Hair coloring at home: what you need to know

In order to perfectly color your hair, do not have to go to the salon. However, the staining in the home has its own characteristics, and they need to be remembered.

The choice of colors

Many people tend to assume that the difference between a professional paint and most don’t. However, we can safely say that from a professional paint hair get less harm. The fact that professional hair dye, you can dilute the hydrogen peroxide from 1.9% to 9%. Conventional paint composition is designed for the average buyer and has a high content of peroxide (9-12%), which certainly causes significant harm to hair.

Professional paints have a number of advantages:

  • They are individualized.
  • Do not contain heavy metals.
  • Are less pronounced than the smell of household paint.
  • Not «burn» the hair.

Of course, if the hair is strong and thick by nature, then the difference between these types of paints will be hard to notice. However, for fragile hair painting with regular paint can be a disaster, breaking, burning and spoiling the hair.

From the bad dye hair to become «straw», so you need to choose carefully. And use restorative means after staining.

Hair color

For successful home dyeing it is important to consider the rules of selection of hair dyes of different colors.


For the blonde in coloring, almost no problems. Color goes great, and with a high degree of probability will look like the picture.


But dark will have more problems. Especially if you want to be painted in the blonde. For that hair, you must first lighten and then dye basic dye. And to impose bright paint in large quantities. In this case, the hair will not result in yellow.

Mistakes not worth repeating

  • The paint should immediately check for the presence of allergens, Masnou a little on the skin.
  • When painting, be sure to have gloves and put something on the shoulders, otherwise then it will be difficult to wash off skin.
  • Do not hold the dye on the hair longer than directed. The color will be much darker, that can be frustrating if you chose a different color.
  • After dyeing, the hair should be washed first with a special shampoo, and then balm. These funds securely fasten color.
  • Paint to use after the trial dyeing. That is to put it on a small strand and see what the result is. Then you can proceed to coloring the entire head.
  • Before colouring hair should be clean.
  • For those who do not want drastic measures when painting, the professionals recommend to dye your hair more than two shades lighter or darker from the natural color of hair. This will help preserve the natural appearance.
  • Do not dry it with hair dryer. If your hair is colored, using a hair dryer it is better to reduce, so they don’t lose their elasticity.
  • Not to wash your hair with shampoo immediately after coloring. When everything is painted, the additional use of shampoo will wash away some paint, and the result is not the most impressive.

That’s all some simple tips for a successful hair coloring at home. Do not repeat the mistakes of others and always be bright and beautiful!

Text: Irina Lev