The actual evening hairstyle with their hands. Step-by-step instructions for evening hairstyles with their hands

Every woman wants to have a Grand evening to make your hair spectacular hair, that will distinguish her from the crowd, and evoke an enthusiastic smile from the people around them.

Trying to look your best, so she often goes to the beauty salon to experienced craftsmen, not relying on yourself.

This setup is about. Studying some simple techniques and taking care of acquiring the necessary consumables and accessories, any woman can create on her head masterpiece that it is appropriate to look even at the Queen’s reception.

Today, the original look of the hairstyle, which use the various elements of the weaving strands, high styling, different bundles in the style Pompadour, classic ponytail for straight and curly hair.

Always look attractive hairstyle in loose curls. Consider some of the types of formal hairstyles, made with his own hands, how to create them and the necessary accessories and materials.

Conditions for a successful hair, tools, accessories and materials

When you want to look good and have attractive styling, care must be taken, especially on clean hair. On the eve of an important event, the head must be washed by means of that typically used. You can wash your hair directly before styling and dry with a Hairdryer.

To complete the evening hairstyles with your own hands you need to prepare the following items:

– Hairdryer

– hair curlers or Curling irons to create curls;

– styling tools (mousses, gels, varnish, wax);

– accessories: headbands, bows, hair clips, jewelry, flowers etc.

Create the evening hairstyles with their hands for long hair

The owners of long strands was lucky in the sense that they can style them using different ways, making each time the hair can acquire a completely different look. Consider some of the options pilings.


The classic option of collecting the long strands in a braid is now particularly popular. She played up with the help of modern techniques and accessories, and looks particularly impressive in the evening.

One of the ways of weaving is the so-called «French braid»

Consider the execution shown in the photo formal hairstyles with your own hands, in more detail. The sequence of actions should be as follows:

– strands to comb and divide into 3 equal parts;

– capturing strands of hair at the crown of your head or slightly below, to perform a couple of steps of the weave a normal braid;

– with a further netting to each of the side strands to attach in addition to a small strand of hair taken from the same side;

– reaching the end of the hair should be fixed woven braid with a rubber band or decorative barrette;

– when weaving the strands do not need to pull, the scythe is supposed to be airy and voluminous, if not, you need to slightly pull the hair out of the weave, giving them grandeur;

– braid to fasten varnish strong hold not;

– bangs can be slightly backcomb and lay on its side, also fixing varnish.

Netting is perfect for prom or any celebration. Braid can be braided not only directly, but also to the side. For this strand should be divided into parts, when one side is much higher.

Decorate the head with a bow or a flower, there is no doubt that an attractive and spectacular view provided. At home to weave braids it is best to bring an assistant, but after a little practice styling can be done independently.

2.Hairstyle «beam»

This presentation is based on the tail, which brings together all the strands. It is suitable for festive occasions and for business meetings. On pictures evening hairstyle made with your own hands, with the elements of the curls:

It can be applied to long and medium hair using the hairpiece.


– strands gather on top, securing the tail with a rubber band;

– part of strands from the tail of the release for further development of these locks;

– the number and location of these strands is selected in its sole discretion;

the hair in the beam necesitada and placed around the elastic with a further clamping studs and varnish;

– the tail is slightly curled with a Curling iron, then comb the ends of the strands can be laid in the locks and lock varnish

– loose strands of hair curled with a Curling iron and put on his head around the bundle, securing with pins;

– a few curled strands left loose to casually, it will give a certain piquancy;

– performed installation, it is necessary to fix the varnish.

Create a simple evening hairstyles with their hands for 15 minutes, shown in the photo

Sometimes it is necessary to construct your hair a hairstyle with which you can attend any event in the evening, and time to spare. Here’s an example of styling curls that are suitable for any event.

Sequence of installation:

– basal sections of the strands to apply the mousse and spread it over all the strands;

hair dry with a Hairdryer and separated by the oblique or direct parted (as appropriate) into two parts;

– separate the front strands of hair adjacent to the forehead, on each side and twisting their harness, fasten varnish in length and is temporarily preselis ends;

– the middle part of the hair to fluff with your hands to add volume, and then top to put the harnesses along his temples to the nape, pinning them to the head with pins;

– the ends of the hair in the back to fasten and put in a beautiful knot and decorate it with barrette with rhinestones;

– on top of the whole hair well to fix with nail Polish.

Styling loose curls on long locks

To owners of long (especially thick) hair, you can always demonstrate to them the beauty of using loose hair, curled in ringlets, locks. See photo:

This presentation is always attractive to the opposite sex and makes a woman especially sexy and attractive. To perform such an evening hairdo with their hands is a snap. Consider the sequence of actions:

for a more lasting set of curls on slightly damp hair and apply mousse or gel and spread it over all the strands;

the hair is divided into four parts: two temporal, occipital and frontal region. Bangs, if any, also needs to separate. All sites are secure using pins, rubber bands or clothespins;

using the Curling iron to spin consistently small strands of hair taken from one area in curls that are then lightly pin to secure the shape. To start the process you need with the neck;

– once the whole head is curled, the curls free from pins and gently brush along the entire length, being careful not to damage their shape, and make a small fleece on top;

– if you want curls, you can simply dissolve, not combing;

– it needs to fix the varnish, adding to her original headband or other accessory, if it is intended to visit some evening events.

Flowing hair organic look especially young girls, so they are recommended more.