How to choose the design of sharp nails? Everything about the design of the sharp nails, the rules of selection of decorative elements and colors

Since ancient times girls used to follow the beauty of the hands.

Fashion is fleeting, with a changing mood, like a woman.

If in past seasons you preferred the nails of the oval form, the next peak could belong to a sophisticated and bold design sharp nails.

It is impossible to create a complete image without a proper manicure.

Fingers can tell a lot about a woman: her lifestyle, character, style and even give a hint as to the profession.

Yes, there are girls who for various reasons do not follow the beauty and purity of their hands, but the bulk are of the opinion that the person should be beautiful from tip toes to the roots of the hair.

Ladies relate to the acute form of the nails with extreme caution. This is not surprising because such design is boldly, provocatively, and for some, even shocking. Most importantly, do not be afraid to experiment, choose the right length and wedge angle, as well as decoration at the shower.

Woman tend to get used to the shape of the nails. Often, when she does manicure, changing only the length and color of the coating used. Experts recommend to change the form in accordance with the mood, manner and situation. So every girl at least once has to try pointed nails.

Design sharp nails – it is fashionable?

If you do not wish to stand out among other women, you don’t even have to consider the design of sharp nails for yourself. Today, the beauty industry klassificeret cat’s nails, as some of the bold and fashionable. In the trend of impressive length and most pointed tip. Manicure of this type for self-confident lady. Women with long sharp nails to cause the admiration, and some envy in those who do not dare to such experiments.

If you wanted to dramatically change your style, then you should start with changing the typical oval or rectangular shape nails, draw out. Of course, with such fingers in the garden will not work, and the actions associated with small work is difficult to implement. Therefore, in the foreground, the question is not about fashion, but about comfort of the owner of manicure.

In deciding in favor of the pointed shape of the nail, the woman must ensure that her hands will always be to eye-catching: not only friends, but also strangers. Here already plays the role of a personal aspect. Be sure to make sure that this manicure will be appropriate in the workplace. If the company’s code does not allow such liberties, and the desire to have an acute form of the nails unwavering, it is recommended to do a medium length and smooth the angle of taper of the free edge of the nail plate. A sort of variation on the theme of design sharp nails. For example, this option would look good in an office environment (sequins can be):

The beauty industry has no specific limits or boundaries, it is difficult to say that the acute form of the nails unfashionable, and rectangular in the trend. It all depends on the person and situation. The only thing that never goes out of style – a classic. But then again, along with the usual nail professionals offer bold solutions.

Long fingernails sharp shapes are a great springboard for creativity. And if you do not consider this form for everyday wear, then at the ceremony the best option is not to look. Professional master can create a unique masterpiece on your fingers.

Starting in mid-2015, the world of nail design have added a term such as stilettos:

Today fashionista find situational uses for this manicure: wedding, prom, fashion shows and so on.

Also there are options of evening design sharp nail on the basis of the jacket, which looks unique on the length:

We can safely say that the stilettos though not suitable for everyday manicure, because of its length and shape, but are fashionable attribute of modern girls.

Design sharp nail art: photos and features

The main feature of nails of the acute form is the versatility. Almost every girl can afford them. If you are not awarded the solid nail plate, it will help the procedure. If the girl has short nails, the acute form will not look aesthetically pleasing. You can let go and your natural nails, but in this case, you will have to wait a long time, then pick the right design sharp nails, but soon all the work will go down the drain. This is due to the high probability of damage to your own nail.

If with oval and rectangular shape are all relatively simple and easy girl alone will do a manicure, when you choose to use nails in its acute form it is better to entrust the process to professionals.

Given that nails the acute form is the relatively small number of women, men will always pay attention to your hands, and then they need to be perfect, which requires constant care.

The acute form of the nails are more prevalent among young girls who haven’t go to work, but not in school: students, postgraduate students and so on (though here all depends on the kind of profession). If you decide to wear this type of manicure it before you change shape, you need to analyze: how will look new nogtiki in combination with your length of fingers and shape of the nail plate. Sharp nails is a fragile element of beauty, so you need to choose the right length.

When the length and form decided, you need to choose the design of sharp nails. Experts recommend not to try to hide the delicate fingers with the nails are triangular in shape. So better to choose non-standard design decision on the colors and decorations.

If the girl prefers a plain manicure, you need to choose deep and rich colors.

Profitable long sharp nails shapes look geometric and abstract lines. It will emphasize the individuality of the owner of manicure.

Lately, incredibly popular became design sharp nail, a La Louboutin, where the top is black, inner side is red:

The trend is considered to be the moon manicure. Looks great on long, sharp nails, and his original performance of visually shortens the nail plate. It can be done in calm tones and bright:

However, the best stilettos look great in a classic French manicure performance:

Not necessary to choose a white and pink lacquer, it is possible to experiment with acid shades.

Design sharp nail: a sequence of actions

Some women are skeptical about visiting the beauty salons and in particular, nail Cabinet. They justify this by the fact that there is an insufficient level of sanitary conditions. To create at home acute form of the nails and choose a suitable design will not be difficult if you follow some rules.

The easy way out – classic manicure

Before asking your nail shape, you need to perform preparatory work:

• we recommend that you first do a warm bath for the hands with the use of cosmetic products: sea salt, essential oils or their complex;

• when the hands are well-steamed, you can start the main phase – shifting the cuticle to edge of nail plate (performed gently, so as not to damage the top layer of the nail);

• next, armed with a scissors with rounded ends to cut the free edge of the cuticle (also this procedure can be done with special tweezers with ledge);

• after the procedure is performed on all the fingers, carefully anoint the hands of a favourite cream (moisturising and nourishing agents).

The establishment of the acute form of the nails

When the handles were filled with cream and a little rest, you need to start creating a shape and then design sharp nails. This is done as follows:

1. Masters of nail design is recommended to begin work on creating a form using abrasive saws. Washed down the nail plate should be on the cone shape: the closer to the Central part of the edge line of the nail, the sharper you need to do the corner. Thus, it will make a trendy stilettos;

2. Making form remember one important caveat: the sawing motion should be up down and either up or down.

The first attempt to create acute forms of nails can take a considerable amount of time. The main thing is to be patient and not to hurry in such an important process.

The next step is to choose the right design sharp nails. Here all you need to consider to the smallest detail to the overall painting was completed. It might be better to consult a specialist.

Design sharp nail tips

When a woman makes the choice in favor of long, sharp nails, the professionals recommend to go one of two ways:

• perform artificial extension;

• strengthen your own nails with gel Polish.

The first option is ideal for those who have some defects in the nail plate. Capacity-allows you to create the perfect shape and improve strength. Frequency corrections of 1 every 1.5–3 weeks depending on the rate of growth of own nails.

The second way is to go to priverzhenka natural. Gel Polish speaks for itself, it is a complex of gel and varnish that helps to strengthen your nails. Duration of use a nail within three weeks.

The master is advised when choosing the design sharp nail to give preference to those figures, which are located in the middle part or at base.

Special attention should be paid to the free edge of the nail. It can be painted matching the color pattern, or decorate a small oblong patterns.

Advantageous to look at the long, sharp nails, floral motifs: roses, lilies and other favorite flowers. By the way, this option is often used for wedding manicure. Thus it is better to give preference to the aquarium than sculpting.

If a girl wants to have trendy manicure, the master is recommended to decorate nails with foil, rhinestones and other elements custom decor.