How quickly grow hair at home: the secret of Rapunzel’s hair! Regrow hair fast massage, mask … what else?

What will be the hair of a person is decided by nature before birth.

Color, straight or curly, thick or not, curvy or obediently lying – all that is laid down during prenatal formation of the human body.

When a person reaches adolescence, he has an overwhelming desire to experiment with their own appearance, to create images.

This is especially true, of course, girls who love to paint, curl, straighten, cut off, and then again to grow your hair.

And retained this fondness for reincarnation, perhaps, forever.

How quickly grow hair at home: an integrated approach

Part of the hair that we used to care, it’s dead. The source of life of each hair is under the skin. We often use a large number of different shampoos, conditioners and masks with the desire to nourish the hair with beneficial vitamins and elements for better appearance and overall condition. Clean the hair from dirt, of course, necessary. But to give them vitality, strength and health can only be from the depths of the body. And to force to grow, we must act just at the hair follicle, located deep in the epidermis.

The hair bulb gets the nutrition through the blood vessels that are in contact with it. They give her nutrients, vitamins and reflect hormones. Under its influence, the cells of the follicle begin to multiply. Each of the resulting hair scales called the cuticle. One after another of the cuticle overlap each other like shingles, becoming already in the dead tissue. So grows hair. This is the first «active» stage of hair growth. Its duration from 2 to 4 years, depending on genetics.

If you want to quickly grow hair at home necessary to influence the activity of the first phase of growth. This should be done only by the integrated approach. First of all, you need to reexamine your diet, remove junk food, replacing it useful for hair growth products:

• Fatty fish – rich in protein, vitamin B12, contains iron and omega 3. If you dislike fish, every day is useful to eat 2 tablespoons of Flaxseed oil. You can add it to salads or to drink in its pure form;

• Poultry is a source of protein;

• Eggs;

• Legumes – beans and lentils;

• Green vegetables – broccoli and spinach are sources of calcium and iron, vitamins A and C;

• Nuts – fill in the body lack of zinc, omega 3 and selenium;

• Dairy products – a source of calcium and protein;

• Carrots – vitamin A.

If you wish to enhance your diet with additional vitaminspurchased at the pharmacy, it is best to choose a comprehensive drug. But you should pay attention to the composition, which should preferably include: B2, B5, B6, B8, B9, C, D, D2, D3, E, F.

With proper nutrition and good vitamin based it’s time to think about how to make the supply of all necessary for hair growth substances more active. How to make more and bigger vessels to nourish the hair follicle? The answer is simple – we need to strengthen the blood flow to these vessels to increase blood flow to the scalp. This can be done by using massage and mask.

How quickly grow hair at home: massages and masks recipes

Head massage increases the blood flow to the blood vessels of the skin. While its easy to do yourself. Head massage is more effective in combination with massage of the neck. The movement should be rhythmic and smooth. The direction is always to the top of the head. The objective of the massage to warm up the scalp, thereby increasing blood flow to it. You can also use a hair brush with natural bristles. Evenly comb through hair. Although this method is less efficient than just manual massage.

Today available for purchase the device darsonval. With pectinate tools are to comb the hair, affecting the level of pulses on the scalp. It activates blood vessels, it expands them, and the flow of blood through them is increased.

Effective and masks for faster hair growth at home. The main condition here is that the basis of such masks should be irritant-warming component. In the role of it is usually red pepper or mustard. An important rule when applying these masks to the scalp is that the mixture should not get on the face:

The masque of the red pepper is the simplest of all. And thus, perhaps, the most effective. You can buy a tincture of red pepper at the pharmacy and RUB it into the hair roots. And you can buy just the red pepper flakes, dilute it with warm water before formation of the liquid slurry and apply on the scalp. To sustain this procedure should within the hour;

Castor oil, tincture of red pepper and hair conditioner – mix all 1:1 and apply on the head, changing the parting in parting that the mask is well penetrated into the skin. To wait about an hour and rinse with warm water;

Mustard, vegetable oil, sugar and hot water – mix all ingredients by 2 tablespoons of each. Applied to the skin at the roots of the hair. Then you need to put on the head with a plastic cap and wrap a towel. Leave for an hour. This mask will help to speed up hair growth and rid them of excess oil;

Dimexide, castor oil, burdock oil, vitamins A and E – dimexide and oil mixed for 1 h spoon of each. Add to the mix 5-7 drops of vitamins. Apply on the hair roots and wait 1 hour. Then wash off as usual;

Onions, brandy, lemon and honey – one grated onion diluted with 1 tbsp of brandy, pour in 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and add 1 tablespoon of honey. All of this is carefully vymeshat, is applied to the scalp at the roots of the hair. Well wrap head a special hat and a towel. After an hour wash off with warm water.

To apply each of these masks can be 1-2 times a week. In 2 months hair length increases by 2 cm.

How quickly grow hair at home: tips for using styling products

Each hair consists of many of the cuticle. The more each of them is adjacent to the previous one, the stronger the hair. The surface of the hair exactly and integrally arranged cuticles reflects more light. Thus the hair look shiny and healthy. Under the influence of environmental and electrical appliances for styling the hair, cuticle destroyed, leaving gaps between them. This leads to the fact that the hair fade and become brittle and split. In this situation, even the mask, accelerating hair growth, will be powerless. Because hair will break in the middle and no length in the end will not work. Of course, proper diet minimizes the risk of destruction of the structure of hair. But there are also styling products. Using them wisely, we can protect the hair, which will, in the end, to quickly grow hair at home.

Styling products very much. Each of them has its purpose: to straighten hair, add volume and structure to give glow and so on. Regardless of what any tool was used, it must have a protective function for each thread. If there was no such problem, then on top of it apply the protective serum. This tool wraps each hair, creating her a shell that will protect it from the hot air dryer, from thermatake irons and plates from all kinds of weather conditions.

Clean the hair from styling products preferably at the end of each day or completion of an important protracted occasion. To do so, preferably with warm boiled water, adding soda (1 tea spoon of baking soda in a bucket of water). Few people want to complicate the shampoo this way, but if you try this method, then after a few procedures, it will be possible to evaluate the beneficial effect of softened water on hair. They become more voluminous, shiny and flowing.

How quickly grow hair at home: causes of failures

If you want to quickly grow hair at home, it’s worth to be patient. It is important to understand that all methods work only in the complex. If you just do a mask with pepper once a week, forgetting about proper nutrition is not will soon give its results.

One should not try to cheat time. If the mask is recommended to do no more than 2 times a week, you should follow this recommendation. It’s also dangerous to increase the dosage of the ingredients. Such hasty errors can cause burns of the scalp. This will entail abundant hair loss.

If you eat right there is no time, means or desire, it is possible to enlist the support of the pharmacy complex vitamins.

Even in the light of a huge selection of packing and protective equipment, you should try to completely abandon the rich formula of the hair. There are many ways to allow them to dry naturally, following the installation. For example, after the hair is washed and towel-dried, you can braid many small braids. They will not prevent a comfortable sleep and in the morning get nice curly locks.

Of course, today there are many ways to cheat other people’s eyes. Can increase long hair, perfect merging with my own. And you can buy false curls and a hairstyle with or without. But nothing can be better than your own luxurious long hair, exuding health. Moreover, to quickly grow hair at home is quite real. You only need a straw for compliance with the systematic adoption of measures and procedures.