The design of the square nails photo fashionable French products. How to create an original design square nails with their hands, photos and tips

Today, well-groomed hands and beautiful nails — a sign of any modern woman who every day homework, has a career and at the same time do not forget about yourself.

But to be fashionable you need to follow the trend innovations.

The design of the square nails — what is fashionable?

At the last fashion show has been seen that fashionable in the new season, nails are no longer than 0.3 cm. as to the form, it is not worth the nail plate to give a perfect rectangular shape, it is better to slightly round off sharp edges and to give the nail shape squoval (soft square) or oval-square shape.

But unwise to submit completely to fashion, you also need to take into account natural data. In the first place, there must be harmony of the image.

The square shape of the nails, although it is considered universal it does not suit women with broad palm and full fingers. But when the nail plate by nature is small and round, then give it the shape of a soft square and, after examining photos, French novelties, create unique nail designs.

Design square nail art: photos and features

The main feature of the square nails is their versatility. This form be suitable for different nails: natural nail extensions, long, short. They looks nice any nail Polish, as plain and with pictures.

Square nails are easy to do all the household chores and even watch for a small child.

Slightly rounded corners soft square less to break and splitting, than sharp. So this form be suitable for those who have nail plate from the soft and fragile nature.

Square nail is much easier than any other. It is enough to smoothly trim the nail plate and slightly round out the edges with a nail file.

Nail due to the minimal turning remains virtually unaffected, which helps to keep it healthier and to prevent its stratification. And healthy nails manicure lasts longer.

Square shape easy to care for, enough to file every 2-3 days and not have to use the pliers.

You need to constantly make sure that the square nails do not grow too long. In addition, that the growth plate will bend down, and the manicure will look ugly, so it is also weaken the nail.

On the form soft square harmoniously will look to any manicure design, whether conventional glossy or matte varnish, or a fashionable nail art.

French is perhaps best combined with the square shape of the nails. Moreover, after examining photos of the novelties can be noticed that the French are again in favor. Famous designers and image-makers have presented several types:

1. The classic French manicure. It is performed by a natural lucky colors. The nail plate is painted pink or beige color, and the tip of the nail is applied white lacquer. On top of the two coatings applied protective coating that gives the manicure a finished and neat appearance. The French approach to any outfits, be it a business suit or a wedding dress.

2. Colored French. This type of manicure is also as classic jacket, but instead of white lacquer smile is drawn with colored lacquer.

Looking at the photo of French novelties of nail design you can see that in this season fashionable will be black, blue, pine-forest and bright neon colors.

3. The French Millenium. Instead of color nail Polish on the tips of the nail are glitter and decorative sand.

4. Fan French. One of the most exciting and original types of the French. For decorating the free edge of the nail using rhinestones, beads, foil, dried flowers, mica, and more. Of course this manicure is not for casual Affairs, but in any celebration it can be done.

5. Twist-French. Smile operates in two different contrasting colors. This fashionable and elegant manicure goes with any style of clothing.

6. Unusual French. It is created using a non-standard form of a smile, for example, in the form of a triangle or a zigzag.

7. Lunar French. Gaining popularity of the inverted French manicure. When creating the emphasis is not on the free edge of the nail and at its base, near which another lacquer paint Crescent.

In addition to French trend design a La Louboutin. As a rule, the top nail plate is covered with black lacquer, and the bottom red, but you can use other colors, for example, as pictured:

And just plain square nails to complete the look with almost any modern woman.

The design of the square nails: the sequence of actions

To give the nail a square shape and apply your favorite design French, having studied photos of new products independently, if to observe some rules.

Giving a square-shaped natural nails

To do a manicure at home need a nail file, clippers or scissors with straight blades.

Before you start making the nail plate square shape it is necessary to conduct preparatory work:

1. First you need to degrease nails and wipe off the old coating. It is better to use liquid nail Polish remover without acetone.

