Eyebrows — how to pluck eyebrows

Eyebrows, these curved line, covered with fine hairs, perform invisible but rather important function. First, they protect eyes from bright sunlight and moisture. The drops of rain or sweat, trickling down from his forehead, on the outer and inner arches of the eyebrows is directed towards the nose or temple, not on the mucous membranes of the eyes, and safeguard it from irritation.

Second, with eyebrows we can Express our emotions. Through this communication, we unconsciously move our eyebrows, and the facial expression expresses our inner state, be it anger, joy, surprise, doubt.

And third, the eyebrows also have an aesthetic function, they transform our face, making it more expressive. They are sometimes adorned with rhinestones, piercing, tattoo, and, most importantly, correct, ie give the desired shape and color. After all, nature has endowed the eyebrows the perfect shape is not all. So eyebrows have always been beautiful, to care for them. One of the main stages of the care is their correction, which can be done in salon or at home. It is not difficult, the main thing to see with simple rules.

How to choose eyebrow shape

Before proceeding to the correction of eyebrows and choose the correct line of curvature, it is necessary to define the shape of your face. After all, a specific type of person fits the appropriate form of eyebrows. It can help visually correct oval, for example, a round face to make it more oblong, stretched – shortened.

1. A triangular face. For such face type should choose rounded shape of the eyebrows. Too rounded, they should not do, you must stick to a straight, slightly curved line.

2. Round face. To give the face an oval shape, to visually make it narrower and longer. The line shape simulated with a slight kink, a little Sastras at the edges. Kink is required for a distance of approximately 2/3 from the inner corner.

3. A square face. Eyebrows are made almost identical, as for round faces, just make a break towards the middle. Too to make it not needed, otherwise eyebrows will be like «houses», giving the face a slightly surprised look.

4. Oval face. Such a person can be visually round, when to give eyebrows shape with a soft curved, without obvious breaks. At the outer edge of the line slightly to sharpen, i.e. to make thinner.

5. Long face. The face is an elongated oval, to round, to make a more feminine eyebrow should take the form of straight lines.

Once you have determined and selected a suitable shape of eyebrows, you can begin correction.

Eyebrow shaping at home

Eyebrow shaping takes place in 3 stages: preparatory, directly correction (removal extra hairs) and final.

1. A preparatory stage. Initially you should determine a start and end point of the eyebrow and a curve. They are easy to install with a long, thin object, a pencil, chopsticks, knitting needles. The edge of the sticks should be attached to the wing of the nostril and connect with the inner corner of the eye. Where it touches the eyebrow, there will be an initial point ( Fig. point a). Then stick on the wing of the nostril should be put through the outer corner of the eye. At the point of contact with the brow is the end point (point C). To find a point of curvature (point C) must be from the wing of the nose to draw a line through the pupil.

2. Correction. To reduce soreness, pre-brows need to grease fat cream, for example, «Child». After 15 minutes the excess removed with a cloth and apply to eyebrows for three minutes in ice.

Remove hair is by using wax, thread or tweezers. At home from depilatory wax should be discarded, because without skills, you might be left without eyebrows. It is better to entrust the job to master in the salon. It is very convenient to remove hair with thread. This method of hair removal called Asian or Oriental. It is slowly gaining popularity, because it has several advantages. Firstly, hair removal is very fast, practically without irritating the skin. Second, with hairs removed dead skin cells, i.e. they are performed.

However, this method has one drawback — requires skill and experience. You can learn it from the master in the cabin, taking a few paid lessons or watch a demo video. If you have no skill, it remains a historically proven way — eyebrow correction with tweezers.

At the beginning of the brow should be brushed with a small brush. Then, for convenience, you can mark the start and end points of the eyebrows, to draw their future path. Waxing is recommended in bright light. In one hand hold the tweezers, the other – gently pull the skin. The hairs one by one grab at the base, pull and sharp movement. You should periodically interrupted to monitor the process and evaluate the result.

If still managed to pull out the «surpluses», and at this place formed propleshiny, after waxing, they can hide in ink or pencil. The subsequent correction is carried out with the growth of new hairs.

3. The final stage. Upon completion of the correction, it is necessary to disinfection. Alcohol wipe the skin lotion or tonic, then, to relieve irritation, apply a soothing cream or gel (with glycerin, chamomile). Eyebrow shaping is not only waxing, but also staining.

To give the desired shade you can use a cosmetic pencil. Better to not draw a solid line, and cause small strokes. Rare eyebrows better than dye ink. If your eyebrows don’t need dyeing, to fix their shape and Shine by using a special transparent gel.

Eyebrow shaping using permanent makeup

Permanent makeup refers to the adjustment of the eyebrows, which is performed by means of permanent makeup. It will help to give the eyebrows a perfect shape even in those cases where the correction with tweezers and a simple color will not help. For example, if the eyebrows are naturally very rare, light or asymmetrical. The essence of the procedure is to fill the cells of the Horny layer of the skin coloring pigment, similar to applying a tattoo. First the master draws the shape of your eyebrows with a pencil, and if the client approves of it, goes directly to the tattoo, i.e. the introduction under the skin with special paints. The procedure is slightly painful, so if you wish, carried a light anesthesia. If some native hairs left by-line tattooing, they are simply removed with tweezers.

There are several options of tattooing. The most common is the «hair to hair» and datirovanie. In the first case draw the lines of different lengths, which can be parallel or intersect. Thus simulate the effect of real brows. There is a more simple variant, when the lines are drawn with dashes between them are left at certain intervals. When datirovanie creates the effect of eyebrows, painted eye shadow or pencil. Basically, this method is used to adjust a previously performed procedure of permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup eyebrows performed in a single session, about a month make the correction. Tattoo, depending on skin type, lasts 3-5 years. It is very convenient because it eliminates the daily draw eyebrows which saves time. Permanent, like any cosmetic procedure has some contraindications: Allergy to medications, diabetes, pregnancy, under 18 years, hypertension, acute inflammatory diseases.

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