Face care in 30 years

You turned 30, but at heart you’re just a girl and so I want to look young and fresh. What to do? To read this article and strictly adhere to the following guidelines.

The reflection in the mirror says slow down and deteriorate with age many processes in the skin. Our main goal is to take care of their appearance through traditional cosmetic creams and prescriptions, which we inherited from our grandmothers.

Morning care

Morning we start with the washing. For dry skin cleanser there are special milk and cream. If the skin is normal, then for washing you can use a special cream-gel.

After washing necessarily wipe the face tonic. This can be store-bought lotion or tonic. It should not contain alcohol and dry the skin. It is best to apply biotonik with phytohormones. If it is not possible to purchase high quality tonics, you can make a decoction of herbs, mint and chamomile.

Creams must be selected with special attention and very high quality. They should regulate the metabolism and awaken the genetic memory of cells. With 30 years need to start using the cream-lifting firming the skin and allowing for a firmer look. In useful age creams include wheat proteins, collagen and vitamins a, C and E.

Evening Babysitting

Twice a week in the evenings, pick a time to make beauty masks for the face. They are nutritive, restorative, tonic. A selection of beauty masks depends on your skin type. The mask should contain collagen, elastin and vitamins.

An hour before going to bed apply a night cream. Unlike human organism its skin is asleep. Therefore, night creams are very effective for skin care face.

Skin care should be a daily and thorough.

Pay a little more attention and you will become irresistible!