Eyeshadow: mistakes that it is better to avoid

Eyeshadows are the second largest (after the lipstick) in the ranking of the favorite cosmetic products for women and girls. And no wonder, because it’s so nice from time to time to reveal reverently cover set of shadows and discover for themselves with a dozen of beautiful flowers, with which every day you can create an interesting image.

Many modern girls love to visit the pages and blogs of some wonderful women that can create a brush for the shadows are the most incredible chic eye makeup. But there are those who in this matter relies only on their own taste and opinion. And such women are often faced with a number of challenges.

Liquid Foundation

What would be the best quality shadows might be used in the eye makeup, liquid Foundation will not allow them to go smoothly. Some time after applying shadows, they will hide in a crease on the eyelid, thereby creating the impression of tired eyes. Therefore, it is much wiser to make a choice in favor of coverage loose powder or compact powder before applying eyeshadow.

A kaleidoscope of colors

There is nothing wrong to go to the party in a bright and daring outfit. But absolutely do not should adhere to the same style of eye makeup. Of course, there are special events where colored bright (or even neon) makeup can be useful, for example, on a shoot or on some festival. But in other cases it is better to give preference to the more usual colors.

Eyes and the shade of the same color

All the ladies in chorus declare that it is impossible to choose eyeshadow of the same color, and eyes. The surest way to hide all the beauty of their blue eyes is makeup forever blue shadows. The main goal of shadows is to emphasize the color and depth of the eyes of their owner – that’s what people need to remember every woman.

Do not use eyeliner or eyeliner

Even the most professional eye makeup requires a final touch in the form of eyeliner. However, some girls prefer to leave this last step without attention, as have not yet learned how to apply eyeliner precise lines. However, those who want to have their sight became more vivid, it is still desirable to practice a little.

Any self-respecting and other people woman aspires to look stunning. And to the eyes of such a woman always shone with the beauty, you need to follow a few rules: don’t use liquid Foundation before applying shadow, not to paint eyes too bright and not matching colors. In addition, do not use shades of the same color, and eyes, and always terminate makeup with eyeliner or eye pencil.