Facial cleansing at home — cleanse the skin according to the method of the Hollywood stars

What woman does not dream about clean and healthy skin? Alas, the era of technological progress and environmental stress leaves marks on our faces.

Hated the black dots are familiar to almost every one of us. They especially like to appear right before important events, dates and parties.

You can’t always find the time and money to visit the beauty parlor. Why every woman should have in their Arsenal ojogovom recipes deep cleansing of the skin.

Why it is necessary to regularly do Facials at home

Comedones, or, as we used to call them – acne, there are on the skin of the 80% residents of large cities. Their appearance is affected by the environment, lifestyle and health status. Sebaceous glands perform an important mission – protect the skin from drying out and harmful environmental influences. They secrete an oil like substance that is mixed with rough scales on our skin.

In normal condition the facial skin must be cleansed itself. But stress, chronic illness, sleep fragments, hormonal disruptions cause the glands to produce an abnormally large amount of sebum. The cells begin to be updated much slower.

Sebaceous glands become inflamed, and increase the accumulated dirt turns into a hideous black dots. Comedones appear inside the skin, so it would not have sang this is the new miracle cream, comedogenic, he’s just useless. To get rid of black spots can only deep clean the face.

Clean the face to get rid of blackheads, make the skin soft and silky and at home. Properly executed cleansing in the home for efficiency than not be inferior to salon procedures.

Important rules deep facial cleansing at home

Cleaning at home is absolutely simple procedure, available to every girl. But to achieve procedure desired result, follow these simple rules:

1. To face can be touched only perfectly clean hands. Deep cleansing opens the skin pores so that bacteria will be much easier to get inside. If you don’t want inflammation and rashes on your face, be sure to wash your hands with soap, and then RUB them with rubbing alcohol.

2. Before the procedure the skin should be previously purified. You can use a scrub, and then rinse face with warm water.

3. Cannot be deep cleansing inflamed skin with sores, scratches or immature rash. Then the desire to make the skin beautiful will result in even greater disaster. Cleansing at home is a simple and delicate procedure. But if you have the skin has sores or pimples that are inflamed, it is better to wait for their healing. And while you can wipe the skin with a cotton pad soaked in the herbal tonic.

For this ideal tonic chamomile – will reduce inflammation and help wounds to heal faster. Acne is not to squeeze better dry their tea tree oil. When the inflammation goes down, you can get rid of them with a deep clean.

Mechanical cleaning of the face at home

For the procedure we need:

— a large towel;

— a pot of hot water;

— ingredients for herbal decoction;

— tea tree oil;

hydrogen peroxide;

— the bandage;

— alcoholic tonic for the face;

— a moisturizer.

Cons of the procedure:

— the procedure is long;

— after it can be redness, but they will be in a few days;

leather may be a little flaky (especially dry skin), but a moisturizer it is fine to cope with this problem.

The pros of the procedure:

— no black dots;

no dead cells;

— if you apply cream after the procedure, it will penetrate deep into the skin and will have a more effective effect.

hand hygiene

Wash your hands with soap and RUB them with rubbing alcohol to avoid an infection.

preliminary cleansing of the skin

You need to thoroughly clean the skin with a scrub or peeling, then rinse with warm water.

steaming of the skin and enlarged pores.

To get rid of blackheads is possible only by opening the pores. To prepare this herbal decoction to bath water. For dry skin ideal yarrow and wormwood, and fat – horsetail. There is a universal remedy that is right the possessor of all skin types – chamomile.

Just put dry herb in a pot of boiling water for one liter you need two tablespoons of grass. A few minutes boil the broth and put the pan on the table. Add to broth a few drops of tea tree oil in combating comedones and pimples, it has no equal. Let the broth cools, you can then proceed to the procedure. Lean over the pot with the broth and cover your head with a towel.

Try not to tilt your head too much in order not to scald the skin. Towel you need for the effect of steam baths, to not enter into the cold air. If you are the owner of dry skin five to eight minute steam sauna will be enough.

