Dry skin face, body, hands — symptoms, causes and care

Normal skin is functioning properly, if it receives sufficient moisture and has a normal balance natural body fluids. When the normal balance of the sebaceous glands produce enough oil substances that the liquid held inside the skin. Oil set a natural barrier, but sometimes their number is not enough to cope with this function. If the concentration of water decreases and becomes lower than 10%, the skin loses its elasticity, may crack, itch and give the person lots of troubles. Such skin is dry, it can be distinguished by the following features:

— rough appearance, not elastic, covered with spots;

— overly stretched;

— scaly, the scales peel off;

— visible pores;

— places of friction or tension can be the most dry. It is the elbows, knees, and fingers.

— there is itching, especially after drying.

Why does skin become dry?

Dry skin can be caused by suddenly. It could be as simple as exposure to sunlight or wind and cold, dry air indoors during the heating season, constant air conditioning in the summer. Often we don’t think about the consequences for the skin when using a new cosmetic industry. It may be alkaline Soaps, washing hand, washing powders, and just excessive use of cosmetics. In particularly complex cases, there may be dermatitis.Dry skin can trigger serious diseases such as diabetes, disorders of the thyroid gland, allergies to certain foods, skin diseases – eczema, psoriasis, etc. Loss of elasticity starts and age-related skin changes.

Dry skin

Face open to impact the natural environment the most, and therefore reaction of the skin can sometimes be unpredictable. To the skin got a good hydration, the flow of water from the blood vessels in the epidermis must be the same. With insufficient activity of the sebaceous glands appears dry skin where wrinkles and folds, pigmentation and other changes manifest themselves more strongly. The reason is the lack of moisture in the epidermis. Why you need to take care of dry skin? The most unpleasant consequence – a rapid aging. Earlier to occur wrinkles, accumulated dead skin cells to cause itching and flaking.

To care for dry skin you need in several stages.

1. Purification.

It is undesirable to use gels and soap, desiccate the skin. The same effect can give, and hard water with a huge number of chemicals. To clean the skin better to use a cleansing milk hydrophilic oil, able in contact with the skin to turn into a delicate film. Wash should be no more than 2 times a day to function properly the sebaceous glands.

2. The exfoliation.

Dry skin, as well as oily, should be cleaned of dead skin particles using a peel or scrub. This should be done constantly to dead skin particles to remove, and to enable the skin in their place updated. This procedure must be performed at least 1 time a week.

Recipe of scrub for exfoliation at home:

Ingredients: banana (1 speli), sugar (3 tablespoons), vanilla sugar (1/4 teaspoon), honey (1 teaspoon). Mix and apply on face for 30 minutes. A simple water rinse and enjoy soft skin!

3. Nutrition and hydration dry skin.

This is a necessary procedure. They can be carried out using masks and beauty creams. Big plus – the excess cream can’t hurt.

Masks for dry facial skin

The purpose of the masks is to fill in the gaps by the action of the sebaceous glands and lack of moisture, so prevent premature aging of the skin. In a youth the dry skin beautiful and smooth, but wrinkles can suddenly just appear. Don’t miss this opportunity in advance. The masks should be a lot of moisturizing ingredients.

— Mask for dry skin mint leaves

Method of preparation: sort and rinse the mint leaves. Pour the boiling water and bring to a boil, cook for 2-3 minutes. 1 part of the leaves take 3 pieces of mint. Cool and put on gauze evenly, apply on face, keep for 15-20 minutes. Shoot, opolaskivaniem water. If you do this mask in the course of a month several times a week, the skin on some time will be safe.

— Oil-lemon mask useful for flaky skin

Preparation: lemon juice, sour cream, mayonnaise (a teaspoon). Mix everything and apply on face. Keep 15 minutes, wash off and processed the face tonic. This cream perfectly nourishes the skin with vitamins and make it supple.

Cream for dry skin

Cream is used in the second stage, after purging. Cream and mixtures for the care of dry skin should be oil, they are doing it supple and elastic. The cream should be thick, resembling the milk mixture better not to use. Good help in such cases gammalinoleic acid that retains moisture in the skin. Dye is best applied immediately after cleansing.

