Dry elbows and knees: proper care of them

Most women do not pay attention to these areas of your body like knees and elbows. Rather, not giving them enough attention can bring those body parts to dryness and pigmentation. This is especially true in the cold season when the skin touches a lot of clothing and in the early spring and summer, when the body has not yet received sufficient amounts of vitamins and skin, devoid of attention becomes rough and ugly.

Causes of dry knees and elbows

It’s not all about vitamins and clothing, there are more serious reasons for this behavior of the skin in the folds. Here they are:

  • Disorders in the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland can manifest pigmentation of knees and elbows. All in hormonal changes in the body, which can also appear due to stress. If proper care of damaged areas will help you to contact the experts.
  • Due to extreme temperatures (especially in autumn) can manifest an abundant peeling of the described parts of the body. Influenced by the clothes that rubs against the dried areas of the body and can cause itching and flaking.
  • Vitamins. Their lack affects not only the health and condition of the complexion, but also on knees and elbows which, when the insufficient quantity of such elements as vitamin C, E, A and D begin to crack or peel.
  • Lovers of hot tubs should pay attention to elbows and knees: chlorinated water is not the best way affects the skin condition.
  • There are some occupations that involve constant emphasis on the knees or sitting at a Desk, at which elbows are constantly rubbing, which leads to peeling.

Proper care

Whatever the cause of dry elbows and knees should necessarily take care of them, to one day not find unsightly stains in these areas. Here are a few recommendations.

Regularly clean the knees and elbows soft pumice, if these sites are already calloused or exfoliate, use a body scrub or gommage. These funds will gently remove dead skin particles and will not allow the skin to itch.

After each cleansing, be sure to soften the knees and elbows. For this you need only to use a greasy cream that makes the skin soft and silky. You can use olive oil or liquid vitamin E (sold in a capsule in the form of oil). In any case, the hydration takes place only after cleansing the skin.

If there are areas of darkening, use of natural brighteners such as lemon peel and juice. Regular application of the juice on the dark areas after a certain time, they significantly clarified. The procedure lasts no more than 2-3 minutes, then juice rinse.

A few times a month, rinse water, coarse salt and wipe it damaged areas. Then, wiping them dry, apply the moisturizer. Salt cleans well keratinized, but it is not recommended for sensitive skin.

In the summer, on elbows and knees be sure to apply sunscreen, it will prevent darkening of these areas of the body.

Make it a rule to regularly care not only for the face, hands and hair, but also elbows and knees. These body parts also require attention and care that will stay beautiful until the tips of the nails.