Eye makeup for brunettes and blondes

Want to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws? Try to change the image without expensive equipment, but only with the help of this makeup, which will adjust the facial features. Makeup artists advise you to pay attention to the color of skin and hair. In other words, makeup for brunettes and blondes will be different.

How to professionally do makeup?

Thousands and millions of women every day to do the makeup. But do we always adhere to rules that cosmetics will not harm and will stay for a long time? Skin care to nourish and protect. The first rule — hydration. As the entire day the skin is exposed to external factors, as the basis you need to take moisturizer, you can tone. Pimples and all sorts of spots can be masked.

Preparation person

Hiding minor defects and flaws using the corrector, choose it the color of the skin. The most problematic places camouflage color corrector. To equalize the tones in the daytime it is better to use fluids in the evening you can enjoy a rich night cream. Stand out eyebrow shadows or eyebrow pencil, make the hairs lie flat and in the right direction, use the brush. After these procedures, you can proceed to applying shadow.

Darker hues are accents, and on the upper eyelid applied with a light tone. The contours are drawn with a shadow, eyeliner or pencil, it all depends on the goal that you set for this type of makeup. In daytime mascara, you can not use it, but in the evening make-up without it anywhere. Painted lips — a day of simple gloss or pale lipstick in the evening — nice contour and lipstick. At the end of makeup, powder and blush.

Eye makeup for blondes

Only light-skinned and fair-haired women understand that being blonde is not just an image, but a state of mind, a real beauty a religion. Everyday makeup for blondes is solid it is not so easy to perform. How not to make a face mask using this set – mascara, lipstick, Foundation. How to add eyeliner and shadow it to be appropriate?

But not add, otherwise white skin blonde will make her the possessor of a colorless and dull. To correctly select these funds, especially for the eyes, blondes divide into two groups. The first will include the girls blue-eyed and green-eyed, with fair skin. The second includes brown-eyed and dark-skinned but fair-haired.

Daytime makeup for blondes with blue and green eyes

Casual makeup for green-eyed girls is very gentle. Most of these white girls look pale, with a slight touch of aristocracy. In this case, tone need to act very carefully. Too dark a shade can kill this pallor, but not to add anything fresh and healthy. Best suited skin tones with a light pink or coral tint.

And now the most important thing – the eyes. Eyeliner in the daytime makeup for blondes should be used not to make a face look too unnatural. It is better to stay on a light brown or grey pencil eyeliner, a black classic ink. Blondes are great colored mascara blue or even green.

And now we turn our attention to the shadows. Green, blue, violet and grey shades give the blonde a playful expression, the main thing that the day they were light and unsaturated.

Green eyes are not uncommon, but if nature gave you eyes bright color, emphasize their shadows to make it look natural.

Gray-eyed blondes choose makeup much easier – all the smoky shades are simply dazzling. Appropriate blue ink, and dark gray eyebrow. As for the lipstick – there’s room for light pink colors, better luster.

Eye makeup for brown eyed blondes

In everyday conditions is sufficient to highlight a rare combination of skin and eye color and hairstyle. In perfect harmony in this case, gold tone, face powder with a slight shimmer will only emphasize the uniqueness. You should not choose brown tones and red – with white hair, they look vulgar. In daylight it is better to emphasize the eyes. Brown-eyed blondes suit blue, coffee and Golden tones of shadows. Lighter are on the inner eyelid corner. The outside is done the transition to the darker color.

Eye makeup for brunettes

Bright brunettes also have a lot of their secrets. It is necessary to consider not only hair color but also the peculiarity of the oval facial features. Dark hair badly needed a more intense makeup, even in the daytime, but the bright and rich colors will be reserved for the evening. In addition to the underscore, beauty, eye makeup for blondes performs another function — that creates stress in the eye area, enhances the feminine touches.

Important and eye shade and skin tone.

Many makeup artists believe that the rules that brown-eyed brunettes should paint the brighter, already out of date, especially for daytime makeup. With light skin and bright eyes it’s just not necessary, the combination of enough contrast. Suffice it to say it a few strokes, and day-of makeup does not stand out. Eyeliner and mascara only for the evening, so as not to overload paints the face. As an addition — peach blush and lipstick fashionable and fresh pink color.

Makeup for brunettes with light eyes

Green-eyed brunettes can use a green-gray or blue tones. Mascara — brown, black, green. For blue-eyed brunettes blend gray, pink, blue shades, you can combine two colors, but not overwhelm the eye. Brunette fit and the contrasting shade, especially today it is very fashionable. In the evening the cilia adorn black or blue ink.

Summer is approaching, and that means that in many cases, rules can and retreat. There are many decorative options for the summer. Eye makeup for brunettes and blondes can include a combination of yellow and blue tones, green and purple, gold and red – the main thing in the summer the combination of clothing and accessories. Experiment — the brighter your image, the more options of makeup you can use!

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