Day and evening cream: are there really differences?

Modern cosmetology offers a lot of money on skin care. The most popular are creams, which can be divided into daytime and evening. However, not every woman thinks about their difference. Typically, packages represent common properties: moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, whitening etc. the only Difference is the marked «day» or «night». There are actually differences between these creams? Or is it just a marketing ploy?

Day cream

  • The day cream has a light texture. It does not clog pores-enriched with essential nutrients that control the moisture balance and regulate the sebaceous glands. 60% creams of this type consist of water.
  • To use them better after 18 years. When it passed the problems of puberty, and the body became calm hormonal rhythm.
  • Day creams also contain special substances that protect from tobacco smoke dry, cold wind, and UV filter. Rich creams with vitamins a, E, C, minerals and biostimulants suitable for women after 25 years. Young skin from this vitamin cocktail can «be lazy» and stop trying to produce natural protective substances. This will lead to premature aging.

Evening (night) cream

  • Night cream is more dense in texture. It is designed to restore skin while you sleep, saturate it with microelements, which were lost in the daytime.
  • It is a supplementary tool and is applied after 25 years. At this age the skin is less prone to heal itself, why can appear the first signs of aging. Special additives evening cream helps to deal with it.
  • As evening cream is very thick, then it should be applied a half or two hours before bedtime. A necessary part of the cream will be absorbed, and the remainder should be removed with a cloth.
  • Applying night creams is required. Their use is recommended only if you have dry skin, or in special cases, when the skin needs extra nourishment (in winter, after colds).

The difference between the daytime and evening the cream is still there, but should focus on the individual characteristics of the skin. And not to indulge in total cosmetic shopping. Recently in the Windows of cosmetics shops are increasingly found universal facial creams. They can be used regardless of skin type, age, and morning and evening. They contain special particles that quickly penetrate the skin and enable it to cope with one or another age-related problem.

Text: Katerina Pchelnikova