Eyeshadow: how much is needed for happiness?

How many woman need to be happy cosmetics? This question is raised by men, contemplating the vanity of his beloved half. Often women find it difficult to answer. Eyeshadow is the most popular platform for experiments in makeup. Guided by the principle of «more is better than less», we collect the whole collection of cans and boxes with mixed content, which, when used a couple of times, gathering dust and clutter shelves. Try to decide how many shadows need to be happy.

Universal makeup in the style of «Nude» is suitable for everybody, regardless of skin tone, eye color and hair. To create a gentle air of the image will be useful for the shadows lighter shades of beige, pink, camel. Matte or satin finish, they will give the face a fresh and rested appearance.

To add depth to eyes we will need the same colors, but more saturated terracotta, chocolate, cinnamon. They are applied in the crease and outer corner of the eye, and they can emphasize the ciliary margin. This type of makeup is good for day because it looks natural and elegant.

Pearly pearly shades of ivory or baked milk to highlight the inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrow, apply them to the centre of the lid. Of course, this «must-have» that will always find a use.

Black and white shadow should be in every modern beauty. They are used to create the popular smoky eye, and also serve as an excellent base on which look brighter than other colored shadows.

The shadows of other colors you should choose, focusing on their own eye color. It should be remembered that they should not overlap, otherwise the eyes will look faded and dull.

Today you can purchase a huge palette of shadows for a hundred and more flowers, but it is unlikely all of them will be used. The optimal number of colors in the palette – three or four. As a rule, they are selected in a single range, as well as many kits scheme applying eye shadow in different techniques.

Thus, the necessary minimum in the purse of shadows is:

  • Mother of pearl light shade-highlighter;
  • A set of beige and brown shades to create a natural image;
  • One or more pallet of coloured shadows, blending in with the color of the eyes;
  • Black and white two to give richness and festive makeup.

Text: Valentine Shmidova