Greek hairstyle with a bandage will make you a goddess! How to build yourself a Greek hairstyle with a bandage: tips and advice

Women’s nature desire for the beautiful and unique. What could be more beautiful in the female form than a new hairstyle? Of course, there are lots of items that help transform the image of a woman, but today our story about the hair goddess Greek!

How to choose accessories for a Greek hairstyle with a bandage

Greek hair turned out neat and easy to create, you need to pay attention to the special bandage that will be able to hide the «error» and to emphasize the beauty and sometimes special, decorate the hair.

The bandage is chosen according to desire and mood. As long as it is securely held on the head. Most of all, her fixation is provided with an elastic on the back or a special elasticity that is provided in the design.

Headbands are the decorative items like brooches and hair clips made of fabric and lace, with a netting of natural or artificial hair that creates the effect of continue of hairstyles, if you pick them by color.

You can use favorite thin scarf or handkerchief. Please note that the satin fabric too thin hair. Best of all, if it is genuine silk or the finest cotton.

Don’t forget about the studs and invisible. They can be indispensable in creating Greek hairstyle with a bandage, especially if your hair can be attributed to the category of thin and unruly.

Preparation of hair for Greek hairstyle with a bandage

Any hairstyle looks advantageous on clean and dried hair. Greek is no exception. If your hair is badly hold given them a form and they can be different «obedience», please note that «put» them in the Greek hair style will be more comfortable on the second day after washing.

If the hair is washed and dried, but very silky and flowing, spray them with hairspray at the roots, necesite along the entire length (if the hair is medium length or long) and then cover with paint. Thus, you will make the hair a bit stiffer and they will not crumble.

The owners of curly hair was particularly lucky. This hair is ideal for this hairstyle, or hairdo – «find» for them. If your hair is straight, then you can advance them to cheat on curlers, Curling irons or irons for Curling hair to a light wave could form the beautiful styling of the goddess. For better fixation of hairstyles, use varnish to fix the curls or mousse for styling, apply on damp hair before drying and Curling.

Greek hairstyle with a bandage on any length hair (photo)

As you know, Greek hairstyle can be done on hair of any length. If there is a bandage that will help to shape the overall image, it is sufficient to comb the hair or give them the effect of easy negligence with the help of styling gel or mousse. If the hair is short, headband with elegant brooch or fancy decor, just creates an evening or cocktail option, which does not require special skills and knowledge of hairdressing secrets.

Medium length hair can be stacked with the use of hairpins, previously, necessav them and creating the effect of volume, headband-decor will complete the look.

For long hair, hairstyle, boasts of a «flight» of your imagination. The most simple and universal – applying bandages-braids which can be made of fabric or artificial (natural) hair, the color of your:

▪ put the headband on top of hair;

▪ divide the hair into three arbitrary parts;

▪ begin to shape the hairstyle with the side strands, winding them bandage from the bottom up, until then, until all of the hair are not stacked;

▪ the average strand of hair, and encircled around the bandage, and fasten to studs or invisible;

▪ if desired, lift the hair at the crown that will create the effect of more volume;

▪ if necessary, release or take the bangs under the bandage, loosen the lock on the temples.

▪ fix the hairstyle with hairspray at arm’s length.

Greek hairstyle with a bandage.

Simply create a Greek hairstyle with a ribbon, if you have not found a special bandage with a rubber band. Choose a ribbon that will confidently stand on your head and won’t allow you to nervous during the day. It should be firm and the right to hold the desired shape and the hair to be with her weave. You can make a kind of interweaving of a couple or three strips and tie them in a bow. This will give the hair extra oomph.

If your hair is medium length and the resulting dressing is so good that can serve as an element of the desired image, it is quite acceptable to leave the hair like this just wearing a ribbon on his head, and giving hair a soft volume.

If you do decide to styling, then repeat the steps exactly as in the previous case. Ensure that the headband will not fall from the hair – capture strands with Bobby pins if necessary.

Completely, hiding all the ends of the hair, tweak the hair. You can add additional volume, making hair and creating desired shape. Hairspray will fix the result.

Create a Greek hairstyle with a bandage and her hair

Greek hairstyle – is not necessarily taken under a bandage all the curls. There are a variety of options. Each of them is good in its own way, considering the hair and their styling.

Type of hairstyle with her hair especially good for those with thick, beautiful, curly strands. They have a special gently fall on the shoulders, which gives them the mistress, unique femininity.

If your headband is complemented by a stunning brooch or a decorative element, the hairstyle will be able to compete with Hollywood hairstyles popular Actresses.

Let’s start creating hairstyles Greek goddess:

▪ put on the bandage so that the decorative element was visible even after hair styling;

▪ holding the blindfold, lift the back of the hair, like giving it extra volume;

▪ gradually scroll one small strand around the bandage, creating the effect of a plait, the hair is taken from the top layer and the bottom layer of the hair remains intact;

▪ when the rear part of the bandage is fully braided locks of hair, the hairstyle is finished;

▪ rather lightly sprinkle with varnish for better fixation.

At any time, this hairstyle can be easily extended oblique of the remaining loose hair and secured with a rubber band or hairpins. The variant with a tail that can pick up hair. Experiment and use imagination!

«Shell» – a Supplement to the Greek hairstyle with a bandage

In conclusion, Greek hairstyles create a very simple. Any girl can do with her hair such a beauty, with a little effort.

The necessary tools and accessories for creating hairstyles: invisible (at least 10 PCs), hair pins, hair tie (preferably a triple), hairspray.

And now step by step:

▪ separate the bangs from the main hair;

▪ bow your head with the bangs forward, comb the rest of the hair, bangs spray varnish, and lightly necesite for volume;

▪ if your hair is thin and sparse, you can make an extra NAP for the entire length, in advance, sprinkle lightly with lacquer;

▪ starting from the bottom, all the hair is securely fastened with Bobby pins to one side, trying to tuck each strand, smoothing it;

▪ then, all of the hair that we put to one side and start spinning in the opposite direction, forming a kind of «shell» and securing the «roller» pins (remain invisible under a layer of hair and will not be visible);

▪ check how firmly keeps the hair;

▪ Bang, one big strand, laid back, giving her a light volume;

▪ put on the headband, the hairstyle with «shell»;

▪ distributed layers of the bandage at will, clutching the fringe of one of the parts (please note that no lost volume).

For decorating hairstyles don’t have to follow the advice of the author. You can «play» with the accessories. If the dressing is made of lace, the hair can be wedding or evening. It can be supplemented with decorative studs that form a «shell».

If your bangs does not allow to create volume at the crown, do not worry— this version of the installation can be with short bangs, just necesite the top of the hair lacquer and spray at the roots to create a basal volume.

Any hairstyle that you decide to create on their hair, the main thing – your imagination! And in Greek!