Feature a protective cream for the face

According to the rules a full six-round care for face, protection functions, to a greater extent perform tonal masking tools.

However, in the lines of professional cosmetics there is a special cream with cosmetic protection settings. Most often, they are called «barrier cream». Their peculiarity is the composition, the time of use, indications for use.

The main function of the protective creams is to protect individuals from aggressive weather conditions. Therefore, the protective properties are expressed in the formation of a barrier between the skin and the external environment.

This barrier is air permeable thin layer, creating a cosmetic effect «occlusion». To perform these functions is capable of solid oils (e.g. Shea butter or Shea), beeswax, liquid silicones, squalane, mineral oil, etc.

Detection of any of these cosmetic ingredients in the first seven titles in a cream, gives reason to classify it as protective. Applying protective creams – day.

Indications for use are different. This includes:

1. classic protection from frost in the winter months

2. regular protection living in the cold Northern climate,

3. protection of sensitive couperose skin

4. protection of sensitive skin after the chemical peels,

5. protection of the epidermis in connection with the impossibility of restoration of the disturbed epidermal barrier.

The consistency of the protective creams is different from standard moisturizing creams or emulsions, quickly absorbed. It is more rich and dense and completely absorbed within 20-30 seconds. The cream is applied for 20-30 minutes before leaving the house.

Upon return, it is desirable to wash out protective and then applied a light moisturizer, preliminary having a face tonic.

Leave the sunscreen at night is not recommended, since prolonged skin to powerful, long-lasting protective «occlusion» is not conducive to the natural process of its natural regeneration.