Bright and fun rubber bands with their hands. Detailed descriptions with pictures: how to make homemade scrunchies

And grown up girls, and all babies love to decorate their hair with ribbons, bows, barrettes. Of course, you can purchase these accessories in the store. I wanted to show imagination, to make a hair bands with your hands! Perhaps they will be made of the same fabric, as fancy dress and make a harmonious ensemble. And perhaps it will be something bright and creative, emphasizing the individuality of its owner!

From what you can perform hair bands with your hands?

If you have a simple gum, and remnants of yarn, beads, ribbon, lace, scraps of different fabrics, you can proceed to be creative.

We need a few scraps of wispy fabric, thread in the color of the fabric, scissors, cardboard, needle, large bead or a button.

— Cut out of cardboard two circles with diameter of 7 and 3, see Apply a template to fabric and cut out 10 circles of different size: 5 — 7 cm in diameter, 5 — in diameter 3 see If the edge of the fabric fall off easily, they should be swept off or singe flame of a lighter or a candle. At this stage you can choose the fabric of the same color or different, but it should be thin enough to be easily gathered in the accordion.

— Fold the billet in half twice. Should be a sector with a semicircular edge.

By backing off 1-2 mm from the rounded edges, stitched to make the seam “forward needle”.

— Gently pulling basting thread. And this thread fixed the petal.

— Sew the 5 petals together in one inflorescence.

— Repeat the operation for small workpieces. Combine the two buds in one flower. Carefully stitched the heart and close the seam a beautiful button, large bead or sew-on rhinestone. Fasten the flower on the elastic band.

To make the following scrunchie, we’ll need fabric, scissors, needle, thread and button. Perform product from the same fabric as a summer dress or a sundress for your daughter, you get a bright and harmonious ensemble. The process of making a gum very simple, and your Princess will be happy to help you.

— Cut out of fabric (same or contrasting) the two rectangles. Width one — 8 cm, one 6cm, length of blanks equal to 30, see Fold piece in half inside out and stitch the end side. You can use a sewing machine and can sew by hand.

— Turns the workpiece on the front side, accurately and carefully combine the edges. Sew the perimeter seam “forward needle”. Stitches should be small and evenly. From your accuracy will depend on the appearance of the product. Gently pulling basting thread and fasten with a few stitches. We got a round billet. Do the same from the second piece of fabric.

Now, let’s prepare our buttons. The product is best suited button “on the leg”. From fabric cut a circle, whose diameter is 2 cm more than the diameter of the prepared buttons. You can choose any color and to perform with their hands the parts of the gum from the same fabric or contrasting. Around the perimeter of the stitched circle stitch “forward needle”. Stitches should be placed evenly and about 1 mm from the edge of the fabric. Try to make them small. Slightly pulling basting thread, we will get a sheath. It is necessary to place our button “stem” to the side of the hole. Finally tighten the thread and fasten it carefully.

— Start to collect our rubber band. On the large round billet put a little, aligning the holes. In the center is placed a button covered with cloth. Carefully sew all the details and sew our flower to the elastic band.

To perform the following scrunchie with their hands on need satin or kapron ribbons of different colors and widths, a needle and thread, scissors, beads or sew-on rhinestones. In the present embodiment products used 55 cm multicolor satin ribbon 2 cm wide and 65 cm of tape width 0.5 cm

— Cut the wide ribbon into five segments with a length of 6 cm and five lengths of 5 cm. the End tips billet podplyvaet on the fire, candle or lighter that they have not frayed during operation.

A narrow strip cut into the same periods: five pieces for 6 cm and five for 5 podplyvaet Carefully see the tips of the ribbons.

— All segments folded in half with the shiny side out. Pieces of narrow ribbon placed in the centre of wide. Seam “forward needle” parts whose length is 6 cm Stitches are doing fine and have a distance of 1 mm from the edge. The same operation done in lengths of 5 cm.

— Gently pulling basting thread and fasten it. We got two flowers of different diameters. Connect them using a needle and thread, lining up the Central part, but expanding a bit on the Central axis. The remaining narrow ribbon folded in the form of five-leaves the bow and sew in the center. Close the seams with a large bead and a strazik. Sew our bright flower to the elastic — the product is ready.

Changing the size and color of pieces, the length and width of tapes, in the form of beads, they can create new and unique crafts. Any girl would be happy original bright hair band made my mother’s hands. Now the haircut of your Princess will always be in order.