Fashion rules for summer 2014

In summer, the main fashion focus is just Your appearance, so it is important to know the main beauty trends and the rules of the season. On how to look summer 2014 will tell the experts of the center of beauty «Noble Manor». 1. «Tan – in-law…» After a long period of complete discredit of the sun, as harmful phenomenon, fashion designers predict fashion for the tanned body and face. Just appeared technology to achieve the chocolate color without any damage to health. Sunbathe properly: using products with an SPF helps to ensure a smoother and more prolonged tan. However, it works slower. If You are not willing to wait, combine the reserved sun on the beach with procedure, Fake Bake, Hollywood hit No. 1 in the safe bronzing. Incidentally, fashion this summer in the sun and largely determines other fashion trends.

2. «Pastels are fashionable than a neon». This rule applies to nail colors this summer. The most promising hints of mint (pale green) and purple. They are a gorgeous shade of tan, visually make the nail bigger and blend well with almost any makeup and clothing. If You prefer a «brighter», choose trendy bright orange and blue colors. Another «trick» 2014 is the thick white coating on the nails, especially when combined with almond-shaped manicure.

3. «Monochrome taxis…». The most fashionable hair color this summer – bright «bleached» blonde and platinum blonde tones. For those who like a more natural way, the fashion is monochrome (one color) staining with a slight lightening of the strands of blond and brown hair. Unlike previous summers, advocate of the most bizarre hair coloring, this summer even the highlights will be restrained, no more than two shades different from the base color. The same goes for painting Ombre. But in this brevity – a special style of expensive natural.

In General, for blondes this summer a General rule, the lighter the cooler. Dark and medium blonde and brown-haired women are welcome in warm colours. For brunettes same promising hints of coffee and bitter chocolate without any wyswietlanych strands.

4. «Full of eclecticism» — so you can characterize trends summer 2014 in makeup. But what’s absolutely a win-win, it’s an absolute nude day and neon glamor in the evening. This is quite a logical combination, given the fact that the day You can safely sunbathe and in the evening «beat» this tan. If the day You have to work, then in the evening there is the opportunity to blow them away with a new image.