Facial hair in women. How to get rid of hair on a woman’s face – effective ways of removal.

«She looked at her blue-black hair, anxiously swiping his hand on them and feeling the silky give of the lush undergrowth. Tears flowed down her cheeks, chest heaving from silent sobs. Today she will again have to say goodbye to THEM…» Here read this and think, why would this girl do this to given her nature, the heredity of beautiful curls. It’s simple – make it difficult for women to enjoy a bright, shimmering health of the hair if they grow under the nose. How to get rid of them once and for all?

Why do women grow facial hair

Usually the appearance of facial hair in women is a signal of a hormonal failure. The vegetation under the nose occurs when the body women begin to produce excessive androgens, which leads to owolosenia of male type. Often hormonal imbalance appears in women who have ovarian disease. Facial hair also arise in women with a tumor of the adrenal glands. Tendrils begin to break, and in the case where the decreased production of female hormones due to menopause. Despite the fact that androgens are produced in the normal range, by reducing the production of female hormones for men again begin to dominate.

So, in all these situations, the hair on the face occur due to an excess in women body of male sex hormones. We understand that this excess occurs due to the development of diseases that lead to hormonal disturbance, or during the onset of menopause. But there are cases when the hair on the face appear in women who do not have diseases of the adrenal glands, the ovaries. In addition, many of them are girls, and they menopause that can perhaps dream of. Why there are antennae? Here the reason for the appearance of mustaches can be heredity. This is especially true when in the family there are people of those nationalities who have body hair in women is very common.

How to stop hair growth on face

The first thing a woman with facial hair, you should go to the hospital. She should definitely visit a gynecologist, endocrinologist, for a complete examination. Perhaps the patient will also have to undergo treatment for ovarian remove the cyst that appeared on them. In those cases, when the hair on the face are due to hormonal failure caused by the formation of tumors in the adrenal glands, doctors will need to conduct the removal of the tumor.

So, if you have facial hair, go immediately to the hospital. Thanks to the doctors, you will not only learn about the cause of the mustache but will be able to restore its women’s health, which can seriously undermine an undetected disease. After all, for example, diseases of the ovaries are not only the appearance of a mustache, but often cause amenorrhea or early menopause, infertility.

When excess of male hormones in a woman’s body, doctors will prescribe oral contraceptives or antiandrogenic special medicines. Women who have facial hair appeared after menopause, prescribe replacement therapy female hormones.

Without establishing hormonal to remove facial hair – the tedious regularity of their occupation. How much would you the hairs were not pulled out, will still grow new ones. Besides, to replace a little gun often hard spines. And if before the beloved, the chosen one could only see your little mustache, but now he had the opportunity and yet they feel. Girls who have facial hair have not appeared due to hormonal failure and is a hereditary gift, it remains only to remove the vegetation. But they can do it more progressive methods, but not with tweezers.

imposed on the person depilatory creams without the test is prohibited.

Removal of facial hair in the salon

Today, girls are used to solve concerning appearance issues in beauty salons. This is where you can get rid of annoying facial hair. You can try not very costly of waxing, sugar is quite painful. They also do not give a lasting effect. So after a few weeks you will need to come to sugaring or waxing. Besides, before visiting the wizard, the woman has to flaunt on the streets with regrown whiskers, after all, to pull out the hair using a sticky mass, it is necessary that hair was acceptable for this length (about 5 mm).

Thus, the advantages of sugar wax hair removal: treatments are not costly, you will be able to walk out of the salon with a delicate facial skin without spoiling the life of the hair.

Cons: pain, the need for regular visits to the beauty salon, the possibility of the procedure only after regeneration of antennae.

You can try the more modern types of hair removal: laser, photo — and electrolysis. Talk about them in detail.

Laser hair removal for hair removal on the face

During the laser hair removal is the destruction of the hair follicle. This contributes to the laser radiation which acts on the pigment of the hair. It absorbs light energy. Heating of melanin leads to the destruction of vessels and germ zones of the hair that nourish the follicle. A few days later, due to necrosis of the root of the hair falls out.

Many women complain that after laser hair removal they began to grow even more hair than it was originally. The fact that the laser can awaken dormant up to this time the follicles. Therefore, in order to remove all hair, you need to conduct several courses of hair removal at intervals of three to six weeks.

Advantages of laser hair removal: long lasting and painless procedure can be done year-round, the laser does not disturb the integrity of the skin.

Cons of hair removal on face laser for the procedure there are many contraindications (cold, tendency to appearance of scars, allergies, pregnancy, Oncology, skin diseases, diabetes mellitus, bronzed skin, etc.); laser hair removal will not help the girls with too light or gray hair; it can lead to complications (exacerbation of herpes, hyperpigmentation, rash); this form of hair removal does not give instant visible effect and is expensive.

Epilation for hair removal on the face

Such hair is due to high-velocity round light waves, which deprive hair follicles of nutrients, leading to his death, resulting in hair falls out. Experts present the information more accessible to clients, saying that with the heating of tissue is the destruction of the hair. In many cases, the follicle is not completely destroyed – he simply gets damaged and eventually atrophies. And the hair it makes light, thin. After hair removal, they do not grow much longer than after waxing.

Almost all the advantages and the disadvantages of hair removal similar to those mentioned in the story about the removal of facial hair by laser. That’s only for hair removal is damage to the skin. In some cases after the procedure, there are serious burns, scars, malignant degeneration of the skin.

Electrolysis for hair removal on the face

If you want facial hair no longer grow, then you need to destroy the hair follicles with electric current. To kill the root so it is possible during electrolysis. This procedure is frequently used for hirsutism. The drawback to electrolysis is pain.

Home remedies for hair removal on the face

If there is some sort of cosmetic problem, it means that invented a million people ways to cope. Facial hair try to remove, lighten alcohols, hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, nettles, ant oil, jimson weed, lime or poppy seeds, grapes and soda. Let’s look at some of the most popular methods of hair removal on the face.

Save the nuts?

Judging by the recipes shared by women, facial hair and walnuts are incompatible. From burnt shells of nuts and water (1:1) to prepare paste-like masks for hair removal on the female face. Also hirsutism treat nutty infusion. It is prepared from 70-procentage alcohol and walnut walls. But a girl who decided to leave for several weeks of partitions of 50 nuts per 125 mm of alcohol for cooking tudoresti, once again made sure to treat hirsutism folk remedies is a waste of time. Because no daily wiping with a nutty infusion hair off the face is not removed. And some desperate ladies rubbed antennae with the juice of green walnut. So is it possible to make the dark hairs on a brown background, painted with the juice of the skin less visible

Turmeric will help?

Facial hair often try to remove a thick paste of turmeric and water. This tool certainly works on the principle of the previous and is suitable for masking a Golden moustache, because turmeric has staining properties. Who still believes that this spice get rid of facial hair, one can try to make yourself a mask, and then share impressions. They say that the mask worked better, the area where it is applied, should be covered with a film. The exposure time of a home remedy turmeric for 20 minutes.

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