Essential oils for hair. Which essential oils will give the beauty and health of your hair and how to apply them.

Essential oils are often used as flavorings in the food industry, they are added into medicines, perfumes, cosmetics, body care, hair.

We will not consider any of these liquid volatile substances used in medicine, or perfume plants, because our topic: essential oils for hair. Let’s get together, as they can affect these oils on hair. In addition, we consider how to apply them to this effect was positive.

How useful essential oils for hair

No wonder women are so fond of using essential oils in hair care. Because these odorous substances secreted from plant materials, can help to solve most problems that arise with locks or scalp. For example, essential oils for the hair are used when women want to make the curls manageable, shiny, soft, thick. A properly chosen blend of oils is able to deliver the strands greasy or dry, to cope with excessive hair loss. Use essential oils for hair should in that case, if the strands are slow growing, split ends. These magical oils will also eliminate hair breakage, dandruff, etc.

To achieve a good result in getting rid of hair from these problems, you need to know for what each is responsible oil. You can, of course, to do experiments at random selecting the most appropriate mixture of oils. But it is better to get at least a minimum knowledge of the properties of the selected essential oils. Information can be gleaned from trusted sources, checking her explanations of the pharmacist or employee of a specialized store which you’ll purchase the product.

A sensible specialist will not be difficult to explain how essential oil will accelerate the growth of the strands, and which is better to use in severe hair loss. For example, if you have a very much hair fall out, you should look at the oils of nutmeg, myrrh, juniper. This problem is easy to handle oils of rosemary, pine or thyme. But a hair growth stimulating essential oils of silver fir, ylang-ylang, cedar, thyme. Also growth of locks a good boost oil of cypress and sage.

to use oil of ylang ylang before bed is not recommended because for many women it acts invigorating aroma.

As already mentioned, essential oils for hair are suitable not only for the recovery of the strands themselves – they also have a therapeutic effect on the scalp. If the woman had a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis, i.e. dandruff, it will help the following essential oils for hair: patchouli, lavender, geranium. Such perfectly clean flake exfoliated skin particles all citrus oils. Indeed, hair loss is equally as much afraid of grapefruit and tangerine, orange or lemon oil and lime oil. Tea tree oil and eucalyptus is also great to help cleanse the scalp.

despite the fact that essential oils have many useful properties, they should not be used by pregnant women. Because some experts argue that some of the oils in addition to medicinal properties and have an abortive effect.

Ways to use essential oils for hair

Few know what essential oils for hair are responsible for what you also have to understand how to use them correctly. Almost all essential oils should not be applied to the skin undiluted. If you dare to cook cadorette from one essential oil, not diluted, then get ready to get healthy skin and beautiful hair, and serious burns on the head.

before you apply the essential oil on the scalp, it should be diluted with a suitable for your hair the base oil.

In order not to bother another selection, this time the base oil is purchased essential oily component can simply be added to your favorite shampoo that suits your hair type. A portion of the shampoos for the one bathing the head, enough to mix only with three drops of essential oil.

no need to mix the essential oil with all the shampoo contained in the bottle.

Some ladies practicing the healing aromamassage. They cause a selected essential oil for hair on the comb and trying to move it to the strands during combing your hair. And some of the women cover with oil the ends of your hair brush, then massaged her scalp. Perhaps these ways of applying essential oils to the scalp and are effective, but some are tedious to end ill-conceived. So let’s look at other, more intuitive ways to use essential oils for hair.

So, what means to care for curls, you can instill the magic of oil (except the shampoo) to achieve the maximum recovery of hair, the scalp? Very effective to add essential oils to purchase your favorite hair mask or season them special mouth rinses. By selecting these methods, you can quickly restore your hair. Of course, that the result was really stunning, use only high-quality purchase products that are suitable for you. And remember that if a mask with the oils that you apply only as a preventive measure, then it should be done once a week. But when the hair is in serious need of treatment, to carry out restorative procedures with oils through the day.

Very wise you will do, if you make healing masks, rinses with essential oils and other natural ingredients personally. Indeed, in this case, you can be totally confident that along with the oils of your skin, hair won’t absorb the harmful substances of chemical origin. Below you can find two recipes for homemade products for hair with essential oils.

Mask with essential oil of tea tree for oily hair

Girls with oily, strongly falling hair and dandruff will appreciate the homemade mask, one component of which is tea tree oil. This homemade remedy will heal the scalp, eliminates seborrhea, anti-inflammatory effect, make hair fresh and strong. What do we need?

To prepare the mask, first thing you’ll need to make a strong decoction of chamomile. To get the right broth, pour two tablespoons of chamomile 50 ml of boiling water. After that, close the container lid or plate and leave the broth for about two hours. While chamomile infused, go in search of other components of the mask. You can not do without the horseradish, essential oil of tea tree and jojoba oil.

Our purchased or found in the garden of hell should be grate. All we will need to prepare one mask only two tbsp horseradish. In order not to waste food, the remaining chopped horseradish collect in a jar and close the lid.

grated horseradish can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.

To two large spoons of horseradish, add twice as much filtered using a strainer or gauze decoction of medicinal chamomile. The next ingredient is jojoba oil, which you want to add about two tablespoons. And last, magical, component mask for oily hair and tea tree oil. For one treatment mask need 9 drops of this essential oil for hair, prone to rapid contamination and strong hair loss.

After mixing the four ingredients begin applying the mask to the scalp, hair. Spread means you need it on dirty hair, that is, before you are going to wash it. To enhance the effect of the mask, and to prevent sloughing of hell, after application gather your hair and put on a plastic cap. To wrap head with a towel is optional.

Withstand a mask for about 40 minutes. The hair is first rinsed only with warm water. After that, head to wash the shampoo. To make a mask with essential oil of tea tree can be three times a week. Only two weeks to become noticeable how much improved the condition of the hair and scalp.

Conditioner for hair with essential oils ylang-ylang and chamomile

Than a good rinse with the oils of ylang-ylang, camomile, it’s the fact that it is suitable for any hair. In addition, they can use the adult women, and very young girls. First prepare a concentrate. Exactly it we shall be diluted with water and then use as a rinse, which will strengthen and refresh the hair, makes it silky and shiny.

For concentrate rinse need: 120 ml of Apple cider vinegar three times less ginger juice and five drops of oil of ylang-ylang, chamomile, cinnamon and bergamot.

Prepare a mouthwash: dilute two tablespoons of the concentrate in two liters of warm boiled water.

Hair you need to rinse after shampooing. Effective not just to pour shampoo on the locks, and little to hold hair in it. Therefore it is better to prepare the tool in the bowl. Hair was washed, slightly dry them with a towel.

Let your hair will be luxurious!