Face rinse with water and leave it wet to the effectiveness of the cream was higher. When applying the cream you can do a gentle massage on the skin, taking care not to stretch the skin. Nourishing cream, cooked alone, can be no less useful cosmetics. Store remedies can only in the refrigerator, but not for long — no more than 2 weeks, and it is better to cook a fresh portion.

Egg cream for dry skin. Method of preparation: prepare a decoction of lime blossom — brew 2 teaspoons of dried flowers per Cup of water. Keep in a water bath 15 minutes, cool. Take a tube of greasy nourishing cream, 1 egg yolk and mix with the broth. It is an excellent emollient and nourishing agent.

Rowan cream for dry skin with oil. Method of preparation: grind a Cup of ripe Rowan berries and add a tablespoon of butter, teaspoon of honey and egg yolk. Get nourishing cream for dry skin. A similar recipe can be used for cooking cream of persimmon, pears, apples.

Cream for dry skin with herbs. Method of preparation : dried plantain and mint (2 tablespoons), glass of boiling water, 2 teaspoons of nourishing cream. Mix the herbs, keep on heat for 5 minutes. Part of the broth (2 tablespoons), add in the cream and stir.

Very dry skin

To influence such a skin requires more powerful tools. In the cold season can help this composition to take 4 different hand cream (for example, «Lux», «amber»), connect them together and beat with spoon. Store in the refrigerator, use 2 times a day. Helps coconut or almond oil.

Dry skin

If you do not pay attention to the care of hands, skin can become dry and tight. Dry skin can even the remaining moisture, if not dry. Sometimes it’s just hereditary characteristics. Sometimes the hands can become rough as a result of lack of moisture and fat. In any case, it is sufficient to properly care for the hands, using a cream with lots of glycerin, lactic acid, sorbitol. In addition to fatty creams well help mask with olive oil, a dash of lemon juice.

A good remedy – a decoction of flax seed. To make it easy – 1 tablespoon of the seeds boil in 1 glass of milk. In very complex cases, cracks on the hands, especially when the profession requires to wash their hands often. If you are sure that it is not psoriasis and not eczema, you can apply the cream with emollient components – allatonin, aloe, panthenol. The product is applied at night, put cotton gloves on top.

Dry skin body

Sometimes metabolic disorders, lack of vitamins or genetic factors can affect the condition of the skin. If you notice after a shower a feeling of tightness of the skin is the first bell that we need to take action until the redness and peeling. When sebaceous glands produce too little fat, you can conduct some of the procedures.

Most often the skin not enough vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant, preventing skin aging of the face and body. In addition to cosmetic procedures should pay attention to the quality of food. The diet should include foods with a high content of vitamin – greens, eggs, beans, buckwheat, bran, liver (beef), nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, vegetable oil.Dry skin cannot be exposed to active influence of UV rays. Summer at the beach, be sure to use protective cosmetics, do not abuse the Solarium.

You can’t take very hot baths as this leads to leaching of sebum.

A lot of moisture evaporates from the surface and in the bath, so do not sit in the steam room too long. To care for dry skin is necessary. Should you use cosmetics for dry skin is a restorative oil, cosmetic lotion, cream and body lotion. Peeling and scrub to use no more than 1 time a week.

Popular recipes for dry skin

Bath of linseed and chamomile

Method of preparation: a decoction of flax seed and chamomile added to the bath and take 10-15 minutes. Prepare the broth is simple – 50 grams of herb brewed in 1 liter of water and infuse for 2 hours.

Milk bath with honey.

Method of preparation: milk (1 liter) heat almost to boiling on a water bath to melt 200 grams of honey. Mix and pour the mixture into the water. Add 2 teaspoons of almond oil.

Bath with a decoction of oatmeal

Method of preparation: take a few tablespoons of crushed cereal and place in a gauze bag. Hang it on the faucet so that through the grits were water. Procedure time is 10-15 minutes.

Scrub for dry skin — almond and oatmeal

Preparation: one spoon of almond kernels and oat flakes grind in a coffee grinder, mix with 2 tablespoons of sour cream. Apply to body massage movements, to wash off without soap. After the scrub, apply the body moisturizer.

Salt scrub with honey for dry skin

Method of preparation: blend honey (4 tablespoons) and spoon of salt, add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (olive), mix well. Apply for 5 minutes, rinse with water.

To make the skin soft and supple in the home in different ways. Love yourself, find your own way, take care of your body and you will be irresistible!

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