Dry Dry is the secret to Your flawlessness!

In primitive tribes the ancient people recognized their relatives solely by smell. The French Emperor had asked his lover not to take a bath a few months before his arrival, to enjoy the «fragrance» of her skin. And in the wilds of the Amazon until now, the ritual of sniffing is a mandatory ceremony at the meeting. However, the realities of the modern world dictate a completely opposite standards. Purity and freshness of Your body – the key to confidence. What do the people suffering from excessive sweating and in a panic deodorizing changing one tool to another? Let us tell You a secret…

The root of the problem

If the majority of people the problem of sweating is acute only during the summer heat or severe stress, while others suffer from excessive sweating all year round. This disease is called «hyperhidrosis».

Wet armpit, sneaking out of graceful shoes sweaty feet, treacherous moisture of the palms when shaking hands with important business partners – everything is great complicates life. Both women and men!

But the solution is!

Dry? Always!

Even in 1984. the Swedish company introduced its first consumers a unique development tool against the excessive sweat production Dry Dry 35 ml.

It was not just a revolution in the fight against excessive sweating, the tool has become a real salvation for people suffering from hyperhidrosis. Now you can forget about laser removal of sweat glands and other radical procedures, such as liposuction of the armpit or curettage (scraping) of the sweat glands.

The mechanism of action of the tool is brilliant and simple: only active ingredients and no fragrances, preservatives and other additives. Moreover Dry Dry 35 ml universal – it can be used in underarms, on palms of hands and soles of the feet. And he didn’t just hide the smell of sweat, he eliminates the very reason for its selection.

The components of the antiperspirant contribute to narrowing of the sweat glands, without changes in their structure, thus your body does not lose the functions of the natural thermoregulation of the skin. This is due to the action of a special aluminium-protein complex tools. As a result, after just one use, You forget about the problem of sweating for up to 7 days!

Long-awaited trip, business trip, responsible performance – if You want to look perfect in any situation regardless of circumstances, pay attention to another product DryDry — disposable wipes in individual packaging. Anything like that You will not find from other manufacturers! Wipes Dry Dry is a 100% hit!

The product is absolutely identical to the classical dry dry antiperspirant 35 ml. There is only one caveat – due to the convenient pack cloth easy to fit even in the smallest purse. Enjoy life, and It will take care of the rest!

Security use of funds Dry Dry proved and confirmed by results of clinical studies. All products are certified. Just want to draw Your attention to the fact that Dry Dry economical in use, suitable for both men and women.

Tools TM Dry Dry from sweating already familiar to the Russian consumer, but the manufacturer does not stop there and regularly indulges us with novelties. To learn about other products TM Dry Dry, You can on the website dry-dry

You still doubt the effectiveness of Dry Dry!? Just try and become perfect in all respects!

Please note: this TM Dry Dry is only sold in an orange package!