For problem and oily skin need a bit of time – ten to fifteen minutes. Cleansing at home is not inferior to manual cleaning in the cabin. Skin is steamed, the pores open, your skin is perfectly prepared for the next step.

remove blackheads

Now your skin is ready to fight with black dots. Again clean hands with alcohol. The index fingers of both hands wrapped in a bandage and wet with peroxide. Steamed skin black spots are removed very easily and painlessly. Push the black point index fingers on both sides – you will see dirt out of the pores of the skin.

Never do this nail then your face will remain ugly scars. If you did everything right, and skin rasburicase well enough – the black dots will be deleted without any problems. Places from which you removed the black spots, treat with hydrogen peroxide.

then the restriction

When your face get rid of blackheads, dirt and dead skin cells, it’s time to tighten the pores. To do this, carefully wipe the skin with any tonic alcohol-based.

hydration of the skin

After toner has dried, treat your face moisturizer. The procedure for cleaning very dry skin, so moisturizer is vital. If you have dry skin, apply another layer of moisturizer.

Owners of oily and prone to acne skin, it is advisable to conduct a deep cleaning twice a month. Dry skin is enough for one cleaning session per month.

The Hollywood method of cleaning the face at home

Suitable for all skin types, except dry.

If the procedure for making herbal potions and the process of steam sauna you, to put it mildly, not draw – do not worry. We saved you another, equally effective way of deep cleaning of the skin. It is called «Hollywood» cleaning. Because the effect of this procedure is comparable to the cleaning effect, which make Hollywood stars in the most luxurious beauty salons.

So that will give you a Hollywood facial at home:

— a decent alternative to cosmetic products of premium class;

— clean face without black spots, flaking and greasy luster;

— visible results after the first session.

If that’s the effect you need for a single procedure we need:

— ampoule of calcium chloride five percent (sold in any drugstore and costs pennies);

— baby soap (solid);

— a few cotton pads;

— any soothing mask;

— a moisturizer.

As in the previous procedure, the skin should be well cleaned. Wash away the remnants of cosmetics and creams, to make a gentle scrub and rinse with warm water. Hands thoroughly washed and wipe with alcohol.

To Hollywood cleaning person in the home was safe and without risk to skin infection, you can use sterile medical gloves. Let’s face a few minutes to dry, it must be dry. Now you can start the procedure.

Wear gloves and carefully open a vial of calcium chloride. If you are afraid to cut your fingers, ask at the pharmacy a plastic vial. Wet by means of a cotton pad, and blotted movements apply to face. Let the skin dry. Then again repeat their actions. Apply the product on face and let it dry. Repeat until you don’t use the whole vial. The area around the eyes is strictly forbidden to touch, she’s too delicate!

After the medium dries on the skin, take a cotton pad and lightly wet the soap. Massage the face is lathered with a cotton pad. It is advisable to do it along the massage lines. first, the skin forms a foam. Re-wash a cotton pad and massage the skin again.

In a few minutes you will see on your skin «flakes». Don’t be alarmed: this happens when the interaction of calcium chloride and natrievoe acids contained in the soap. When mixed they give the effect of a very deep peeling, slipping into «pellets», peeling captures dead skin cells and blackheads.

After a thorough massage wash away the skin flakes with the warm water. To give the skin a rest after such a deep cleansing, soothing treat her any masochki (for example, a mask with a decoction of chamomile and oatmeal). Wash away the mask and apply on face a thick layer of moisturizer.

Deep exfoliation shouldn’t be done more than once in a month. It is useful to combine it with other methods of purification. During the procedure, the skin may slightly redden, it is possible to light tingling is perfectly normal. But if you feel a strong burning sensation, immediately rinse the solution with warm water and soap. In this case, the procedure is not suitable for your skin.


Cleaning is simple and affordable for any woman procedure. It does not require financial costs and time consuming if you do it not in the beauty salon and at home. Most importantly do it right — following all the recommendations above, and home cleaning will make the skin soft, smooth and make you forget about the black dots.