Experts have proven that some anti-aging creams work

The already familiar cases where publicized and expensive tools are in fact the real «dummies». A recent example: researchers from the UK (University of Bath) has proved that most realize creams collagen molecules are excessively large in volume. Therefore, they do not penetrate the skin, but just stay outside and after a while the corny washed — similar to any cosmetics.

However, experimental testing of reading University, confirmed the effectiveness of compounds called MatrixylT which is used in some anti-aging creams. It turned out that MatrixylT doubles the collagen produced by the skin. Due to its composition, collagen has a unique ability to stretch, making the skin quite elastic. Alas, collagen fibers gradually lose moisture, especially near the eyes. Collagen is made much less, that’s why it is added in creams.

In the process of a new laboratory testing studied stimulant MatrixylT, not collagen itself. Revealed the following fact: the concentration of substances that are used in cosmetics, sufficient to achieve anti-aging effect.

In addition to aesthetic operation, MatrixylT can be used in medical purposes, for example as a drug for healing wounds, as well as in the study of stem cells. Long been known that collagen is the basis for a long time and successfully used by scientists during experiments aimed at the cultivation of the fabric.