Oil for face wrinkles — natural way to restore youth. What are essential and plant oils help to smooth masini and how to use them correctly.

Unknown for some services, but nature has very generously bestowed upon man their treasures. One of them are natural essential and vegetable oils. The use miraculous liquid large — from medicine to cooking, but for women, it was an exceptional opportunity to extend their youth. Hardly a panacea consider easy, flavorful drop of oil for facial wrinkles. It can help avoid early aging of the skin, eliminate unpleasant imperfections. But, as with any cosmetic product, there are some important nuances you should know and consider. Then, the skin will delight in its radiance and elasticity, even if the woman is over…

How to get essential oils and vegetable oils

The main technology of essential oils — distillation with water vapor — uses the ability of the ether to evaporate, mixing with the water molecules in the gaseous state. Less common methods are solvent extraction and pressing.

Vegetable oil is produced in three main ways:

— cold pressing;

— hot pressing;

— solvent extraction.

The first method is very expensive as it requires expensive equipment. That is why the final product is not very cheap. The second is cost — effective, but when heated to significant temperatures destroyed some of the nutrients, and the extraction of the source elements are exposed to chemical attack and can change their properties.

Choosing vegetable oil from wrinkles on the principle of utility, it is better to prefer a slightly more expensive cold pressed.

the production of such a quality product can afford only to large manufacturers. So when you buy should pay attention to this information, not to buy a fake (extract, dilute base oils). The harm from such use will not, but the effect will be less significant.

Useful cosmetic properties of the oils

Herbal remedies contain a list of necessary substances: vitamins and phospholipids, macro-and microelements, phytosterols and other biologically active substances. They are very easily assimilated by the human body and involved in metabolism.

Each natural product has a few ingredients that distinguish it from others. But the overall beneficial properties allow you to use natural gifts to fight against wrinkles. It makes the oil beneficial for the skin:

— moisturize;

— to nourish;

— increase the rate of cellular metabolism;

— participate in accelerating the process of formation of fibrinogen, collagen;

— improve lymphoablative, circulation at the application site;

— normalizes the sebaceous glands;

— prevent expansion of sebaceous pores.

Due to its composition, plant foods are shown, if the skin is dehydrated, loses its elasticity, facial wrinkles appear, become visible aging changes (sagging, deterioration of complexion).

Essential oil from wrinkles

Multiple reviews of the wearer in the web talking about what essential oil from wrinkles gives a lovely smoothing effect. The point is only how to choose how to use it. A small disadvantage of the tool lies in the fact that in a pure, concentrated form, they cannot be used, so you have to dilute the base. This is usually used as a vegetable oil.

What essential oil from wrinkles you can use at home?

1. Oil of geranium, ginger, bergamot perfectly tones the skin.

2. Extract of cloves is a great tool to restore the structure of the aging face.

3. Essential tool of the lemon copes with wrinkles and tones the skin.

4. Known for its regenerative effects petitgrain.

5. Solely tone the thyme, rosemary, mint, Melissa and juniper. They also soothe the superficial epidermis.

6. Unpleasant «crow’s feet» around the eyes are under the influence of rose, sandalwood, neroli or limetta.

7. Amazing effect of velvetiness and smoothness becomes a person after a few treatments with oils of ylang-ylang, orange, rosewood.

Used oil from wrinkles in the following proportions:

— for more effective anti-aging cream: for 10 ml of product is added 2-3 drops of the ether;

to connect with the base oil: 1 tbsp basics drip 2-3 drops of essential;

— for bathing: dissolve 5-7 drops in the base and pour, carefully stirred in the water;

— massage: 1 tbsp base (15ml) was added 4 to 6 drops.

Vegetable oil for face wrinkles

Recently, in the age of continuous application of chemicals, women are increasingly attracted to environmentally friendly natural remedies. Natural product more and more appreciated by cosmetology professionals. Vegetable oil from wrinkles around the eyes and mouth is gaining considerable popularity.

The variety of wonderful tools allows you to pick up each lady that is optimal for her skin type.

