Easy hairstyle to school in 5 minutes: photos, instructions for execution. Hairstyles to school in 5 minutes: the different lengths of hair

Every girl wants to look beautiful and fashionable since the early years.

Collect child to school is daunting, especially hard for little fashionistas with long hair. To remove the unruly strands into a beautiful hairstyle quickly fail.

Especially if the hair is electrified or curly.

Stylists offer several fashionable options of easy hairstyle to school in 5 minutes. They will be able to perform not only mothers, but also Schoolgirls.

A few workouts in front of the mirror, and dramatic hairstyle is ready.

Features easy to school hairstyles in 5 minutes

Before you try out the hairstyle in school is to make it at home and walk so for several hours. If the hair is holding up well, and the hair break down, so this option is ideal for school. Some girls admit that mother is overly pull their hair, causing the end of the day tired mind and appear painful. So mom must remember that the hairstyle should not only fit into the school way, but do not deliver discomfort.

So, consider the most popular and trendy hairstyles for girls in school to fulfill that literally in 5 minutes.

Top 5 easy hairstyles with photos to school in 5 minutes for short hair

Girls with short hair comb is not as easy as it seems. Short strands and then running out of hairstyles and bristling in all directions. When shoulder-length hair will save a proven «ponytail». It can be combed over higher up, then strands of will not to break out near the face, interfering with the student in the classroom. But if the normal «tail» seems too boring then you can experiment with rubber bands to create a spectacular cascade that will not take much time.

To perform this hairstyles you will need 13 small rubber bands and a comb with a tail. Hair should be well combed, make a side parting and start working with one half of hair. You must make five horizontal partings from the center to the ear, making sure that the number of hairs was equal. Each strand secured with a rubber band. The same is done with the second part of the hair. The resulting «tails» to gather into one, and fix it with rubber band. If the hair is not long enough to fix small strands should be as close to the parting, then manage to combine all the «tails» into one big «tail».

If the hair is too meek, to gather them in a common «tail», you can make an easy hairstyle to school in 5 minutes, using the same rubber bands or hair pins. We split exactly the same as in the previous embodiment. The hair is just not collected into a single beam, and the tip of each of the upper «tail» catch when you run the bottom of the «tail». And so to the bottom. The end result is two rows of «tails», the hairs of which will be popping up throughout the day.

Haircut «Bob» is a perfect base for a variety of KOs. One of the most interesting hairstyles can be called a cascade on short hair, shifted to the bottom. These hairstyles are liked by the pupils, and they are happy to make them for yourself. This option takes pride of place among the easy hairstyles to school in 5 minutes: photo of the model clearly shows how this braid looks spectacular on short hair.

If you run the cascade at first seems complicated, you can just braid a normal braid by taking the strand on the side of one temple. Made a braid to fix it with a hairpin or invisible at another temple, creating a dramatic rim in the form of a braid of hair.

And the simplest can be called a hairstyle with Bobby pins that fix small strands of hair at the base of hair growth. This option is suitable for those girls who have very short hair. Hair will be more interesting, more unusual are the clips.

Beautiful and easy hairstyles to school in 5 minutes for long hair

Owners of long hair can experiment with hairstyles to infinity. But for school suitable option easier and more practical. Braids and bundles remain the most popular among girls of school age. They were happy to wear as first-graders and graduates.

The classic French braid is fast, and looks very nice. It will take no more than five minutes, regardless of the length of the hair. Spit gathered in a bun, a great option for those who want a bit of variety. Enough to braid her hair higher up, roll it up and fix with Bobby pins.

Can a pair of braids or braided to the side, neat «basket» will also be an excellent solution for school image. You can leave the braid only on the growth phase of hair and loose curls gather in a spectacular «tail».

Easy hairstyles to school in 5 minutes and can be done from withing. Enough to spin the hair and gather them in a bun or a kind of braid. Hair bundles lately very popular. To make them easier than hairstyles from KOs, and they look much more interesting and effective.

To accomplish this look easy. Enough hands to divide the hair into two pieces and begin to twist each individually inside. As you twist the strands they are fixed invisible. When the two strands will «meet» at the base of the hair may be gathered in the «tail» of the beam, or continue to wrap on. And the strands twist together.

There is another version of this hair, when strands are not twisted inside, and intertwined. Most interesting is that the hair looks better than it is made keep his tone light. An excellent option for girl students who hurry to class.

High «tail» on the top, braided in a plait, is another practical and quickly implementable option hairstyles for every day. Instead of braids, you can make an unusual «tail», dividing the hair into vertical sections of equal length, each of which pulls an elastic band. To give the «tail» of the volume, hairs on each segment slightly pull to get the original barrel. This hairstyle will suit girls who have not too thick, but very long hair.

Photo of easy hairstyles for school in 5 minutes for curly hair

The owners of curly hair suitable all the same hairstyles, and girls with straight hair, but need to know how to do her hair. On curly hair looks good messy styling. That is, if a normal braid or braided is the beam, do not try to bring the strands to the ideal state. First, it takes a long time, and, secondly, the hair will benefit if you make a deliberate negligence.

Curly hair is good in extended, but for school this is not an option. Curly hair can be killed using the headband or barrettes-crab. In the first case, just good to slick your hair back and fix the rim on the frontal part, not letting the hair fall on the face. In the second case you grab the side strands and combining them on the back of the head, fix it with hairpin.

Curly hair well-stacked into bundles, the hair turns out quite big and beautiful.

Curly hair is very hard to fix. For this purpose, use large hair clips or pins. Get too carried away with bright bows and Bobby pins with decorative elements is not necessary. Curly hair look pretty voluminous, and the additional decorations will make the girl’s head visually even larger.