Features of pharmaceutical cosmetics

Any woman who is interested in novelties of the beauty industry and regularly read themed resources will easily be able to tell what the makeup of the «masses» differs from «luxury». But lately there is another group of products for self-care, which stands slightly apart from well-known brands and affordable products. Her name is drugstore makeup.

Cosmeceuticals, therapeutic or pharmaceutical cosmetics are the synonyms for labeling of products intended not only to maintain the balance of skin but to address its special problems, many of which are medical in nature, such as:

  • seasonal exacerbation of seborrhea, eczema, pigmentation;
  • treatment of rosacea, acne, allergies;
  • prevent changes associated with aging and hormonal changes.

The main difference between pharmaceutical cosmetics from any other in that it eliminates the root cause of imperfections of the skin, rather than masking them, hiding from prying eyes. Of course, in the treatment of serious diseases rely only on the healing power of makeup, even drugstore, it is unreasonable, but complex therapy will help to get rid of the annoying trouble much faster than only medicines. In addition, many manufacturers include in line their funds and also cosmetics that will help you look your best even for those who can’t use conventional tonal resources.

Composition of pharmaceutical cosmetics in General is not much different from any other. Looking at the label you can see the same components – enzymes, acids, extracts, kilauren, collagen, mineral water. The difference is: in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products for the skin are used special treatment technology of raw materials and prepare it for insertion into the finished product, thanks to which repeatedly increases the efficiency of its use. The concentration of the active ingredients with the help of special tests and laboratory experiments is reconciled and matched highly skilled professionals.

Drugstore cosmetics do not contain hormones, antibiotics, carcinogens and artificial fragrances. It is mandatory certification, during which verifies its safety, effectiveness and reliability of the information declared by the manufacturer on the packaging.

Selection of pharmaceutical cosmetics – a matter that is best left to a dermatologist or beautician. The cost of such care significantly higher than usual, but the results are worth it.

Text: Valentine Shmidova