Home peels is not worse than in the cabin. How to do face peeling at home — best recipes.

Want the skin of Your face was clean and shining, like a baby? I wish that every friend admired Your ability to care for the skin? There is nothing easier! Swipe to «General cleaning» of your face. Due to the peels, You can see the result after a few hours, if not immediately, after a visit to the beautician.

Someone will say: «All this is well and good, but I have no money for visits to the beauty parlor!» Then we will share with You the wonderful recipes of funds for deep cleansing You will be able to implement right at home. Tune to see the smooth, perfectly smooth, and, most importantly, healthy skin.

How should I do the peeling at home

The main condition that must be observed in order to home peels became Your regular procedure is to allocate time for him. Sometimes in order to clear the top layer of the epidermis is enough only 10-20 minutes. However, sometimes the peel should be left on the skin up to half an hour, so the result was, as they say, is obvious.

Also, do not treat the peeling procedure skeptical. If you do not believe in the properties and effectiveness of the procedure it is unlikely that You will be able to note the positive factors and after its application. Imagine that You began to prepare a new dish. How would that work if it’s delicious and beautifully decorated, if it is to cook with a bad mood and think that nothing good will come of it? Most likely, the answer will be negative.

To make it easier, do not just try to create complex variants peels. For example, a body scrub with fruit acids, salicylic acid or on the basis of sea salt is quite simple to make even for a beginner. But try peeling with calcium chloride is necessary after You will understand what the consistency should be a mixture, how to apply it and what to do after a session of cleaning.

Important: before beginning the procedure, it is necessary to test the skin for allergic reactions. It is possible to make the composition of the peeling and try to put it on the crook of the elbow or the skin near the wrist. If within 10 minutes in this place suddenly found the inflammation, redness and itching from this type of peeling should be abandoned. Just try something else.

Homemade face peel with salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is considered the perfect base for peeling. It has no effect on the cover too aggressive, but:

• removes Shine,

• cleans pores from impurities and residues of cosmetic products

• tightens and restores skin tone

• removes dead skin particles,

• fights acne, blackheads and other troubles.

To salicylic acid worked only for the benefit of, certain rules must be followed during a session of peels:

1. Do not cover the skin with a composition too thick. For cleaning the face at home will be enough of a thin layer.

2. Do not use salicylic acid in high concentrations.

3. Do not leave the mixture on the skin for a long time. Should adhere to the exact recommendations and recipes.

4. Be sure to continue to care for the cover and after a deep cleaning.

Knowing the rules of the procedure, You can try to cook the mixture for exfoliation. So, You will need:

• Salicylic acid – 1-2 tablets of aspirin needs to be crushed.

• Water – 1 teaspoon.

• Honey – 1 tsp.

• The yolk.

• Cosmetic brush.

First You need to dissolve in water salicylic acid (aspirin), and then add to it the remaining ingredients. Then, armed with cosmetic brush, coat the face of this mask, leaving free the area around the eyes and lips. The maximum exposure time is 5 minutes.

In order to neutralize the acid, it is not allowed to wash it off with plain water. To prepare the composition of the water plus soda and, soaking a cotton pad in this solution, carefully remove remnants of the peeling mask. And only now you can wipe the excess off the face with running water.

Home facial peeling with fruit acid

Deep cleaning of the skin with fruit acids is one of the most simple and gentle treatments that take care of Your skin, leaving it incredibly clean, silky and bright. Popular with beauticians AHA can effectively deal with prelimi rash on face to rejuvenate and make the skin very elastic. By the way, You can combine in one formula several types of acids.

to cover the area of skin a composition of the peeling right after cooking! Mixture based on fruit acids are extremely perishable.

Try to recreate the recipe at home peeling with kiwi and semolina:

• Ripe kiwi – 1 PC.

• Semolina – half teaspoons.

• One capsule of vitamins A and E.

This peeling mask is best in a blender, so You much faster get mushy mass, ready to apply. Instead of vitamins A and E, you can add a simple olive oil, peach, almond or avocado oil.

