Essential oils for the face. Which essential oils will give the beauty and health of the skin and how to apply them.

Fragrant, inviting, enticing, stunning, and refined: all of these adjectives can be attributed to the odors of essential oils.

In our world, the aromas affect many areas of life, for example, essential oils to restore vitality, cure the common cold or enchant any man. The aromatic oil is added to perfumes, hair mask, facial creams and many other care products for face and body. Today we will discuss the pressing question: which essential oils will give the beauty and health of the skin and how to apply them.

Than essential oils for the face are different from cosmetic

Many women do not see the difference between fragrance oil and cosmetic, but in vain. Wrong dosage of essential oil may adversely affect human receptors, for example, in case of excessive inhalation of concentrated flavor, You might headache a severe allergic reaction, until the shortness of breath and edema of the larynx. If it is wrong to apply this oil on the skin, some time You may detect rashes, red spots and other troubles that are difficult to fight. Why, one wonders, then, in General, apply the essential oil in cosmetics?

A natural question, the answer to which can be obtained by compiling a list of compelling advantages of aromatherapy. So, the advantages of such aromatic compounds include:

1. Their flawless and completely natural, and therefore environmentally friendly. Generally, essential oils produced from plants, and occasionally they are of animal origin.

2. An extensive range of applications. Aroma oils can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, cosmetics, food industry, production of household chemicals and even in psychotherapeutic practice (treatment using aromatherapy).

3. Low price. Find and buy the essential oil You can store, Internet shop or pharmacy, while it is unlikely to cost too much. Except for the special category of expensive oils obtained specific method of extraction.

4. A very small expense. Usually this is one of the main differences cosmetic oils are essential. In fact, basic bath oil can be used in large quantities, for example, massage, rubbing, or as an ingredient in hair masks. But essential oils only need one or two drops, not more, so it is very concentrated.

5. You can buy the essential oil and use it when you want to. For example, in moments of relaxation, dropping a few drops to a diffuser when in a family someone has a cold or if you want to make at home facial mask.

Negative aspects of using essential oils

In everything there is another side to the coin is the fact. From aromatic oil also has disadvantages:

1. Some oil at first glance may seem quite harmless and just nice smelling. However, many of them are threatening to the health effect. For example, people suffering from kidney disease, you should not use oils of spruce, juniper and sandalwood. Patients with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases should avoid essential oils of clove, nutmeg, rosemary and sage. Also there is a special category of contraindications for pregnant women and children. It is strictly forbidden to use aromatic oils of camphor, Basil, peppermint, rosemary, thyme and sage.

2. In the ready-made compositions with aromatic oils, for example, in creams, masks and balms for the hair, the smell wears off pretty quickly. The same thing happens with the soap, cooked at home. Soap makers often use essential oils, so it is frozen wrap soap in plastic wrap so the smell did not disappear.

3. Some concentrated oil in illiterate use can leave burns.

4. If you use one essential oil for a long period, its therapeutic properties will fall sharply.

Of course, not to mention the great effect of aromatherapy, which is possible only with the presence of essential oils. Many types of help with insomnia, stress and anxiety, help relieve fatigue and pain, improve circulation and even act as an aphrodisiac. But we’ll talk about how to properly apply essential oil in the home of cosmetology, so as not to hurt themselves.

Essential oil for face: why use them?

As You may have noticed, the use of essential oils for the face is quite appropriate and even useful. You should know what useful properties they have and how to influence the most valuable thing we have – the skin. In order not to spoil Your appearance, it is necessary to distinguish the sphere of influence of the oils.

Here is an example: some oils can promote the regeneration of the skin, its restoration, to heal minor damage such as scratches, inflammation and scarring. In order to restore the cover, You need to take note of sandalwood, chamomile, rosewood, ylang-ylang and geranium.

Other types of essential oils for the face are able to influence the process of saturation of the skin with oxygen, which subsequently slows down the process of aging and withering of the skin. Antioxidant effects are oils of neroli, Jasmine, juniper, sage and rosewood.

