Evening primrose oil – useful properties and applications. How to use primrose oil for beauty and health.

In ancient times, the primrose was considered a medicinal flower Olympus. People were convinced that the primrose is a panacea for all ills. Many find similarities between the flowers of this plant and bundles of keys. Even the Scandinavian sagas tell us that the Primula – keys goddess of fertility, which she opens spring.

There is another legend, according to which the primrose should be taken as sprouted key of heaven that fell to earth from the hands of St. Peter. Primrose called «the keys of marriage», see in it the symbol of happiness. In ancient times, the tribes have added certain types of this flower in love potions. Today there are more than 400 species of primroses, 200 of which are cultivated. But we’ll talk about evening primrose, but rather about oil, which is extracted from this plant, learn about its properties, methods of application.

Evening primrose oil: preparation and properties

Get evening primrose oil method of extraction or cold pressing. The color of the oil is a pale yellow. The oil contains vitamins and essential fatty acids which are important in the care of body, face. It is able to provide restorative, rejuvenating, vitamin, expectorant, diuretic effect. This oil is used as adaptogenic agent.

The use of evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is used in medicine. It eliminates hormonal disorders, relieves PMS symptoms, is used in infertility, disorders during menopause. This product can be used as a preventive measure against endometriosis, it is also suitable for people with low vision, a number of diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. More oil is a good analgesic and wound healing agent. It boosts immunity, lowers cholesterol.

Using evening primrose oil, by normalizing hormonal balance, you will be able to lose weight. Reduce weight will help, and fatty acids that will improve the digestive system. Primrose oil will protect against free radicals, get rid of stress triggers the rejuvenation of the body. Make the right oil for recovery after infectious diseases. It removes inflammation, treats skin conditions, relieves Allergy symptoms.

Evening primrose oil used in cosmetology. It rejuvenates the skin, making it supple, toned, smooth. This oil improves the condition of hair and even nails, protecting the latter against breakage, delamination, helping to heal the nail after a fungal diseases. Primrose oil is used in caring for weakened nail plate, they are treated with a cuticle. Such a medical product prevents the formation of hangnails and dryness, nourishes the skin, nourishes it with vitamins.

Apply evening primrose oil not only in the care of the face and hands. It also effectively nourishes the skin around the eyes, neck. This oil can be used during massage, adding in special funds. Based on evening primrose oil homemade masks, it is mixed with store-bought lotions or creams. They are recommended to wipe a skin, the oil is also added to shampoos. It goes well with essential oils (rose, ylang-ylang, lavender).

Contraindications to the use of evening primrose oil

Many experts claim that evening primrose oil is contraindicated only in case of individual intolerance. They recommend using it to pregnant women for the normal development of the Central nervous system of the child, the establishment of hormonal levels and prevent ruptures of the birth canal. Encapsulated primrose oil such doctors are advised to take with the 34th week of pregnancy.

But still more experts to prove that the list of contraindications to the use of evening primrose oil is much broader. In addition, they contraindications include pregnancy and lactation. Also not advised to take evening primrose oil people with schizophrenic disorders, blood diseases, etc. the Uncontrolled use of oil internally can cause nausea, migraines and cause stomach pain.

Skin care evening primrose oil

Primrose oil gently nourishes the skin, giving it elasticity and returning youth. It restores, relieves irritation, nourishes and moisturizes, removes nasty spots and smoothes wrinkles. Best evening primrose oil is good for dry and flaky skin. This natural substance works great in the composition of anti-aging products.

Also primrose oil is suitable for people with damaged skin. In General, it can be applied to girls who have any type of skin. This oil should pay attention to losing weight, because it will help to maintain the elasticity of the skin, not allowing it to SAG that often occurs with a sharp decrease in weight. Of course, weight should not only rely on primrose oil, but also to observe the drinking regime.

Evening primrose oil also cleanses the skin, will act as the prevention of stretch marks, eliminate the unsightly redness. It is used in the development of dermatitis, eczema and different rashes. This oil will help to cope with bed sores. They lubricate the surgical wound.

