Fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev shocked the public with a new ideal of feminine beauty

Recently, the famous fashion historian and TV presenter Alexander Vasilyev gave a master class in Kazan, where his performance literally shocked the assembled audience. Vasiliev said that a modern female ideal of beauty of the distant, which was always taken to admire. According to the historian, the trend in the youth and grooming are gone. Now popular for women in their forties (such as Italian actress Monica Bellucci) who are actively using the tattoo «no matter what»: it may be the lips, the eyebrows, the «arrows» in front and so on.

Moreover, Vasilyev said that Mature women should wear nail Polish in black or grey tones. Also, the trend is greasy, matted, not combed, «Lohman», so that washing the head itself does not need to bother.

An important phenomenon in the female beauty today is naturalness. However, it has mind in unconventional ottalkivayusche sense: acne, inflammation, ulcers, which is not necessary to cover. It’s fashionable. And lips, known the pride of women, must not be plump and smooth. Better if they are cracked, and even better with signs of herpes.

It is difficult to imagine how to perceive the numerous admirers of talent of Alexander Vasilyev him a new perspective on feminine beauty. The audience the master class was quite surprised and maybe not ready to dramatically change their established views on female attractiveness innovative modern trends.