Fashionable manicure 2016: photos, trends this year. Meet the fashion manicure 2016 and photos of beautiful nails

Once on the world shows designers presented only the clothes and accessories. But today they strive to create the full image.

Every detail is important from makeup to nails. Therefore, the designers actively engaged in the beauty sector. Such changes for the girls benefit because they can diversify your manicure.

Ten years ago, before women had the task of choosing a color of nail Polish, and here are today’s nails create a whole work of art.

Not to be left in the past tense, is to get acquainted with the new trends. Quite a variety of fashionable manicure 2016, photos of nails with a modern design can not leave indifferent avid fashionistas.

Form and color fashion manicure in 2016, photo

Recently, the designers follow the rule that fashion must carry not only beauty, but also be comfortable. Therefore, does not require special victims fashionable manicure 2016, photos trendy nails are proof of that. Long fingernails already been lost in past seasons, but today is gaining popularity of short length. A little gel Polish displaces extensions with gel, acrylic or other material.

Against the background of these changes in Vogue natural nails with a rounded shape. This season you can forget about growing long claws, because you are short nails. And this brings only joy, as with this form much easier. Fashionable manicure 2016, photos it can be seen from the collections of Christian Dior, Derek Lam, Rebecca Mincoff, Donna Karan and other fashion houses is quite practical, isn’t uncomfortable.

The designers were inspired by the shades of the fading nature, on the shows you can see the nails, the color of which resembles Burgundy foliage, cloudy sky and the cold reservoirs. In addition, they used a decoration in the form of precious stones. At shows you can see the emerald, bright blue, dark red fashion nails 2016, photo collections of Christian Dior, Marissa Webb, Kate Spade, clearly demonstrate that these shades. But almost all branded manufacturers of lacquers complement such tones of their goods.

In the upcoming season popular dark nail colors, especially all shades of gray.

Classic fashionable manicure 2016, photo of beautiful nails

The image is completed, is to choose the right fashion manicure 2016. Photos of nails from the shows of surprising originality and diversity, so every fashionista can choose for themselves the appropriate design of the claws. There are classic versions that are relevant in this season.

French manicure

French manicure has earned the love of many ladies. But in 2016, the designers presented not one of his kind. Namely:

1. Classic. The tips of the nails are painted white.

2. The French Millenium. The tips of the nails applied glitter.

3. Colorful French. The tips of the nail plate is painted with colored lacquer.

4. Fan French. Nails decorated with beads, sequins and other decorative elements.

5. Unusual French. To do this, use nonstandard forms of smiles. It can be in the form of a triangle, zigzag, etc.

Monochrome manicure

Which would not have been invented new ideas for decorating your nails plain manicure in no hurry to go out of fashion. In the winter it is recommended to cover the nail plate varnish cold tones. In the summer you can add nails juiciness and brightness, choosing bright shades of the color palette.

The moon manicure

This type of manicure literally fall in love with many women, so do not go out of fashion for many years. But the designers have made something new in a trendy manicure 2016, picture shows Dior is saturated with this nail design. Often it is called Hollywood nails. For it use 2 colors that combine well with each other. The emphasis is on lodochke the nail plate, which secrete a convex or concave line. Also fashionable to make the smile line of the triangular form.

Lace manicure

Despite constant changes in fashion, fishnet manicure had firmly established its position, because for several years now occupies the top place nail art. This is not surprising because such design looks gentle and refined, suitable for women and girls of all ages. With this manicure, you can complete the image, to emphasize the femininity.

This year the shows of the big fashion houses have presented different ideas lace design. The nails of the models were decorated with patterns that resembled frosty patterns on glass, the sparkle of frost from the sun’s rays.

Original fashion manicure 2016, photo nail design

Many ladies want to stand out from the crowd. For this, they should choose original ideas for manicure, this season a lot.

Manicure in a frame

Interesting idea manicure in a frame, when the borders of the nail plate is highlighted. He’s not too famous, but this year is gaining popularity. Looks original and outside the box so trendy manicure 2016, photos of nails with this design are proof of this.

Art manicure

Nails with beautiful patterns Shine in fashion shows. This season they are even more interesting and varied. Even a small nail can be decorated with flowers, animals, abstract drawings. Today, experienced professionals can draw whatever the client wishes.

Manicure on Feng-Shui

In Feng Shui every detail has its importance. Not spared this science and the human hand. It is believed that the ring finger is saturated with the energy of friendship, new acquaintances. Designers took advantage of this theory and the first year will present a manicure when the nail on the ring finger painted a different color. By the way, this design would be particularly helpful for women who are looking for a partner.

In 2016 it is proposed to paint the nail in a different shade, highlight sequins or rhinestones.

Manicure Ombre

Ombre has become popular in recent years. It is used in clothing, shoes, hair coloring. Designers have applied it to the design of nails. It is a gradient coloring, which would require two or more shades of one color palette. The result is a smooth transition from dark tones to light.

The combination of the varieties of manicure

Many designers presented original fashion manicure 2016. Photos of nails at the shows can combine several types of design. For example, you can connect the moon manicure, but one nail to get in the frame, to make the jacket, and on some fingers to draw a picture. Not prohibited to use one’s imagination to create an original manicure.

Metal manicure

This year became popular metallic manicure. To create it using special foil. The shows were presented some variants of this design. The nails of the models fully glittered metallic colors or were decorated with foil partially.

Glass nails

Sometimes it seems that designers won’t be able to surprise people. But this year, they presented an interesting design of nails in the form of shards of glass. Today a manicure is rapidly gaining popularity. To create the impression of broken glass on the nails, using special stickers. Visually it seems that the nail plate was hit by shards of glass.

Bubble nails

Sometimes fashion dictates trends that just do not fit in the head. In 2016, was created by the crazy idea of bubble nails manicure. This is a beautiful design that turns nails into your balls. Many ladies shocking a trendy manicure 2016, photos of nails in the form of balls at first glance may seem ridiculous. But this design has already attracted the fashionistas, so many of you tried out bubble nails.

The Internet is full of different options such fancy nails. To create this manicure, the wizard causes a huge amount of gel on the nail plate to get the oversized ball. Unlikely with these nails you can go to work or an important meeting, they are more suitable for a symbolic occasion for example Halloween.

The Oriental countries

This year the designers were inspired by Eastern countries. Fashionistas are invited to mentally go on a hot holiday with the help of nail design. For this purpose was created a manicure that endures to the East. Nails decorated with a variety of drawings, precious stones.

The beautiful sight is the Eastern fashion manicure 2016. Photo from designer’s impressions show a bright combination of colors. As long as all the colors looked harmoniously with each other.

Powder manicure

Earlier this year the rapidly growing popularity of powdery manicure. It is ideal for evening meetings, clubs or dates. This design creates the impression that the nails sprinkled with powder. Also designers have created a lacquer that mimics the sand or suede. It looks original, adds warmth on cold days.

Knitted manicure

In 2016, was presented a novelty in the form of a knitted manicure. This nail design mimics the binding of a warm sweater. It looks nice on short nails, and it is precisely this length is considered relevant in this season.

To create knitted fashion manicure 2016, a photo of which can not fail to attract attention, used the gel varnishes or stickers. At shows you can see different variants of this design. The drawings were matte or glossy, and the nails of the same or different colors.

This manicure was a hit in 2016. With the help of special stickers on the nails appears particle of a knitted sweater. Decorate drawings can deer or other animals. These nails are sure to attract the attention of other people.

So, in 2016, fashionable women can not survive, as designers did a good job to create a fashionable manicure. A lot of options, so everyone will be able to stand out from the crowd.