Design gel Polish on short nails – new fashion trends. New design gel Polish on short nails — cool!

Manicure with gel lacquer coating relatively recently gained popularity among lovers of beautiful nails and this was the impetus for creating the most incredible designs, striking in its diversity.

Short nails, a trend that has increased in 2014, is not only stylish, but also practical.

They are more resistant to mechanical damage, it’s easier to perform everyday hard work, which is very difficult and sometimes dangerous with long nails.

Girls with soft and brittle by nature nail plate will also have easier, because it eliminates the need for expensive capacity.

Design gel Polish on short nails — fashion trends

To begin, consider a few simple rulesthat will help to create an elegant and harmonious design on short nails:

1. Do not use in your manicure volumetric elements: modeling, a large number of crystals and stones adorn the short stem, but will only aggravate it.

2. The square shape of the nails is not for everyone, but the vertical patterns and figures can help visually lengthen the fingers.

3. Colors of your nail Polish does not consist of large number of colors, the only exceptions are the complementary colors. Also it is necessary to abandon too large or small stylistic elements. Supersaturated design looks pretentious and ridiculous.

4. Do not be afraid of bright or dark colors. The main thing is to ensure that the handles were in perfect condition, and the shape of the nails were the same.

In 2016 relevant and stylish designs, done in pastel colours. This option will appeal not only to admirers of natural beauty – it is suitable to all without exception. White, lavender, lilac, pale blue, chocolate and beige shades to remain at the peak of popularity. Business ladies can indulge in wine tones. The natural shape of the nail is also at the peak of popularity.

French manicure

French manicure and the moon, as its variation, is a classic that will always be in fashion. Business style prefer standard colors, unordinary people can experiment with bright colors.

In the spring of 2016 will be in fashion baby blue and light pink shades, as reported by the Pantone color Institute. Designed in the style of the gradient, or Ombre – the perfect option to combine these colors.


The vertical gradient will help to lengthen the fingers, it can be safely used in the design of gel nail Polish on short nails.

Already out of fashion, the requirement for strict coincidence of colors of clothing, makeup, manicure and accessories. Just watch out that your image looked harmoniously. At the same time, the stylists remain demanding for the red color: red lacquer, they are advised to wear a duet with red lipstick.

Matte finish, combination of Matt and gloss still in trend. These nails look stylish and elegant. When you create a beautiful design come to the aid of Scotch tape and different stencils.

Design gel Polish on short nails: photos

As already mentioned, in the fashion of a plain nail. In order to vary the design, use different shades of one color. Smooth color transition on the nails looks unbeatable.

The transition from dark to light

When there is insufficient availability of gel varnish the desired color, you can experiment. Different gel polishes the same manufacturer can be mixed together to obtain a desired shade.

To perform a manicure in the photo, mix on a piece of foil a few drops of brown Polish with a drop of white, mix orange stick. Remember, the more white lacquer – the new lighter shade.

Incredibly beautiful design on short nails that is made using stamping.


Various colors, patterns and designs, animal print, so trendy this season, the geometry is just a little of what you can create with stamping. Drawings made in this technique are characterized by precision of lines, richness of detail as well as simplicity and high speed of deposition.

For this you will need the nail Polish for stamping, special plate with the engraved drawings, a scraper for removing excess nail Polish and the stamp to transfer the pattern on the nail.

First, you must perform standard treatments: manicure, file nails, degreased nail plate and apply the base coat. After that, apply the main color. Can you elaborate on the solid surface, to make French or lunar manicure. For a picture, choose a contrasting color. The excess that got on the skin and cuticles are easily removed using wipes moistened with acetone.

The stamping together with the French manicure

Design gel Polish on short nails : a sequence of actions

Despite the practicality of short nails, the technique of manicure and the subsequent design gel Polish requires proper attention.

Before you begin any of the manicure, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them. With a nail file give the same shape and length your nails. Rectangular shape is best suited to owners of long fingers, but no less beautiful look oval or almond-shaped nails.

