Dark circles under eyes how to remove them quickly and get rid of them forever

Circles under the eyes – unsightly spectacle that we are accustomed to seeing in the mirror.

Our main task is to determine the cause of the dark circles and eliminate it.

Secondary – to learn how to mask the dark circles and try to improve the condition of skin, blood vessels under the eyelids with the help of home products and exercise.

Why are there circles under the eyes

When you have under eyes there are bruises, it is important to determine the cause of their appearance. It could be normal pigmentation, or reaction vessels which are located under the thin skin around the eyelids, etc. Why have these changes? They can appear as a result of venous stagnation in the lower divisions of the skin, and in the circular muscle of the eye. Dark circles often occur due to improper lifestyle.

If the skin is normal, it has a pinkish hue. Experts say that the color attach to the surface blood vessels that feed the skin with oxygen. It is transferred these highly specialized cells, like red blood cells. They are red in color. It is these red blood cells, seen through the skin and give her a pink tint. When everything is in order, blood flow occurs rapidly.

With regard to the vessels located under the eyelid, they are very thin. The doctors say that the lumen of the capillary may become already own red blood cells. If the lumen is narrowed, blood begins to stagnate, because it disturbs its normal outflow. What happens in the end?

Trying hard to squeeze through the capillaries the red blood cells start to slip out. It’s slipping – not that other as microscopic bleeding. Guess what it becomes. Right, under the eyelid appear ugly dark circles, bruising.

Highly skilled experts do not doubt that the bruising is in most cases a signal on the occurrence of failures of any of the bodies. They also claim that dark circles can tell what kind of system are suffering at this moment.

Thus, any prolonged stagnation of blood in the eye hole and under the eyelid arise from problems with blood flow, resulting in color changes of the skin. Poor circulation in this area appear most often due to the development of diseases. But people don’t look at the bruises special attention, considering the circles under the eyes caused by fatigue.

All is well, but the circles from fatigue should disappear after the person gets out of whack. Typically, these circles appear along with the enlarged vessels of the eyeball. Bruises and extensions can also talk about the manifestation of allergic reactions. Another type of dark circles is hereditary.

Note: if the circles under the eyes disappeared after a full sleep, their presence likely indicates the development of the disease, which leads to poor circulation.

So let’s talk about the circles under the eyes, which are indicators of diseases. If under the lower eyelid show through the circles, which consist of the blue the venous network, it is evidence of dystonia. It leads to the development of hypertension and serious heart disease. Venous mesh under the lower eyelid often indicates hormonal disorders. Yellow-brown circles are talking about diseases of the liver, biliary tract. Blue circles under the eyes can indicate kidney problems, etc.

Note: some women noted that the circles under the eyes they have started to appear in adulthood. This may be due to the thinning of the skin, through which more clearly show the blood vessels.

Remove dark circles under eyes cosmetic products

The bruises, of course, can be masked by Foundation. But let’s first define how to work with the skin under the eyelids. To reduce the likelihood of dark circles, you need to use a good moisturizing eye cream. The cream should be applied acupressure, starting from the outer corner of the eye and interior finishing.

Note: cream is not intensely RUB. At the same time, distributing it, you have to lightly press on the skin with fingertips. Thus, we will be able to move the jammed red blood cells.

For those ladies who are accustomed to hide signs of fatigue under the eyes, rather than trying to identify and eliminate the cause, will be useful for more detailed information about the rules for masking flaws. Disguise «stale» the skin under the eyelids, you can use concealer – light texture corrector. You need to choose the one that lighten skin a few shades.

separate beauticians suggest to select masking products, focusing not on the skin tone of the face, and the color of the outer cover of the wrist.

But if you have very much stood out the pigment under the eyes has caused a lot of bruising, masking means two shades lighter there is no escape – will have to carefully choose the color corrector. For example, when circles under eyes are a gray-greenish tint, you need to use a concealer pink hues, which is applied to the skin under the eyelids after the distribution of the moisturizer. Concealer distribute slanted strokes and shade with a sponge or brush.

Brown circles are offset concealer salmon color, bluish – warm-yellow or light orange tone. If the circles are mild, you can do a light masking means. It is almost invisible on the skin. These products refresh the skin.

Well visible bruises removed means with a dense texture and bright color, they are perfect to cover dark circles.

concealer should be applied by grabbing the upper eyelid. This way you will get rid of color contrast. If the skin on the face fat on the upper eyelid instead of a concealer, you should apply a base shade, overlapping in colour with the masking tool.

With regard to mentioned at the beginning of the subtitle of Foundation or powder, which girls used to hide under eye circles, they are not able to work as effectively as a concealer. This product just seals the area under the lower eyelid, whereby the bruise disappears. It may not mitigate the defect, as it does correctly colour-matched concealer.

In the end, using the toner, the girls attract more attention to their shortcomings. A significant disadvantage of Foundation is its great density, which is higher than the concealer. Another drawback of creams – it is, unlike the concealer dries on the skin, then emphasizes every wrinkle.

And please note that the use of concealer is only the first step of applying decorating and natural makeup, not the last and only.

Folk remedies and under eye circles

People often try to get rid of circles under eyes folk remedies. They apply to eyelids slices of raw potato, tea bags. But such a situation is, of course, does not change.

However, if you already went to the doctor and are now being treated for the disease, which appeared dark circles, it is not necessary to abandon home treatments to disguise the problem. This can be done using homemade products such as mask and skin underneath.

To prepare nourishing whitening mask you’ll need to take two teaspoons of grated potato, cucumber and amuse them with the same amount of finely chopped greens (parsley, dill). In the mask add half a teaspoon of olive oil and twice as many homemade sour cream. The tool is laid on a cotton pad, after which it is placed on the eye for not more than three or four minutes.

Many women not only rely on the bags of black tea or potatoes, but do not neglect the purchase of products intended, to put it mildly, not the eye. For example, is in progress hemorrhoid ointment that improve blood circulation.

Circles under the eyes are afraid of exercise

Sadly, but cosmetics the problem is still not solved. It is difficult to radically change and using home products. But what a good idea to really do, so it’s training vessels. So, to deal with stagnant, developing in the narrow vessels of the lower eyelid, with the help of special training the eye muscles. How does it happen?

Exercise # 1

Sit up straight and look forward, then, without changing the position of the body, lift up the eyes, return them to their original position, and then looked down. This charging should be done about 10 times.

Way to workout number 2

Another exercise that can act as a prevention of dark circles, built on slow rotational movements of the eyeballs. At first, the movement is made in clockwise and later counterclockwise.

Exercise number three

The third exercise consists of two stages:

the first stage will concentrate at the tip of the nose;

second – look far in front of him.

The last spurt or exercise «primaryvel circles»

The fourth exercise: not much close your eyes and open the eyes for five to seven seconds, after which we begin to actively blink.

So, forcing to work the muscle, we improve blood flow. As a result, dark circles arising from the stagnant processes, do not appear.


If you have under eye circles that do not go after proper rest, consult your doctor for examination and tests as they may indicate serious diseases. Especially should be wary if in addition to bruises under the eyes that bother you: fatigue, shortness of breath, swelling, sudden weight gain, heartburn, etc. on the Basis of symptoms and diagnostic results, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment to prevent the development of complications. You may need to reconsider your diet (eat less salty and fatty foods, convenience foods, drinking more clean water), to conduct a correction exercise. It is advisable to give up bad habits.

As for masking under eye circles with cosmetics, you can use a concealer, don’t solve the problem from the inside, but in any case, do not replace treatment by a proofreader. But safe home products and the aforementioned charging for eye – fit aid in combating dark circles.

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