Down diet: 7 ways to make the figure graceful and seductive

Who said that the ideal shape is that which we promote SMM and fashion designers? And why, exactly, we should be dressed exactly how I want a variety of Dolce and Gabbana? And if we can’t hide behind the tree so we could not see? What then? To go naked? Personality and individuality, that there should be no trends, and their own sense of style. There are ways by which our physique, even though she is far from loved by all standards, you can make a graceful and seductive. Don’t believe? In vain!

Wrap dress and the silhouette of the new look

Many big girls have for their size a perfect figure – the so-called «hourglass» and therefore the classic new look style suits them as anyone else. In addition, it is suitable and wrap dress.

Skirt in the style of a new look will help to conceal larger hips, but will emphasize the waist. But this style looked more advantageous, wear shoes with flat soles (sandals, ballet flats, etc.). Dress-coat also highlights the waist.

Pencil skirt

Models in skirts optically lengthen the silhouette and make the figure slimmer. If you decide to resort to using the pencil skirt, remember: the perfect solution – the skirts of dense materials. The fact that such styles are much better «pull». The girls whose figure is endowed with a miniature horse and more «heavy» bottom, wear these skirts with loose sweaters is a «balance» of your proportions. But remember: the pencil skirt often makes even the young «pohlesche» a little bit like my aunt, because the last like a narrow skirt of medium length. We recommend you to competently approach to the selection of the pencil skirt, especially if you have very full hips.


Models narrowed down trousers (and pants bananas) hide full hips. Especially well-suited to this task pants bananas from gatih and light fabrics. If you want to emphasize your graceful ankle, quite a bit to tuck them away and wear heels.

Low girls so pants needs to be careful. And choose only solid colored pants even the most beautiful print will visually add you weight.


  • You must have known how devastating for the fuller figure horizontal stripes? With vertical stripes is not the case. It is important not to forget two main rules:

    Of things though and can be striped, but in any case not tight;

  • Even a vertical strip should not be abused – the best option if stripe in the image is one thing.

Beige pumps

Under the «beige» here refers to different variations: caramel, sand, Nude, cream, pastel, etc. Pumps beige (in other words it is also called nude) are one of the most basic elements of the wardrobe of any woman. The owners of the major forms of data need new shoes though, because they lengthen the legs and make the figure slimmer.


The v-neckline should be treated with the same caution as prints. All the cunning of this type of cut is that although it extends shape, but a rounded neckline makes it even rounder, and for sure it will affect the roundness of the shape as a whole.

If you are not afraid to take a risk and select a v-neck, then add to the image some original pendant or a necklace. Such a minor addition will distract attention from your problem areas.


Large accessories in fashion now, but to you they will always be relevant. Massive earrings, bracelets, watches (men’s style) – each of these items will play in your favor, distracting from problem areas. But always stick to only the big accessories, otherwise you will add to its image problems.