2. Next, soften the nails and skin with a thermal baths that you can add either sea salt or essential oil. To care for skin at any age, you can use essential oils of citrus, neroli, hyssop, lavender, rose, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, cypress. Strengthens the nail plate the oil of myrrh, lemon, tea tree, bergamot.

3. Gently slide the carousing and remove it. Dry your hands for 10-15 minutes.

4. Then with wire cutters or scissors, one motion cut the nail plate in a straight line. It is important to ensure that tools are sharp, then the cut will be smooth that will help keep the nail healthy and will prevent it from detaching.

5. To file the free edge. To avoid cracks and chips to handle the nail should be in the same direction or from right to left or left to right. Never podpilivaya wet nails, it is detrimental to them.

6. To create a soft square lightly grind the sharp corners.

7. Wash hands and apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream. Instead of cream you can use any base oil: jojoba, apricot, almond or peach.

After that, you need to decide on design. It is important to consider all the details and perhaps it is better to turn to a professional in the beauty industry.

Making square shape artificial nails

Increasing the square nails with the help of paper forms and the modeling material.

The process consists of several stages:

1. On the skin apply an antiseptic, it remove surplus with a cotton pad. Cuticle slide, treat the free edge of the nail.

2. Install a paper form. From this stage depends on the result of the build-up.

3. Degrease the natural nail liquid nail Polish remover and apply a primer. Then begin to lay out the modeling material. Place the nails with the gel in the UV lamp and wait until the gel hardens.

4. Apply another layer of gel in the stress area of the nail and let it dry under a lamp. Remove sticky layer with a special liquid or liquid varnish remover without acetone, nail file undercut free edge, giving it a rectangular shape. Grind the excess gel, align the nail surface.

5. Apply the last layer of gel and dry it in the UV rays.

Next you need to decide upon the design. Professional beauty industry will help you choose the individual design of the square nails under the style of clothes.

The design of the square nails: tips professionals

Having mastered the basic technique of creating the square shape of the nail and watch photos of fashionable French novelties you can begin to design.

Exquisite and beautiful design, you can create even on short nails square shape, it is necessary only to use a fancy decorative paints of the current season.

Look good on short to medium nails a lucky black, Burgundy, yellow, gold, orange, green and blue colors.

To create a long lasting manicure, you can use shellac. Manicure with shellac looks more natural and neat. Shellac allows you to grow your nail plate and substantially improve her condition. Besides it is much cheaper than, for example, acrylic. This manicure lasts up to 2 weeks.

To shellac looks beautiful need apply the nail base coat to dry, apply the nail color to dry and apply a pinning layer.

Young girls can use bright lacquers and additionally decorating them with glitter.

Square nails medium length looks classic and beautiful multi-colored French manicure, flowers, geometric patterns.

Unusual and creative design of square nails can be created using lines and circles.

You can do on square nails French using the technique of double stroke. You need a base coat, two different nail Polish colors or acrylic paint, flat brush, palette and fixer. On nail plate apply base coat. On the palette, apply a decorative lacquer or paint, dip them in the brush and get her on the free edge of the nail plate, creating the selected design. The top color coat, you can decorate any nail materials and only then apply the top coat.

Even more diverse design, you can create square nails of great length. After all, for the beauty of the master surface of the nail as a canvas for the artist, the more space, the greater the opportunity to create a masterpiece.

Typically, long nails decorated with classic or multicolored jacket, which can be further decorated with paintings, stickers, glitter, polonkai etc.

Beautiful and elegant long square nails looks body sculpting.

Wedding square nails can be decorated with the moon manicure, classic French or decorate any nail-lacquer materials (dried flowers, glitter, rhinestones, polonkai). In a day you can afford any design wish, most importantly know when to stop.

To create the design of the square nails you can use adhesive tape, which is glued at a different angle and it is to be applied decorative lacquer. You can buy special stencils or magnetic nail Polish with different stamps.

Those who are good with a brush, you can draw anything: animals, stripes, pieces of fruit, stars, flowers and more.

Creating the design for square nails, you need to remember that they look ugly large patterns and horizontal stripes that visually enhance the nail plate.