, then 1 time a week.

Mask with pepper and honey

Ingredients: honey (4 tablespoons), ground pepper (tablespoon). The mixture is distributed through the hair, will hide their polyethylene cap and wrap with a towel. This mask can not be kept on the hair for half an hour. The effect is noticeable after 2-3 weeks, 2-3 months, the hair will be completely healthy.

Mask with pepper, lemon and honey

Ingredients: vegetable oil, ground red pepper, (1 tablespoon), cognac (20 grams), egg (1 yolk), lemon juice (2 tablespoons). The mask not only stimulates growth but also nourishes and strengthens them. To do it 1-2 times a week during the month. Apply for half an hour, rinse well with warm water.

Shiny, smooth and manageable strands — dream about it? If you just cut your hair and want to grow them again, or they themselves do not grow — some shampoos for growth a little. Do your hair with love and even the terrible «straw» will soon turn into a soft, obedient hair. Recipes with red pepper can be taken on Board by men – is an effective method prevention and treatment of baldness.