French: the secrets of homemade cosmetics

What is the secret of French women maligawatte, which would be the envy of any woman? Someone will say that the key to this mystery lies in the special cosmetics: the gorgeous tonal creams, blush, eye shadow and mascara, for which French women never skimp in the spending. But this is not true. The predilection of the French for decorative cosmetics are very exaggerated, whereas homemade beauty remedies known women in France, most of whom made their own, remain absolutely unknown.

One of the favorite tools homemade French cosmetics is carrot rejuvenating mask. This mask is not only effective in smoothing out fine facial wrinkles, it hides minor imperfections of the face and neck, it also gives them a tone, warm and even tone, nourishes and ensures the skin a rejuvenating effect.

Important advantage of the rejuvenating carrot face mask is the lack of fruit acids, whereby it is considered to be a panacea for sensitive skin prone to inflammation.

The recipe and method of application carrot anti-aging mask

You will need:

• juicy carrot,

• yogurt or bio yogurt,

• pharmacy Daisy.

First, is brewed with boiling water pharmacy chamomile and infuse for 15-20 minutes. Carrots, meanwhile, rubbed finely grated and squeezed through cheesecloth. In equal proportions mix carrot juice and baby food. A cotton swab moistened in Romashkovo infusion, pressed, and then, it is applied to the face, carrot-yoghurt mixture.

Giving a little to dry evenly spaced layer of the mixture, apply another, and in a few minutes – another. Session duration – 15 minutes, after which the mask is washed off with chamomile infusion, and the face is rinsed with cool water.

The mask is recommended to apply several times a week. Just a month you will see that your skin became taut and matte, showing not only the obvious self-care, to its owner, but also about the excellent condition of her skin.