Grape seed oil for face and hair. Useful properties and methods of using grape seed oil in cosmetics.

Let’s talk about grape seed oil. We now describe how it was mined, what is useful and applies.

You will also learn about effective masks for hair, skin, prepared on the basis of grape seed oil.

How do you get the oil from grape seeds

So grapeseed oil can be obtained in two ways: the first method of hot extraction, the second cold pressing. It is better to use oil, extracted by cold pressing. Because this product keeps more biologically active substances.

Grape seed oil is not considered expensive product. To obtain 1 l of oil from the seeds of grapes requires about half a ton of berries. This oil is produced in countries where there are a large number of vineyards.

Properties and applications of grape seed oil

Natural and organic grape seed oil has a sharp odor. If you feel strong aroma of grape, it means that the oil has been added flavours. For quality oil characteristic unobtrusive nutty flavor. The taste of grape seed oil – spicy.

This oil contains a large amount compared to vitamin E. olive Experts call it vitamin growth and regeneration and protect our skin cells from the damaging effects. In grape seed oil contain chemical compounds with antioxidant properties. That is, they can protect human cells from free radicals, prevent the occurrence of cancers. This oil contains a whole bunch of needed by the body saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9): linoleic, palmitic, oleic, stearic, etc. by Supplying them the body, you eliminate the possibility of the development of atherosclerotic lesions.

Based on the above information, it can be argued that grape seed oil has cytoprotective, regenerating and antioxidant properties. Girls, who discovered this oil, made sure that it slows down aging by affecting the renewal of the epidermis and collagen production. Grape seed oil improves the condition of hair, skin, nails, etc.

Grape seed oil recommended for people suffering from venous insufficiency, overweight, and diabetes. Need it patients with high blood pressure. Regular intake of grape seed oil strengthens blood vessels and acts as prevention of clots, plaques. In General, if you run into any cardiovascular disease, be sure to include in your diet the grape seed oil. Do not abandon the oil and in diseases of the stomach. Can be taken by pregnant and nursing women. Grape seed oil will allow you to more easily transfer the manifestations of menopause. It also has a positive effect on men’s health.

This healthy oil is widely used in cooking. Especially it is very popular as a dressing for green salads. The grape seed oil suggest to marinate the meat, it is also used for production of mayonnaise, and so on to fry on this product knowing people do not advise.

Experts proved that eating fried butter products guaranteed to lead to an undesirable meeting of the body with carcinogens that cause cancer. Despite this, women don’t want to renounce the use of grape seed oil under high-temperature method of food processing. Many people fry it meat, fish, potatoes. They explain their actions by the fact that this oil has a high resistance heat, and then fry it in more secure than in sunflower. After all, the last at temperatures exceeding 100°C begins to smoke, whereas grapeseed oil does not smokes and at t 200°C. But it’s not in the smoke, and in the above-mentioned carcinogenic substances. So better not fry in grapeseed oil. If you do not even get sick, just don’t get those nutrients, which would fall in the body by use of the oil in the salad.

Grapeseed oil except for cooking and in cosmetics. Especially girls like to wet them to the skin. The oil is also used in manufacturing of many cosmetic products. They are experts massage. Grapeseed oil is sometimes used in anti-cellulite programs. This oil also removes make-up.

Grape seed oil for face

Grape seed oil accelerates the healing of abrasions, wounds, damage from chemical peels. It promotes cell regeneration, has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and antiseptic effect. Grape seed oil is often used to eliminate acne, psoriasis, trophic ulcers, purulent skin lesions.

Grape seed oil like the skin of any type. It tones and moisturizes the skin, nourishes, prevents peeling, various irritations, normalize sebaceous secretion. The oil tightens the skin, makes it supple, gentle, improves color and relief. Grape seed oil is used in the treatment of rosacea. It also tightens pores. This oil is not comedogenic.

Cleansing facial scrub with grape seed oil

Most of the girls, eating grapes, spit out the bones, and then throw them away. But they are not even aware of what a cool scrub can be prepared from the grape seeds and derived oil. If you don’t want to stock up on seeds or berries to eat with them, buy this useful product. You need to look for the powder or flour from grape seeds. Oil hand-squeeze will not work, so it too will need to purchase. Grape seed oil is a better buy in the drugstore, specialty store.

To prepare the scrub you will need 12 drops of grape seed oil, 2 teaspoons purchased cream and crushed cereal. Also take 4 teaspoons hand-chopped in a coffee grinder or seed purchase grape products (flour, powder). Connect together the components of the scrub and mix it all. If you typed in a spoon of cereal, or crushed bone with a slide, place one, not two, but three spoonfuls of sour cream.

The scrub should be applied to wet face. To treat the skin should absorb. You do not need much to RUB the face – so you can injure sensitive skin.

To work as a scrub on contaminated skin should be about 5 minutes. After that, rinse off grape scrub with warm water. Such a cleansing procedure can be done once a week. After cleansing the skin do not prevent grease moisturizing cream. Do the cleansing treatment based on grape seed and oil from this product in the evening.

Nourishing mask for face with grape seed oil

Want to moisturize the skin, make it smooth, delicate? Then prepare a mask of oils. In addition to grape seed oil for the mask you will need black cumin oil. The last ingredient is olive oil.

Each oil take half teaspoon. Mix butter, start to RUB them into the skin. To do the massage with oils you need three minutes. Now leave the skin to soak up the oils without touching it for about 10 minutes. After these 10 minutes, blot the face with a paper towel. To wash after such a mask is not necessary. This nourishing and moisturizing mask suitable for girls with dry, prone to peeling skin.

the above oil mask perfect for dry, rough skin of hands. Such a mixture can also be treated knees. This is especially true for people whose skin on knees rough.

Grapeseed oil for hair

Grapeseed oil cream for damaged hair. It will return or will give locks a silky sheen, making them strong and healthy. Grapeseed oil enhances the growth of hair, reduces hair loss.

Mask for hair growth with grape seed oil

Let’s prepare an oil mask, which perfectly restores damaged strands and promotes active growth of new healthy and strong hair. You’ll need 20 ml of grape seed oil, the same of burdock oil, vitamin a and E (5 drops). Also look for oil of ylang-ylang. A portion of the mask need 3 drops of this concentrated essential oil.

Combining oils and liquid vitamins, apply the mixture on dirty hair. Pick up the hair and wear a cap. The mask in most cases you should withstand three hours. If you tired of walking in the cap, you can keep the healing oil mixture up to four hours. Mask wash off with shampoo. To fully cleanse the hair oil on the head must be washed two consecutive times.

Night mask for dry hair with grapeseed oil

You can make a night mask for dry, lost hair. It is one component of grape seed oil. On short hair you will need about 20 drops of oil. The mask is applied to damp hair.

First, the oil rubbed into the hair roots. Do this for about 5 minutes. After apply oil on the whole hair, focusing on ends. To wear a special hat on the head is not necessary. But, since oil on the hair you will have to go to bed, so as not to get a pillow, cover it with a towel. In the morning be sure to wash your hair with shampoo. No need to dry your hair with a towel or use a Hairdryer – the strands to dry in a natural way.

Note: some girls do a similar mask using other oils. But it is better to use grape seed oil because it washes out much easier than, for example, burdock or castor which are more dense.

The night mask of grape seed oil should not be done daily. Moreover, apply this home remedy on the hair is not recommended more than once every two weeks.

you may have noticed that grape seed oil can be applied to the hair, skin as pure and diluted with other components. But, in spite of its gentleness and harmlessness, before use, be sure to test this a useful product.