Effective exercises for thighs at home — photo. A complex of simple exercises for the hips performed at home

Slim and beautiful figure, of course, is the dream of every girl.

For her women are willing to use a variety of methods from classes in the gym, to use an absurd diets and operations.

But, to achieve perfect effect can not every.

One of the most problematic and difficult to study zones of the girls is the hips.

Even with a wasp waist and a minimum amount of fat in the body, the hips may still be some areas vulnerable to cellulite.

And in this article we want to devote personal attention to this problem. We will tell you about all the nuances of this problem, and how to get rid of it.

Exercises for thighs at home. What you need to workout bring the highest efficiency

Training is nice, but it seems to us that no one will object to speed up the process. There are several ways that can be used to obtain maximum efficiency.

• The most important of these rules is the proper diet. There is no sense that you burn fat in training, and then gain it again at the dinner table. If you decided to get rid of tormenting your problems, then collect all will in a fist, and resolutely renounce all the «benefits» of modern life. For this you need to give up sweet, starchy and fatty foods. Alcohol and bad habits also best addressed.

The correct mode. The body can focus on the objective of fat burning only if it is operating correctly and smoothly. But for our body there is no greater problem than lack of sleep. It loses time for rest that has an effect on absolutely all internal processes. It seems that you only slept for a couple hours, but it really is much more serious affects on you and your body.

Beauty treatments. To support the process of losing weight with the help of massage or body wraps. By themselves they are unlikely to be able to cope with this problem, but as a Supplement to training and diet, they will produce a stunning effect. Massage improves muscular nutrition and the process of withdrawal of toxins from the treated area. Wraps help eliminate excess moisture.

Exercises for thighs at home. Highlights of the training

There are a few important rules that should be obeyed absolutely necessary. It should say at once that in this article we will only discuss those methods that are directly related to training. If you were hoping to see here «magic formula» or some «unique drinks» that will help you to get rid of your problems in a day that you have the wrong address. And by the way – such funds do not exist. Everything in this world is achieved only the results of hard work and effort.

1. So directly to the rules. First, in order to obtain good effect of exercise should be conducted continuously. That is, in the first place is regular exercise. Not once work out for several hours, and then tell yourself that you a week to rest. Each lesson should be not too long, and should be conducted at least three times a week.

2. Secondly, you don’t need to train for wear. Exercise should be short but well-built. You can perform two exercises for several hours and did not get from them any sense. Or do 5-6 exercises for 25 minutes and see the first results after a couple of weeks.

3. Different exercises have different goals. Some aimed at getting rid of fat in the problem area, the other on muscle mass in these areas. A correct program must contain a balanced ratio of those and other exercises. But it is important to note that exercise for weight loss must be performed in a high-speed, intensive mode, but if you want to gain muscle mass, you should do them slowly, controlled.

4. Another rule is to prepare for training. It is very important to perform a warm-up muscles before class. Warm-up will help to warm up muscles and ligaments, and you will reduce the risk of injury during exercise. To warm up you can perform a few simple movements to stretch muscles and heat.

5. Finally, we need to talk about the hitch. The hitch includes a long stretch of muscles that are involved in training. This will not only accelerate the muscle recovery after training, but also will accelerate the process of withdrawal of lactic acid and other toxins. In addition, the hitch will improve replenishment of muscle fibers with nutrients.

A set of exercises for thighs at home

Home workouts can produce a strong effect, but even better they will manifest themselves in combination with cardio. Their role can be a simple Jogging or jumping rope. Even regular walking can be a good jolt for your calories if done regularly. The main condition of such trainings is that they should be long lasting. No matter how fast you run, how important. Remember – an hour of slow Jogging or walking hundreds of times more effective than five minutes of transcendent sprint.

Exercise # 1 – attacks. Feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist, or down (if you’re using dumbbells as an additional complication). Make the right leg a step forward, bending the leg at the knee so that the thigh was parallel to the floor. The knee should be in line with the heel. Then return to the starting position. Exercise is best done 15-20 reps on each leg, 3-4 approach.

Exercise # 2 – cross-attacks. Feet on width of shoulders, hands on hips or folded down. Do the cross step one leg back, lowering the hips. Knee behind the standing leg should fall at the same time. The Shin of the leg to keep upright. Then return to the starting position and repeat other leg. Do 20 repetitions.

Exercise # 3 – jumping. This exercise looks quite simple, but it is very well to lose weight in the legs, especially the thighs and calves. You can jump on one leg, on the spot, with a rope or in hand – not much difference. The main thing is to make a sufficient number of repetitions – about 20-25 for the approach.

Exercise # 4 – lead leg to the side. To perform exercises you need to take extra support – in the form of the back of a chair on which to rely. Take the straight leg sideways, and then back to the original position. Do 20 reps on the leg.

Exercise No. 5 – the diversion of the legs back. Is similar to the previous one, the only difference is that now the straight leg should be retracted.

Exercise # 6 – lifting the legs up. Get on all fours, using as props his elbows and knees. Straighten one leg, bend it at the knee, and from this position lift the top. Then return it to starting position and repeat again. Do 10-15 reps on the leg.

Exercise # 7 – squat. One of the best exercises to work out the legs. You can perform both with weights and without. Feet are shoulder width apart, arms extended in front of him. Sit with a straight back so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. In this position, hold for a few seconds, and then return to starting position.

Exercise # 8 – leg swings lying. Lie on your right side, prop head with hand, one leg put over the second. Raise the straight leg up and then return to its original position. 20 reps on the leg.

In this article we have brought for you a collection of the most effective exercises for thighs that you can perform even at home. Dealing only with the help of this program, you can achieve a noticeable effect after a couple of months. And if you follow other recommendations given in this article, the time required for substantive progress, will be significantly reduced.