Finally! Created clothes, are able to fight cellulite

After five years of creative exploration of the Brazilian designer Alexander Gershkovich created the world’s first jeans, can not only beautify the female figure, but also to help her in the prevention and combat cellulite. The designer called them the beauty of denim. They are ways to use human body heat for processing it into infrared rays that stimulate skin areas of the foot most susceptible to «orange peel».

According to the Creator of the miracle jeans, they increase blood circulation and metabolism in cells, thereby preventing cellulite development.

However, doctors are quite skeptical in relation to the creation of the designer. They believe that Hershkovich gives women false hope, because no miracles can prevent the appearance of cellulite usually caused by poor diet and slow metabolism in the cells of the body.

According to reports, from cellulite in varying degrees, suffer nearly 90% of women older than 30 years that encourages the pharmaceutical market to throw on the shelves of shops and pharmacies dozens of creams and lotions to combat this unpleasant phenomenon, and some clinics provide services for the surgical solution to this problem.