Essential oils for face are also able to cleanse, tone and soothe irritated skin. To fill the cover of energy, to make it shining and clean try using essential oils of lavender, peppermint, tea tree, bergamot or lemon.

Well, about that, with aromatic oils, any woman will be able to adjust their emotional state and can not speak. Use oil of peppermint, fir or Valerian and You will be able to relax, unwind and calm the nervous system. And armed with the oil of orange, grapefruit, cinnamon or vanilla, You fill the body with energy, you will breathe in and «break the mountain» on the way to the goal.

If you drop in the bath a few drops of lavender oil or sandal, You will not only relax your body and calm your heartbeat, but also to prepare for bed.

Remember only one thing: to use the essential oils necessary in moderation, the only way You will be able to achieve the desired effect.

Beauty recipes: essential oils for face at home cosmetics

Now it is necessary to talk specifically about a few essential oils for the face, the use of which will help to clean and whiten skin, reduce inflammation and flaking, and heal minor damage.

Grapefruit essential oil for face

If You want to make a home remedy for the face, then You should pay attention to the essential oil of grapefruit. It get the rind of this fruit, it resembles a thick transparent liquid and greenish-yellow tint. Grapefruit oil perfectly eliminates acne, cleanses and eliminates inflammation. It can be added directly to Your daily cream or emulsion for washing just 1-2 drops. And You can do it yourself mask-scrub with whitening effect:

• 2 tsp ground rice or rice flour

• Lemon,

• The base oil of the fruit of the olive tree or grape seed

• 1-2 drops of grapefruit essential oil.

In a container you must squeeze the juice of half a lemon, add base and essential oils, and rice flour. With this mixture You should cover the skin, leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse, gently rubbing it. Milled rice perfectly «fine scrub particles» skin, sloughing of the keratinized layer of the epidermis, lemon to whiten my cover, and oils soften and eliminate the rash.

Rosemary essential oil for face

Another great remedy you can prepare at home, using essential oils for the face. This soothing mask with rosemary oil. In order to do prepare:

• Two large cabbage leaf,

• Wooden pestle,

• 2 tbsp butter,

• A little water

• A bottle of rosemary aromatherapy oils.

First, whisk and mash thoroughly cabbage leaves into mush. Large pieces can be removed. To this ingredient, add the butter, one tablespoon of water and a few drops of rosemary essential oil. Mask is applied to face and withstand a period of approximately 15 minutes. You can then wash and moisturize the skin favorite cream.

Lavender essential oil for face

Try also to create your own mask with aromatic lavender oil. It is perfectly soothe irritated skin and is suitable even for ladies with very sensitive areas. So, what You need to take:

• 1 tbsp gelatin

• 4-5 tablespoons water,

• Cucumber,

• Grater

• Lavender essential oil.

First You need to pour hot water and gelatin, that is to steamed it. When the mass swells, dilute it more with water and wait about 5 minutes. Peel 2-3 tablespoons. Then grate the cucumber and squeeze the juice. Add to gelatin 2 tablespoons of juice and 2 tbsp of pulp. Now drip 1-2 drops of lavender oil. After all the manipulations, the mask film can be applied to the skin. Traditionally wait until the mask hardens and the skin forms a pellicle, which can be easily removed by pulling the edge. With this mask film, You also get rid of «black spots» and acne.

Useful tips on using essential oils

Before using any essential oil for the face you need to remember that in its pure form to use them in any case impossible. As usual, many cosmetic creams and emulsions essential oil is added together with the base. And essential oils should be just a couple of drops, and the rest is basic, that is cosmetic oil.

We wish You good luck in Your endeavors, don’t be afraid to cook at home masks, scrubs or other means with the use of aromatic oils. Just do not overdo it, lest the delicate texture of cosmetic emulsions did not become aggressive mixture that can leave unsightly mark on Your face.