Flowers — aides for skin and hair

Not many people know that plants are not only pleasing to the eye, elevate mood, but also effectively helps to prolong youth, generously sharing their beauty with us.

For skin

In cosmetology, the most widely used is rose. The extract of its petals has an amazing softening effect. And the rose oil just perfect for the care of different skin types. It treats acne, helps restore elasticity of aging skin.

At first glance unprepossessing calendula has antibacterial properties, helps with inflammation, has a relaxing effect and strengthens blood vessels. Calendula is especially suited to owners of dry and sensitive skin.

Lily well heals wounds and small cuts, soothes. The infusion of this flower acts as an effective tightening pores means. The infusion is prepared as follows:

  • two tablespoons of Lily petals should be put in a container (preferably enamel);
  • pour them in one Cup of hot water, cover tightly with a lid and heat for 25 minutes (for water bath);
  • after cooling, the infusion should drain and pour into a container.

This infusion can be used not more than 2 days.


With Linden hair shining luster. Just need to rinse them with infusion of lime. To prevent hair loss okay to use lime broth: 6 tablespoons of dried flowers pour hot water (200 ml.), brought to the boil, then boil for half an hour (on low heat). This tool is used for rinsing hair after washing.

For the acquisition of Golden hue has long been used chamomile. Preparing the broth: 70 g of dried chamomile flowers poured just a Cup of hot water. Chamomile broth infused half an hour, filtered. The hair should drench cooked by the broth. Seborrhea will help knapweed. To two tablespoons of cornflower is added to a glass of boiled water, infused for two hours.

The hair was soft and silky, you just have to rinse them with infusion of oregano.

Scientists have found that all the flowers have given us a greater range of energy fluctuations. Each of them not only helps to prolong us young, and helps fight depression, relieves anxiety and stimulates the work.