Urgent question: how to care for hair at home? The basics of hair care in the home – prevention of problems

Person with a completely healthy normal hair type, you can meet not often.

Under the influence of various internal and external strands of many people need special care.

It depends on the type of curls.

Oily hair

Dull the Shine and stickiness of the strands, hair loss, and sometimes an unpleasant smell – the main symptoms of greasy hair. They bother many people today. Untidy hair looks awful and bothers to feel comfortable among others.

Oiliness of hair can have a variety of causes. We list the most important ones.

1. Increased secretion of the sebaceous glandslocated near hair follicles. Actively working, they release the subcutaneous fat in larger quantities than is required for hydration of the scalp.

Excess grease build up at the roots, giving it an unnatural Shine. Then the subcutaneous fat is distributed throughout the length of the hair, covering them with an oily film.

2. Seborrhea. It may occur as a result of genetic predisposition or by some diseases and conditions, for example:

• hormonal disorders;

• pregnancy;

• cardiovascular disease;

• diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

• stress.

3. An improper diet. The abuse of fatty, salty and smoked food leads to glut of an organism by fats. Some of them are extracted from it through the sebaceous glands, including those located near the roots of the hair.

4. Too frequent shampooing. Shampoos, conditioners and other means for hair care not only remove dirt and dead skin cells but also activates the sebaceous glands. The result is a Shine on your hair can appear even in people who have dry skin.

How to care for oily hair at home?

1. To correctly wash your hair. Frequent washing will not only eliminate the problem but will aggravate it. Therefore, doctors-trichologists recommend this hygienic procedure no more than twice a week.

In this case you can only use shampoo designed for oily hair. Other detergents will cause dry scalp, making aktiviziruyutsya the sebaceous glands.

Store-bought detergent, you can substitute beaten eggs with lemon juice or gruel of rye bread, soaked in boiled water.

2. Do not use the air conditioning. These funds make hair not only smooth, but greasy. It is best to rinse your curls with an infusion of birch leaves, chamomile, oak bark, horsetail, Hypericum, nettle or plantain.

3. To minimise the application of means for fixing hairstyles (mousses, varnishes and gels). Clog pores, they cause disruption of the alveolar glands.

4. Try not to use a Hairdryer. If needed, apply cold drying.

5. Comb the curls to a maximum of twice a day, being careful not to touch the roots. Otherwise, the fat will be distributed through the hair, and they are quickly salted.

6. To refuse the head massage. It enhances not only the flow of blood to the roots, but also the secretion of.

7. To adjust the power. Should enrich their diet with foods that contain proteins, vitamins and fiber. At the same time, minimize meals that contain preservatives and fats (especially animal).

8. To take dietary Supplements, including ascorbic acid, b vitamins, and sulfur, zinc and iron.

9. Strengthen hair with a homemade masks based on sour fruits and berries, yeast and honey, garlic, onions.

How to care for thin and dry hair at home

When there is insufficient sebum glands of internal secretion of hair becomes dry. They lack the natural Shine and softness, they often get confused and split on the ends. The owners of hair of this type often suffer from seborrhea and alopecia. It is possible to allocate some reasons trehalase:

1. Diseases of internal organs, for example:

• pathology of the digestive system;

• chronic infections (caries, tuberculosis, inflammation of the tonsils);

• diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract;

• anemia;

• helminthiasis.

2. Improper wash with the use of dewatering means and aggressive cosmetic treatments.

3. Lack of vitamins as a consequence of insufficient or poorly balanced diet.

4. Constant stress and fatigue.

5. Bathing in hard, salty and chlorinated water.

6. Exposure to ultraviolet rays and cold.

7. Congenital abnormalities of the follicle and the hair shaft.

Care for dry and thin hair is to respect a few basic rules. Take a closer look

1. You should get a haircut so that the curls get more power. After this regularly to trim split ends.

2. Wash hair only boiled water using a shampoo for dry hair.

3. For an hour before washing RUB into the scalp healing oils (castor, burdock, olive).

4. To rinse hair with herbal teas, mineral water without gas or beer.

5. Dry head outdoors, not using the dryer and not wrapping the hair with a towel.

6. Never go to bed with a wet head.

7. Comb my hair only a wooden brush, the hair not to be confused with static electricity.

8. Every evening, massage your head with your fingertips. This will increase the blood flow to the hair follicles.

9. Use moisturizing and nourishing lotions and masks. They can be cooked with his own hands on the basis of dairy products, oils, honey and eggs.

10. To abandon aggressive cosmetic procedures, especially lightening, straightening and Curling.

11. Eat foods that contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon and zinc.

How to care for damaged hair at home

Trehalase in addition, there are other common types of hair damage, namely:

• slow or completely stopped growth;

• intense hair loss down to baldness;

• excision along the entire length of the body hair;

• loss of volume.

To restore damaged strands to its former beauty, you need a good understanding of how to care for hair at home.

The complex of measures on restoration of locks includes a number of important points.

1. First, you should repair the damaged hair root. It will have to abandon their aggressive acts on the follicles of chemicals and procedures that are conducted at high temperature. These include, for example, include coloring and perming, Curling iron and curlers.

2. Stop using the dryer, which dries up the root and body of the hair. It is best to let curls dry naturally, lightly blotting it with a towel.

3. To change the usual detergents for medical, made of herbs. They can be done independently. The easiest way to add to your favorite shampoo a few drops of vitamins from vials or essential oil.

4. Use herbal teas for rinsing the strands after washing.

5. 1-2 times a week apply a revitalizing mask for damaged hair. They can be bought or made at home.

6. To include in the diet foods rich in vitamins (especially E and b group) and vitamin complexes.

How to care for very long hair at home

Caring for long hair depends on their type. Will focus on General recommendations

1. Choose a shampoo for long hair type.

2. Be sure to brush curls before washing (especially if it is thick). Otherwise, they are very messed up.

3. You can not comb wet hair, as over time they will become not only split ends, but also along the entire length.

4. Since long hair are often dry at the ends, it is necessary to provide them with food throughout. To do this 2-3 times a week to comb their brush with pre-applied her healing oils.

5. To strengthen the roots apply a mask with honey, berries, fruits, green tea and olive oil.

Thus, the curls of any length can look beautiful and healthy. For it is only necessary to properly care for your hair at home.