Facial masks from eggs — best recipes. How to do an egg mask at home.

Did you know that eggs are a great many beneficial properties, so they are actively used in cosmetology?

And for centuries women from all over the world maintain the beauty of your face with masks, the main ingredient which are raw eggs.

The whole secret lies in the fact that the egg is a storehouse of useful organic substances in a specific way to influence the condition of skin and to improve not only its appearance, but also the state as a whole.

Eggs are added to the mask if it is necessary to impregnate the skin with a small amount of time to remove the redness and inflammation that appeared out of nowhere at the most opportune moment, as is often the case with many women before some important event. Most of us rush immediately in search of the miracle creams and are willing to bypass all shops and to pay any money, just to quickly get rid of the ugly pimples and redness.

Dear women, here is good news for you: if a similar situation occurred with you, it is not necessary to panic and tear the hair on his head. Just go and check your fridge for eggs. If they are there, then consider that problem solved.

Egg facial masks are prepared quite simply. At home you can prepare a decent and efficient tool that will provide good competition for the cosmetics exhibited on the shelves. In a mask of eggs don’t need to add any special ingredients that cannot nowhere find or hard to get. It does not matter what products you mix the eggs for your mask. The main thing is that eventually it will be perfect for absolutely any skin type.

Mask from eggs — tips

Whites and yolks completely different effects on the skin. If you want the mask was created the desired effect, remember that egg yolks should be used when it is necessary to moisturize the skin, relieve flaking and to give a feeling of freshness. The fact that the yolks are full of micronutrients and vitamins, which soften the skin and restores its protective functions. It often happens that the skin is irritated and has an unhealthy color. This can be corrected by using a mask of egg yolks. The presence of lecithin helps nutrients to penetrate deep under the skin and exert the best exposure.

Protein is more useful for people who have oily skin. It helps to return elasticity of the stretched skin, it has the effect of drying, removes the Shine and makes the skin matte. Egg white tightens pores, penetrating deep into her and cleaning them.

But if your mask you want to use all the egg whole, there is nothing wrong with your face will not happen, on the contrary, the power of the yolk and albumen will unite and together they will help you to achieve the desired effect.

The disadvantages of egg masks is the fact that eggs are perishable and prepared yesterday the mask, you cannot use the next day. You cannot use a mask with eggs the ladies, who have delicate and sensitive skin, prone to rashes. The protein is highly allergenic substance that many the facial skin meets the immediate allergic reaction. So, before you use the mask, you need to test it. Take a bit and apply a thin layer on the inside of the hands where the skin is so delicate that if there is Allergy, then you have a few minutes to learn about it. Only after this small test, the mask can be applied on face. You don’t want to bring more harm than good.

1. Face mask from eggs and fruit

It’s summer, outside the window the weather is great, there are lots of various fruits and wait for you to taste their magic on the taste of the flesh. But fruit will benefit you not only if you eat them. They concentrated a lot of vitamins that have beneficial properties for the skin.

The best additional ingredient in the fruit is an egg mask will be bananas or apples. Bananas because they help to maximize hydration of dry skin. This fruit adds to the mask and when you want to give the skin on your face, the feeling of velvet and tenderness. And yet, after the mask with banana skin has a very pleasant smell. Beloved and want to eat you.

Apple is not just a delicacy, loved by many. This is one of the most affordable and suitable components fruit and egg mask, which will bring many benefits to the skin. Apples contain plenty of useful vitamin, microelements, various mineral substances. Hard to find fruit that will have so many magical properties. But remember that apples are full of vitamin C, so they cannot be added to masks those who have too sensitive skin. If you still want to try, first test the mask on a small area of skin to see if there is an allergic reaction to one of the components of the mask.

If you decide to give preference to the apples and cook fruit and egg mask with them, you have to know that it is impossible to prepare in advance, because the apples tend to blacken and quickly oxidize. The mask will lose all of its most useful properties, so after cooking it will take more than 20-30 minutes.

Storehouse of vitamins are just homemade apples, which were not subjected to any chemical treatment. If used for masks homemade apples, significantly reduces the risk of allergies, because it may have to appear at all, and not on the apples themselves, and the chemicals that they include.

But, in fact, the recipe for the mask: take one very large egg, break it and whisk it with a mixer or a regular fork. Add to it a large spoonful of sour cream and mix thoroughly. Now take the fruit you want to add to your mask. Let it be a banana, for example. Then take a ripe banana medium size, remove its skin and mash the pulp. Slurry that turned out, add to the egg with sour cream. Soak the face 20 minutes and rinse with water at room temperature.

2. Mask of carrots and eggs for the face

This recipe is useful for those ladies who are tired to deal with the constant peeling of the skin and excessive dryness. Carrots will help to smooth the skin, make it matte and beautiful. It will be a good companion in the fight against inflamed areas of the face, decide once and for all the issue with the redness and small pimples.

Vitamins, which are saturated with carrots, helps to remove wrinkles, and to heal the cracks. If you regularly use this mask, soon the skin will look healthier it will get from the carrots a lot of vitamins, which she lacked.

Recipe carrot and egg mask: take one carrot and grate it on the smallest grater, which will only be able to find. Add the protein from one egg and mix thoroughly. Mask apply a thin layer and keep the skin 15 minutes.

3. Mask of eggs and potatoes

The main advantage of potatoes is that it is, however, as eggs are always in the house and at any moment it is possible to prepare a mask. Potatoes can moisturize the skin, after all 75% water. Vitamins and antioxidants present in potatoes will help to get rid of wrinkles, to make less visible freckles and tightens pores.

Recipe mask from eggs and potatoes: boil the potatoes, make it puree. Take a few spoons of it and mix with a small spoon of olive oil. Add a little low fat sour cream and stir. The resulting mass is necessary to add the yolk of one egg, whipped. The mask will last on the skin for about 15 minutes Just wash it, you will feel the skin become more soft and tender. To achieve the desired effect, you need to do this mask 2-3 times a week.

A few secrets correct application of egg white masks

The mask had the best effect on the skin, it is necessary to be silent and not to smile while she’s on her face. Eggs are always a little tightening the skin, freezing like a film that should not damage.

Before applying the egg mask skin must be cleaned using oil cocktail or scrub.