If You’ve never tried masks or peels with fruit acids, for starters, you can leave the mixture on the face for only 10-15 minutes. And just in case, if a person’s skin did not react allergic, apply the peeling mask on for 20 minutes.

Homemade face peel with baking soda and salt

Truly an excellent cleansing property has ordinary soda: it is able in a short time to relieve You from the greasiness of the skin, dry acne, gently cleanse sensitive and delicate skin, prone to flaking.

Let’s prepare the cream for the face based on soda. You will need:

• 1 tsp soda food,

• 1 tsp sea or plain salt

• 1 tbsp sour cream.

So simple in execution recipe will give incredible results. After application to the skin, you need to wait about 10-12 minutes and then wash off the mixture, roll gently rubbing it into the skin. If you regularly do the soda-salt exfoliation, You will see how much fresher and softer Your sensitive skin.

Scrub with tangerine and blue clay — a unique home face peel

In General, the procedure of peeling include the classic scrub and gommage is a cleansing emulsion containing fine abrasive particles, which acts gently scrub. Due to the presence in the composition of mineral oils, creams and neutral cleaning agents, You can gently and very gently Polish the cover, remove any excess fat and make the face amazingly soft to the touch.

To create gommage, take:

• Peeled Mandarin and his skin

• Blue clay,

• Any other cosmetic oil (olive, jojoba, grapeseed, almond, apricot, peach or wheat germ oil).

First grate tangerine zest grated and mixed with juice and pulp, then add one teaspoon of blue clay and oil. Gently apply the mixture on the face, wait for about 10 minutes, and then you can go to wash. But first You need to gently roll the dried scrub and «skrabirovanie» the skin, removing it from the surface.

Facial peels at home with calcium chloride

This recipe is suited more for «advanced» users, that is, girls who have repeatedly held sessions home peels. It is useful first to be to visit the procedure in the cabin, and just making sure that inappropriate responses of the organism to calcium chloride is not, try to recreate the recipe at home.

So, what You need to prepare:

• 5% solution of calcium chloride purchased at a pharmacy (calcium chloride),

• Baby soap,

• Cotton pads.

Moisten a cotton swab in a solution of calcium chloride and apply to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. In any case, avoid touching the thin skin around the eyes and lips! For drying takes about 1 minute now you can cover the skin with a second layer, and then the third. Usually 3-4 layers is enough.

if You feel tingling or burning sensation after application of calcium chloride, immediately wash the solution with children’s soap.

Once You experience tightness of the skin, abundant lather hands with baby soap and get to work: Your task is to create the soap flakes on the face. Compound of calcium chloride and soap scum forms such as flakes, they exfoliate dead skin cells and efficiently clear the cover.

After washing you should make a nourishing face mask that will restore and moisturize the skin. For example, you can just combine a banana, mashed with a fork with olive oil and honey.

How to care for skin after peeling

Remember that homemade peeling is a great alternative to salon procedures, but only for superficial cleansing. Deep and medium peels do not try to do it yourself, because you can receive serious burns to the tissues, which subsequently transformirovalsya in scars. That is, one way or another, You have to visit the salon of beautician in order to get rid of the consequences of home peels – here is the paradox.

After any salon peel, you should not wash, you need to wait, when the skin is covered with a thin film and only after that you can wash your face and apply a moisturizer. Home peels should be removed independently, that is to wash your face You will be immediately, and to avoid strong tightness, just cover it with a hydrating emulsion or cream.

Also note that to hold a session of peels every 2 weeks, and for ladies with sensitive skin – only 1 time per month. To regularly clean the pores from oiliness, pimples and acne, it is best to use a scrub. But the ladies with oily and combination skin, you can bilingual cover once in 1.5 weeks.

Another important fact: after deep cleaning chemicals for a few days need to provide cover at rest. That is, not to injure his other scrubs, to avoid makeup that clogs the pores and try not to tan for 1 month under direct sunlight without using sunscreen.