Five habits that hinder beauty

Ancient philosophers argued that habit is a second nature. And really, how difficult is sometimes to give up something that you do regularly, every day for many years in a row. Everyone has a «thing», which has long been firmly established in life and became a part of the personality. However, not all realize that there are habits of the pests, causing damage not only health but also beauty. Here are some of them.


Smokers skin becomes dry and loose, gets an earthy shade of gray. Tobacco smoke disrupts blood flow, oxygen stops to the extent necessary to enter into the cells of the skin. When Smoking also destroys collagen, responsible for skin elasticity and skin tone of the face and body.

Kostelny reflex

Absolutely not child’s habit of nail biting doctors is called onychophagia. She suffer about a third of all adults on the planet, mostly women. This is an extremely harmful habit: nails begin to stratify, not grow, the cuticle becomes inflamed and bleeds. The teeth, by the way, these «exercises» also are not going to benefit.

Chronic sleep deprivation

Doctors recommend sleeping at least 8 hours a day. Who among us can boast that complies with these recommendations? From a deficit a night’s rest affects not only performance, but also the complexion, because the cells do not have time to fully regenerate. Puffiness, wrinkles and bags under the eyes – all this does not decorate. It has been well said that a healthy sleep is the best cosmetic.

The fingers of a person

What we touch with our hands? That’s right, all in a row. Microbes, meanwhile, are not asleep. Propping his cheek on his palm, touching your nose and rubbing his forehead we allow to move them on the skin. Hence the inflammation, pimples, redness and other annoying trouble.


Straight back is the key to health and beauty. Those who slouch, the chest looks smaller waist «moves» down somewhere, and they look very tired and dull. In addition, the bent spine difficult the work of the lungs and therefore from lack of oxygen again suffer hair, skin and nails.

It’s never too late to begin the road to transformation. Do this by getting rid of habits harmful to youth and beauty!