1. Jojoba oil, cosmetologists appreciate how gorgeous the lipid material. In essence it is a liquid wax. In the presence of a mesh of wrinkles around the eyes can be used in pure form or with adding to 1 tablespoon a few drops of essential oil of neroli and rose. To combat deep wrinkles would be more effective mix of jojoba and avocado or almonds (1:1) with the addition of each tablespoon 1-2 drops limetty, pine and fennel.

2. Apricot oil is perfectly regenerates and tones the skin, has a rejuvenating effect, smoothes fine mesh of wrinkles on the face. You can use 1-2 drops for a massage even in its purest form, and even better to add the same amount of the disposable portion of creams for face care.

3. Castor oil for facial wrinkles is often used in the form of a mask: 1 tsp funds carefully mixed with 1 chicken egg yolk. The mixture is applied to the skin, left for 15 minutes, then rinsed off and wiped with a cooled decoction of chamomile.

4. Sea buckthorn oil added to the cream perfectly removes irritation and inflammation, simultaneously rejuvenating the skin.

5. Walnut oil is used for enriching eye cream and anti-wrinkle.

6. Aragonesa oil is little known, but becoming more popular. It is very effective against wrinkles. Used to add to beauty creams, mask, care wrinkles around the eye, even in its purest form.

7. Rosehip oil is used as a component in the mixture with essential oils. It is effective for aging skin. Special effects are able to provide in the areas of mouth and eyes for all skin types.

How to use oil for face wrinkles

Pleasant-smelling drugs are used in different ways, the purpose of which is to give the female face a healthy look.

1. Only two or three drops on the fingertips to perform facial massage by stimulating blood circulation.

2. The same amount of funds to 15 mg base will be enough to enrich the nutrients of creams and masks.

3. Vegetable oil from wrinkles is used as a base for breeding essential, and cannot be used undiluted.

4. Due to the presence of substances which are a natural filter for ultraviolet radiation, the product is used prior to tanning to avoid the negative effects of the sun.

5. Several (5-8) drops of miraculous air in the bathroom will give a great sedative and stimulating effect to the skin.


No matter how good the gifts of mother nature, but perfection does not exist. But there are, albeit few contraindications to the use of oil from wrinkles. And vegetable and essential products should not be used if the woman has:

— individual intolerance to the components;

— problems with the cardiovascular system;

— epilepsy, predisposition to seizures;

— preschool age (6-7 years);

— pregnancy.

In any case, no matter how safe a facility seems, better consult your doctor or GP. Professional advice can give and health workers practicing in the field of aromatherapy.

Rules for the application of oils from wrinkles

To keep the oil from wrinkles gave the maximum effect, you must meet certain requirements for its use.

1. Better to buy it in pharmacies, specialized stores. Before buying you should ask the seller whether there is a certificate of quality, pay attention to the manufacturer.

2. You cannot use oils that have the shelf life has expired. We are talking about sensitive skin, so faulty goods will have problems — inflammation, pimples.

3. Useful liquid stored in vials of dark glass, protected from sun light place at the temperature not higher than room temperature (15-20°C).

4. The containers must be always firmly closed, as the plant products deteriorates its properties upon contact with air.

5. Before using, you must carefully examine the instructions to the drug. Special attention should be paid to the indications, contraindications, dosage and possible side effects.

6. Endurance test in oil is held on the inner surface of the elbow, where it is located has very sensitive skin. Apply a drop and RUB it into the epidermis. Wait about 12 hours, if the reaction of redness or itching is not observed, the tool can be used.

7. The same oil from wrinkles not recommended for use longer than 21 days, then had to take a break for 1-2 weeks and subsequently reduce the dosage.

8. Creating cosmetic at home, no need to mix together for more than 7 types of essential oils, usually for an effect rather two or three. Enrichment ready-to-use 1-2 drops added to a disposable portion before applying.

9. Essential oils always dilute with a base (olive, etc.) due to the high concentration. Otherwise, there is irritation and redness.

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