Cuticle should be on 10-15 minutes to load the hands in a bath with warm soapy water. After that, the cuticle is pushed back with an orange stick and gently clipped the sharp nail scissors or nippers.

Next, you easily walk through the nail plate buff with high abrasiveness. Spilivaya glossy layer, special attention should be paid to the area around the cuticle. Then degrease the nail plate means disposable. For better grip the base with your fingernail, you can use acid free primer. It does not require drying in the UV lamp immediately after that you can apply base coat gel Polish. The drying time of each layer is determined by the manufacturer of the gel Polish, on average, it is 2 min in UV lamp at 36 volts.

After done action you can start implementing the design. In addition to the above, it is impossible not to mention such techniques as lace and veil.

The easiest way design is carried out with the help of special stickers, they can be water or adhesive. After drying, the base of the nails to apply the main color. For more substance and apply a few thin coats of colored lacquer, drying each of them in the UV lamp for at least 2 minutes. After that you can apply a sticker, pre-cut it in the shape of the nail. Further marigolds to cover the top, gently sealing the free edge of the nail plate, and dry in the lamp, then remove the sticky layer.

Lace gel nail Polish

One of the assistants on the way of creating beautiful lace design is set for stamping. Covering the nail with a background color, just need to transfer the plates like the picture – neat manicure is ready.

Lace on pink gel nail Polish

Incredibly beautiful lace painting made by hand. You will need a thin brush with a long NAP and lots of patience, but the result is worth the time spent. So this manicure did not look pretentious, zadekorirovat lace a line tunic or select the free edge of the nail.


Manicure in the style of the veil or tights quickly wins the hearts of lovers. Mandatory attributes are semi-transparent background, lace and thin piping around the nail.

Performs this design as follows: after applying and drying base coat prepares the translucent base. To do this on a piece of foil, mix a few drops of the top and a drop of black gel paint, all carefully stir orange stick. The resulting basis is applied to nails and left to dry in the lamp. Next, on the nails you can apply the pattern. This can be a mesh, applied using stamping, dots in the form of droplets or hand-drawn. On top of the grid, you can draw roses, monogram and decorate all the little rhinestones. After that, a thin brush with a long NAP is drawn banding of the nail.

Design gel Polish on short nails: tips

Gel Polish helps protect your nails from harmful environmental influences and mechanical damage, will reduce visits to the beauty salons. The optimum time period during which the gel that looks flawless for 2 weeks. Therefore, the chips that occur 10-14 days after application is normal. But what if the paint is cracked, chipped or completely off the nail? How to prolong the beauty of your manicure and to make a visit to the salon was not a disappointment?

• You should not trim your nails before going to the salon – leave this job to the master.

• After coating nails with gel Polish 2-3 hours, try not to contact with water (washing floors, dishes), use rubber gloves and do not visit baths and saunas for several days. After drying, the gel Polish, the molecules are still in motion, there should be a shrinkage of the material on the nail, which prevents water and household chemicals.

• Antibiotics, menstruation and hormonal disruption can be the cause of the rapid detachment of the gel Polish.

When performing manicure at home, follow these tips:

• Be sure to seal the end of the nail, then paint deflates when drying and later worn much longer.

• A thick layer when applying the gel Polish interferes with the quality of its drying. Better 2-3 thin layers than one thick.

• Getting Polish on the cuticle area or side rollers may cause further flaking, beginners can use thin brush to draw the outline and flat for application of the base layer.

• If the drawing varnish or gel spreads – pre-remove the sticky layer from the nails.

• Put in the lamp each drawn element in order to avoid mixing the colors.

• Using water decals in the design, it is better to use a white backing – this will retain the brightness of the pictures.

As the saying goes: «Meet on clothes…» — and this applies not only to clothing styles, makeup or hairstyle, but also your pens. Beautiful, well-groomed nails – the key to success in any business, because if a girl feels confident – just think and surrounding. Treat yourself to a nice manicure and the result will not keep itself waiting.