Application features exfoliating facial scrubs at home. Recipes for homemade exfoliating scrubs

Every day the skin is influenced by various external particles that can carry her harm, clogging pores. The scrub in this case is a good helper in the fight for the purity and health of the skin. And if you make it yourself from natural home products, that will increase the effectiveness of the scrub.

Use exfoliating facial scrubs at home that represent

Scrub – is a universal means for cleansing the skin with exfoliating effect. Its essence lies in the mechanical action on the dermis: the elimination of dead cells and cleansing the pores from accumulated impurities. Regular use of the scrub is an excellent prevention of the appearance of oily Shine on the face and acne. Ready scrubs have a viscous consistency in its composition contain moisturizing ingredients and abrasive particles.


• removing from the skin the remnants of makeup;

• cleansing the secretion of the sebaceous glands;

• alignment of skin texture, removal of microdamage and roughness;

• improve blood flow to the skin and metabolic processes at the level of the epidermis;

• hydration of the skin;

• the return of the lost natural skin color.

Benefits of home exfoliating scrubs are obvious: they are much more affordable and safer than store bought products. The funds do not contain chemicals that can cause drying of the tissues or cause irritation. Thanks to the natural composition of the homemade scrubs are able to refresh and nourish the skin, thoroughly clean the pores and constrict them, causing the massage improves the General circulation, improves skin elasticity, tone, tightens the contours.

Basic rules of using exfoliating facial scrubs at home

For holding scrubbing procedures better take time in the evening, before applying makeup or going out to do them is not advisable.

1. Before using the scrub, the skin should be cleaned. Can be used for these purposes, any cosmetic product, herbal tea.

2. A greater effect of applying the scrub can be achieved if the skin a little pre-steam, before the procedure it needs to be moist.

3. Distribute the scrub on the face should with light massage movements on the major facial muscles. Places that need massaging very carefully – this is the forehead, nose and chin. They are the largest accumulation of dead skin cells. You need to leave untouched the areas near the eyes.

4. It is recommended to use scrub not only for face but also for neck, décolleté.

5. After the massage you can leave the tool on the skin for a few minutes (10 max) and then rinse with water at room temperature.

6. Clean skin should be cleaned with an ice cube or lotion, and then lubricate nourishing cream.

To cleansing face with a scrub be effective, must pay attention to the following recommendations:

• first and foremost, you must determine the skin type and the achieved result;

• apply the scrub, you only need to clean the skin;

• do not skimp on ingredients, using cooking stale or poor quality products;

• do not use scrubs too often.

Depending on the type of skin can be determined and the frequency of use of scrubs. Dry skin is enough to procedure 1 to 2 weeks, oily skin will need on a weekly basis, the owners of normal skin, you can afford twice a week a cleaning. The older the skin, the less it needs scrubbing, after 40 years and all should reject such purification.

The selection of key ingredients of the exfoliating facial scrubs at home

Start cooking at home exfoliating scrub is from the selection framework, which can serve as a normal nourishing creams and gels for washing, food creamy. To obtain the liquid mass suitable for use as the basis of yogurt, kefir, sour cream, butter, fruits and vegetables, honey, cosmetic clay. Any of these products can enhance all the beneficial properties of the scrub.

1. Sour cream can make the skin soft, it is a versatile ingredient that is compatible with any skin type. The feature of the use of sour cream – the drier the skin, the fatter you will need sour cream.

2. Yogurt has a high acidity compared to other similar dairy products. Kefir-based is more suited to people with oily skin or a combination type. For skin with irritation, dryness and other troubles it is not suitable.

3. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation, remove redness and moisturize the skin.

4. Vegetable oils have a more gentle effect on the skin, rather than dairy products. The oil base is recommended for dry, normal and sensitive skin types. You can use hemp oil, pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, olives.

5. Vegetables and fruits can be used in fresh only. Prepared puree is rich in vitamins and beneficial trace elements, which will double peeling effect peeling on the skin.

6. Cosmetic clay is used as a component of the scrub for oily and combination skin. Before using it you need to mix with water.

The next stage – the selection of the main component, which defines a cosmetic as a scrub. It’s exfoliating particles.

They can serve the following products:

• fine-ground coffee or coffee grounds;

• powdered seeds of such fruits as raspberry, grape, cranberry, avocado;

• ground nuts;

• normal or fine sea salt;

• baking soda;

• brown cane sugar;

• semolina;

• crushed egg shells;

• chopped dried peel of citrus;

• a variety of cereals and cereal flour.

Some of the suggested products already have the original chopped, the other, you can prepare yourself, if you have a coffee grinder, mortar or a blender.

The finished recipes are the best exfoliating facial scrubs at home

1. Soda exfoliating composition. Granules of such a universal product, like soda, are ideal for gentle cleansing of the skin and elimination of the disease acne. To prepare the scrub you need to take 1 tsp baking soda and mix with any detergent. It can be gel, lotion, liquid soap. You can prepare soda solution on the basis of a small amount of water.

2. Sugar complex to nourish the skin suitable for body and face (not sensitive skin). You will need to mix the 1 tsp sugar with a half portion of thick honey and the juice of half a lemon. If the mixture will be too liquid, simply add more sugar. Thanks to the lemon is also a noticeable whitening effect.

3. Invigorating coffee blend. To create the scrub will need dried coffee grounds coffee drunk earlier. Invigorating properties of this product can stimulate collagen production. Must be mixed in the same proportion of ground coffee and olive oil. After this scrub can’t even lubricate the skin cream.

4. Calming for the skin of oatmeal. Oatmeal nourishes the skin, acts as an absorbent, reduces inflammation, rashes, suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Preparing scrub: mix steel cut oats, water and olive oil in equal amounts, to add ? of a spoon of salt. The consistency after adding all the ingredients should resemble dough.

Selection of exfoliating facial scrubs at home under the skin type

For all skin types are suitable such mixtures are:

• sweet-and-salty – abrasives will be here sugar and salt that should be mixed with any product to choose from: honey, cosmetic milk, butter or sour cream. People with sensitive skin, this composition is not suitable;

• grape – made from milled grape seeds and pulp of these berries with honey, banana pulp and cream in roughly the same quantities;

• strawberry – perfect for aging skin. Need 2-3 mashed strawberries mixed with 1 tbsp of dry milk and add a few drops of essential oils of Mandarin and chamomile;

• coconut – an exotic scrub, containing in its composition the grated flesh of fresh coconut, and sugar in the ratio of 2:1 and sour cream.

For dry skin type should choose other ingredients. Useful such recipes:

• oatmeal contains a mixture of the crushed cereal and honey products must be thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous consistency.

• fruit mix – it is necessary to peel and seed the Apple, mash it with half a slice of banana, and blend the mixture with honey, cream and oatmeal;

• salt scrub includes fine or sea salt to choose from, as well as any cream with a high percentage of fat, or sour cream.

For oily type of skin relevant are the recipes:

• sugar collection – a mixture of sugar and olive oil;

• lemon cocktail you will need lemon juice, sugar and honey in equal quantities;

• rice composition includes ground rice, cereal tell Hercules and olive oil.

In order to achieve results from cleaning procedures, conduct need to be regularly. You can also self-experiment with recipes, after analyzing properties of the products. To combine them you should wisely for positive effect on the skin.