Fighting dandruff: the cosmetics with minerals

Dandruff (seborrhea) is a common disease, difficult to treat. White flakes stuck to the hair and stain clothes, cause a lot of unpleasant moments. According to experts, the reason of occurrence of dandruff is a lack in the body of essential minerals and vitamins. For the most part, incredible efforts to combat the disease, end in nothing or the result is short-lived.

Vitamins a and b

One of the most common causes of dandruff is a lack of vitamins A and group B. Their deficit affects the deterioration of hair, nails and skin: the skin peels off, becomes a pale appearance, hair cut, nails break and exfoliate. To help the hair to compensate for the deficiency of these important vitamins by using cosmetics containing minerals. There is, for example, cosmetics made on the basis of therapeutic mud of the Dead sea. Mineral mud is rich in macro — and trace elements useful for the hairline and scalp.

Vitamin E

The absence of vitamin E (it is also called «vitamin of youth») in the scalp and hair, causing itching and flaking. The normal concentration of this vitamin promotes healing of damaged skin and blood circulation. When purchasing cosmetics, it is necessary to carefully study its composition and to opt for one where there is this important element. External tools would be nice to complement the use of appropriate products: sunflower and soybean oils, walnuts and almonds, butter and green leafy vegetables.

Selenium and zinc

One of the most important minerals is selenium, which helps regenerate the skin and prevent peeling. Zinc is responsible for growth and cell renewal. The extract from the algae and mud of the Dead sea with a high content of zinc normalizes sebum secretion of the skin and improves the health of hair.

Other substances

In addition to mud and algae in the cosmetic composition include vegetable extracts and oils. It normalizes all the processes in the hair, relieves itching, eliminates flaking, promotes proper secretion. Ultimately, strengthens hair roots, making them Shine and softness.

The use of cosmetics for the hair, containing minerals and vitamins, will help to cope with dandruff, strengthen hair and allow to achieve their perfect condition for a long time.