Rejuvenating gel with evening primrose oil

To establish blood circulation and increase the elasticity of the tissues around the eyes to remove the appearance of puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles will help gel with evening primrose oil. So how to achieve many effects, for the preparation of rejuvenating gel in addition to evening primrose oil need and other components. The first thing we’ll take oily and combination of rose, which soothes and refreshes the skin, neutralizes allergic reactions, make wrinkles less deep. We need three tablespoons of hydrolate rose. After the first component added wild raspberries cornflower (2 tbsp). It will eliminate puffiness, remove dark circles under our tired eyes.

both hydrolate should be preheated to a temperature of 30°C.

Now it’s time for vitamins A and C, which contribute to the smoothing of the skin. They will have an effect on the synthesis of collagen, strengthening it, protecting you from free radicals. Each of the vitamins take four drops. Hydrolat mixed with vitamins, add to it a small pinch alginate, which fills the wrinkles and other irregularities. It will also improve collagen synthesis and blood circulation, moisturizes and nourishes the skin with vitamins, minerals, proteins. Stir alginate is necessary to the time until the mixture will turn a whitish and viscous.

Now it’s time oils. First, add 10 drops of macadamia nut oil. It protects the skin from the adverse effects of free radicals, regenerates, moisturizes and restores the lipid barrier, smoothes wrinkles. Also home to the rejuvenating gel will need 10 drops of oil of wheat germ combats dark circles, dryness, puffiness and aging. Still add the gel 3 drops of liquid silk. Its action will focus on the alignment of the skin and filling of wrinkles. Liquid silk will make the skin moist, soft and tender.

And, of course, be sure to add the gel the most powerful of the described anti-aging ingredients – evening primrose oil (seven drops). This oil is very active and has a positive effect on the skin for days after application. It removes wrinkles and irritation, nourishes the skin. Add the skin elasticity and freshness, to establish the metabolic processes will also help the rosehip oil. Gel need six drops of this vegetable oil, which also nourishes the skin and slightly lighten it. Do not forget about the Camellia oil (three drops). It will reduce the risk of pigmentation, protect the skin from wind, moisture loss, will have a tonic effect. To restore, soothe and hydrate the skin be sure to add the gel half a teaspoon of aloe juice. The last component to three drops of oil broccoli.

for the manufacture of gel need to buy unrefined oils cold-pressed.

Combining all the components and mix them, collect the gel in a clean glass container. Can use the containers left over from the purchase of the cream. The gel is stored only in the refrigerator. Shelf life is a month. Apply on the skin of the eyelid should be chilled.

How to use: dip the gel in a cotton swab and move it anti-aging products on the skin under the eyes. After that, hammer the tool into the skin with light tapping movements of the fingertips. Apply the gel twice a day. The course of the procedure to three months.

The mask of wrinkles

Let’s talk about another mask with evening primrose oil, which is get rid of wrinkles around the eyes. Why do we pay so much attention to skin care age? The fact is that with little care for this delicate skin of the women begin to form the notorious «crow’s feet», which give others our age.

Such a mask is more easy to prepare than the previous one. And it doesn’t require any hydrolat – sufficient oils and vitamin E. so, you need one milliliter of oil bodies, jojoba and evening primrose. Also for the mask of wrinkles need the aforementioned vitamin E, oils of sesame, rosehip and raspberry (0.5 ml). Essential oil of carrot seeds will need one drop.

Prepared medium stored in the fridge in the treated alcohol, glass containers of not more than three months. Apply the mixture on the skin of the eyelids morning and evening. The oil is distributed by the tapping of the fingertips. Pat the mask, moving from the outer corner to the inner eye. Remaining oil after 15 minutes, blot with a tissue. Then under the eyes you can apply concealer.

to prevent swelling, apply oil in the evening followed two hours before bedtime.

Primrose oil for hair

Delight evening primrose oil should be dry and brittle, color-treated or damaged hair, the effect of weather conditions, improper care of hair. It will reduce hair loss (even if there is not due to hormonal disorders), curls with oil will be strong, shiny, strands will begin to actively grow. Hair will be healthier with the skin of the head, having missing beneficial nutrients and full of essential fatty acids.

Interesting: they say that the use of evening primrose oil can delay your meeting with a own gray hair.

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