Details of women’s makeup scary men

It happens that in the pursuit of beauty women are a bit «over the top». And yourself if such a woman sees a beauty, that men of excessive diligence may not like it, even cause negative emotions or scare. So, what items women make-up can cause negative or the fear of a strong half of mankind?


Girls often do not attach much importance to the fact that the complexion is greatly different from the color of the neck, all because concealer they are applied only to the chin. Multiple layers of Foundation looks very scary for men. Usually they describe a girl two words «a ton of plaster.» It’s true, often because such a makeup takes 50% of a tube of Foundation.


Unwashed or too nalakirovannye hair, looking like an unkempt wig, also will not give a woman of beauty. Men bypass these ladies party. It is not necessary to comb and style your bangs, twist your hair in tight curls, and then fill them with lacquer or a foam for fixing, all this can bring is that of insects, but not men.


Beautiful tan – decoration girls. But what if she can’t stop, no matter the campaign is to the tanning salon or use tanning? Many men really horrified look on such women, quite rightly asking: «And are they really weak?».


Lightweight and unobtrusive fragrance can awaken the desire, or cause the interest to yourself, but when this fragrance very much it is irritating, tickles the nose and is literally hated. Improper application of perfume or toilet water can ruin not only a date, but a whole party. Experts suggest such events to be approached responsibly, apply a few drops of perfume.


If you do not know how to correctly apply makeup – don’t spoil your face. Ugly feathered eyeliner, a large number of shadows, the wrong blush and carelessly painted lips just scare off men. Be yourself, try to be natural, not only in behavior but also in makeup.


Long and lush eyelashes are beautiful, but stuck eyelashes with clumps no. Men do not like untidy women, they compare the wrong choice of mascara with the effect of «spider». Eyelashes sticking out in different directions and not attract attention.


Too long nails scare men. Even if the girl sees this as something valuable and original, bright manicure with a mass of crystals does not offer a strong half of mankind. The majority of men thinks long nails are gross.

Despite the fact that every man is an individual, the majority of them prefer the naturalness, simplicity and elegance, the beauty and the beat. Don’t forget that both men will be at your feet.

Text: Kseniya Aleksandrovna