Diurnal cycles of skin

Every day of our lives is subordinated to a certain rhythm – there’s a time for work and entertainment, moments when you want to create and watch designed for relaxation. I’m sure many have noticed that, once in the rhythm, you can manage to do more useful things and intuitively cut out a suitable time for certain tasks. The skin also has its own schedule of activities and, knowing about these features, it is possible to draw up a course of care for her.

Awakening – from 5 to 7 hours

Early in the morning do not want to Wake up anyone, even the skin. She is still recovering from the night cycle of recovery and regeneration, pores are closed, the circulatory system is not working at full capacity. Wake the sluggard, contrast bathing, cold compress or rubbing with ice cubes. Flushed cheeks will give a signal that you can proceed to further procedures.

Breakfast – from 8 to 10 hours

It’s time to feed the skin nutrients and drink water. It was at this time she is ready to make a moisturizing and nourishing creams, as well as additional «dessert» in the form of a makeup base that protects the face from dehydration, dust and absorption of cosmetic products.

The middle of a working day from 11 to 12 hours

Close to midday, chin, forehead and nose can acquire an unpleasant sheen. It all employs the sebaceous glands, producing sebum secret. Not to look like a fat pancake, use a matte antibacterial tonics and sprays that can be sprayed directly over makeup.

Siesta from 13 to 17 hours

In the hours attributable to the second half of the day, the skin receives less nutrients because of the reduction in pressure in the blood vessels. She becomes pale and lifeless and in need of additional support in the form of a gel, with aloe or lotions that contain vitamins.

Relaxation and rest from 18 to 20 hours

After a hard’s work and troubles of the day your skin deserve a bit of attention and care. Pamper her with a nice massage with aromatic oil, gentle exfoliation, natural mask, natural clay, eggs, honey or mud, because in these hours the skin is most receptive to such procedures.

Preparing to sleep – from 21 to 23 hours

Closer to the night, the metabolic processes in the skin slowly, paused, it is ready to enter the regeneration mode, to produce collagen and elastin, to restore superficial damage. Help her in this night creams that you must apply no later than midnight.

Text: Valentine Shmidova