Five effective exercises for beautiful Breasts

Beautiful Breasts – this is not outstanding shape. Beautiful Breasts – this well maintained bust. And if the nature of women not erected teneobraznyh breast, this does not mean that it will not be popular with the male sex.

On the contrary, many guys say that they do not care about the bust size, and its shape and elasticity. So like ladies with big boobies and women with breast neatly the first thing you should think about increasing/decreasing their charms, and their lifting.

Besides large-breasted divas are required to train more vigorously, because obesity wealth, the greater the likelihood that it will SAG.

Today, we will not address how to make breast elastic with a soul or a loved guy, who is rumored to be able to improve the condition of the bust of the lady by kneading.

After a tight contrast of the jet of water will give such a result, how to properly and regularly perform exercises, and boyfriend-craftsman has not at all. Better tell you about the five magic exercises that will make Breasts firmer.

Push-UPS and its types

Most effective exercise, is quickly transforming breast – push-up. Surely you immediately cringed, imagining how hard it runs. Relax, you don’t have to immediately do push-UPS on the straight legs from the floor. On the contrary, it is better to start with a lightweight push-UPS.

With knees from the support

As a support you can choose a large ball, chair, bed, bench, General, whatever. Choose? Now think about what lay on the floor. Of course, you can do the exercise directly on it, but with this approach you risk rubbing your knees.

So, drop knees on a blanket, Mat or rug in front of the pillar and, taking the emphasis lying down, start to do push-UPS. Elbows during the lowering of the body needs to separate the sides. This exercise should be performed at least 20 times.

Note: ensure that your hands are located at the shoulder level, back when you exercise is not too arched and the buttocks are not raised. Performing push-UPS, control the breath – the exhalation should consist of lifting your body.

With knees from the floor

When the muscle is warmed up a little, and you are used to the load, it’s time to intensify the exercise, pushing the prop in the side, because it is not needed. You will need:

1. Be on all fours.

2. Place the hands wider than shoulders, but on the same level with them.

3. To bend feet in knees.

4. Start-UPS on the floor, shifting the body weight on the arms and bending them at the elbows.

Important: the torso during the exercise should be in the same plane. That is, you don’t have to bend at the waist or rounding the back.

Please note: that the exercise gave a result within two weeks, and doing push UPS from the knees is required daily. Approach at least 20 times. Try to stay within 30-35 seconds.

With straight legs from the floor

You need to stretch your hands to the floor, to straighten legs, bringing them together. Before you try pushups to the max, strain your back, buttocks. Begin to fall on his hands, spreading his elbows to the side.

This exercise is the classic push-UPS, more complex and effective than the previous one. One approach 20 times. When you finish the push-UPS, sit on the knees maximally expose hands forward and stretch, try to take a deep breath and exhale. Breath, take the initial position. Look around in search of support – it’s time for the heavy exercise.

Push-UPS with feet on a support

Take the emphasis lying down, placing your feet on a support. During a push-up try not to Flex, tighten stomach, squeeze your buttocks. Don’t forget to follow the breath.

It will be easier to do push-UPS, if the legs will lie on the fixed support. So, if you’ve forgotten, when last time asked body to exercise, choose real support, like the bed. Girls, for which the regular charge is the usual thing, you can try to do push-UPS with feet on a fitball.

Other variation of pushups on straight legs

Another variation of push-UPS with straight legs – with one hand on the support. To perform this exercise, you can focus lying or standing. In the first option the best basketball ball – rest against the palm of one hand on it, and another put on the floor. In the second case, use the chair, one hand rests on the seat, the other on the back. After any approach change hands.

Exercise: «press the ball»

Some women claim that the Breasts of the standing by using a common ball. It does not need to be placed under the bra as you might think – the ball should squeeze hands.

Before the start of the exercise place your hands in front of him at chest level, having closed them so that if you were a Buddhist monk. The hands form a straight line, elbows bent to the sides. The ball should be placed at the base of the palms. Now try to compress it as much. Hold this position for a few seconds. After you stop squeezing, the arms do not lower. Repeat all over again.

Exercise should be done before the time, until you get tired, but no less than 30 times. You should strive to learn how to perform the approach of 80-100 simani without feeling dead tired.

Note: in this exercise, you can use volleyball or even do without any of them.

«Cut the air»

From the exercise «scissors» sign any kindergartner to school, but it is a pity that as we grow older we often forget about it. Girls, if you want a beautiful chest, be sure to do this exercise. Remember that the handles should not hang out there like sausages – they should be straining.

To increase the effectiveness of the exercise will help the weights. You can buy dumbbell, or use something remotely resembling them, such as plastic bottles with water or sand. Exercise performed for at least two minutes, after a short break, do three more. The load over time, it is recommended to increase, but first exercise to perform better with weighting a pound each.

Exercise «hug.»

Grasp your shoulders with both sides, the palms should rest on the shoulders, the elbows riding up. Being in this position, pull off the elbows in a circular motion in one direction and then the other. You need to try to write circles in a big way.

The body during the running motion needs to stay in place – only drive some elbows. Regular performance of this exercise helps to strengthen the pectoral muscles thus lifting even a heavy bust. The main rule: to do the «hug» should be daily, intensively, and for as long as possible.


Starting position: stand right, slightly bend your knees, tighten your abdominal muscles and buttocks. Arms raise up and bend at the elbows. Try to divert your elbows maximum per spin. After that, keep hands in front of him and try to squeeze your elbows together. Then again, with the stress, expand the hands, and then slowly and with effort together. You can perform light weights (dumbbells) in the hands.

This exercise should be done at least 15-20 times in one approach. Ideally, approaches should be three.